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2004 Holiday Marathon

Sunday Demo - Log 5 - MerDemon, Lace Cane, Mini Food Review

Demo Stuff
Fearless Leader: Fifth Log, Roll Call Please,
MountainMaMaDuke: wb
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
Rossija: Mary, Ohio
jude: <---Tehachapi, California
perceptionsnpc: Ginger in Owasso OK
MountainMaMaDuke: MaMaDuke NH
donna_stamps: Donna, Silver Springs, Nevada
miss_meme_30: Missy VA
debsdv: Debbie, Los Lunas, NV
mommaclara2001: Clara, WV
debsdv: oopss new mexico
minimadness423 joined the room
Fearless Leader: KathyL welcome honey, got here in
time for Roll Call
Fearless Leader: Tell folks where you're from
minimadness423: KathyL...still frigid Kentucky
mommaclara2001: Hi Kathy
Fearless Leader: how cold is it?
donna_stamps: Debbie, I didn't think there was a Los
Lunas in NV
debsdv: I think it's wishful thinking. <grin>
DTIntermart (dtintermart) joined the room
Fearless Leader: Welcome back Doug
DTIntermart: Hi all
mommaclara2001: Hi Doug
donna_stamps: Oh well, you can always go to Las Vegas.
Is it far from you?
Fearless Leader: we did a bullseye, turned it into
fish scale and then pressed it to a sheet and made a
donna_stamps: Hi, Dough
DTIntermart: NJ how did you make a statue ofmy ex
chani69m left the room
perceptionsnpc: LOL
DTIntermart: amazing resemblance!
DTIntermart: HI
donna_stamps: Sorry -- Doug!
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: Lost Princess
DTIntermart: np donna Doug likes Dough
Rossija: :))
donna_stamps: don't blame you! Wish I had more of
dough and time
DTIntermart: =))
Shannon: I'm back.... had to stretch a bit
donna_stamps: MerDemon is cool - what is NJ doing now?
Adjusting his postion?
Fearless Leader: putting a curve to his spine
donna_stamps: OK
DTIntermart: Demon, that DEFFINATELY Describes my old
boss !!
DTIntermart: LOL
DTIntermart: I like it
Fearless Leader: He was a rough draft demon, just came
in handy when I pressed the sheet
donna_stamps: Now he needs some kind of weapon or a
tortured soul in his hands
DTIntermart: Yea like my old boss...
donna_stamps: rofl
perceptionsnpc: Doug your exboss my mil
MountainMaMaDuke: lol
MountainMaMaDuke: I am sure that my DIL says the same
about me?
donna_stamps: Horn ornaments!! Cool
Shannon: LOL
MountainMaMaDuke: it's all relative !
perceptionsnpc: no way
MountainMaMaDuke: :"> :"> :D !
alix (alixnc) joined the room
donna_stamps: hi Alix
Fearless Leader: is Shannon back yet?
MountainMaMaDuke: his eyes are so INTENSE!
DTIntermart: LOL My Dil has 2 sets of hiorns LOL
Fearless Leader: was waiting for her for the lace cane
DTIntermart: NJ I love the merdemon:)
debsdv: He's cool looking. I like him
DTIntermart: OUCH theblurries!
DTIntermart: lOL
donna_stamps: How would you prop him for baking, NJ?
Lots of batting?
alix: Gorgeous NJ
Fearless Leader: Oh it depends, I don't know what
he'll be sitting on, or against yet
Fearless Leader: but I use toilet paper rollers for
props, cardboard, they won't catch on fire, too low a
Fearless Leader: His body needs more definition
MountainMaMaDuke: BUFF !
jude: More waist you think?
Fearless Leader: and he was a rough draft, so there's
some fine tuning I'll still need to do
Fearless Leader: more pecs
donna_stamps: We used tp rolls for propping some of
our things; worked well
Fearless Leader: maybe a nipple ring
Fearless Leader: LOL
MountainMaMaDuke: ouch!
donna_stamps: Painful!
debsdv: roflmao
Fearless Leader: Oh Demons like pain
Rossija: more pecs, definitely. Nipple ring.... hmmmm
donna_stamps: Nose ring?
Rossija: Maybe a chain from the nipple ring to
somewhere else?
Fearless Leader: we got to work on his nose and his
mouth a bit
DTIntermart: Tp rolls are also good to keep li\ght
color beads from darkening when curing seal the ends
with foil
MountainMaMaDuke: at my age, the ring would look more
like a pancake!
Fearless Leader: he might get teeth
Fearless Leader: I'd get the nipple ring caught in my
leg warmers I'm afraid
Rossija: FANGS!
debsdv: Wow. That's a good idea about the beads
DTIntermart: Kool idea
MountainMaMaDuke: TOO FUNNY NJ!
Fearless Leader: Remember Moms Mabley?
jude: Funny lady.
Rossija: Who?
jude: She had a permanent slouch.
Fearless Leader: "there was this old woman, wanted to
commit suicide. So I tell her, shoot yourself under
your left breast. That old fool done shot herself in
her knee."
Fearless Leader: my favorite joke of her's
Rossija: LOL!
donna_stamps: rofl
miss_meme_30: lol
meplus5kids: real bad, lol
Fearless Leader:
MountainMaMaDuke: I can't even type I AM LAUGHING SO
DTIntermart: LOL that's funny NJ
DTIntermart: =))
Fearless Leader: Check out her stuff, she was a Role
Model for me
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: check out that picture for those who
are new
donna_stamps: I always liked Rusty Warren -- Knockers
jude: I have that tape!
Fearless Leader: my favorite pin "I'm not a role
alix: BTW ... Will also post on the site, but just got
the new Dr. Who link ... new series already filming
... Christopher Eccleston is the Doctor ... This site
has all the info and lots of pics
Fearless Leader: thanks Alix
Fearless Leader: where's Shannon
donna_stamps: I haven
jude: A new Dr. Who?
donna_stamps: 't seen Dr Who in years
Fearless Leader: We got to do the lace cane and I
wanted her to see
jude: I used to be in love with Doctor #4.
Shannon: I'm here... sorry, hubby needed me for a few
Fearless Leader: ok, let's do a quick lace cane with
the bullseye cane, ok?
Shannon: ok!
miss_meme_30: ok!
donna_stamps: 4:30 = time for log?
minimadness423: sorry I didn't reply earlier about the
temp is currently 33...wind chill 29 and
dropping rapidly with clear came in and
now everyone wants to as the healthy,
rested one...I am nominated for kitchen detail...brb
after we eat.
Fearless Leader: just sent one through about 15
minutes ago, but thanks Donna
Fearless Leader: ok KathyL
jude: You getting any rain, NJ?
donna_stamps: lost track of time having fun!!
MountainMaMaDuke: up here in Marlow NH we are at 17
degrees with a wind chill making it around 12 !
Fearless Leader: no rain yet, but the clouds are very
dark, fixing to rain
minimadness423: actually, I was trying to see if I
could remember what my helpful friends told me about
how to get back in the chat...didn't realize there was
a party going on...back in about 30
DTIntermart: nj are you eating?
jude: Ya, we might get some tonight, a new storm
moving in.
Fearless Leader: Yes, Daddy Doug, I had to make food
for James and I caught a bite then. ;-)
Fearless Leader: now when I pull I twist back and
forth, easing it while it stretches
DTIntermart: GOOD l'l NJ ;)
Fearless Leader: FOD
jude: Reminds me of under the microsope.
Fearless Leader: Fist of DOOM
jude: Clay abuse!
donna_stamps: does Fist of Doom help get rid of air
between sections as you join then
donna_stamps: them?
Fearless Leader: it lets me get out my agression,
dunno what it does for clay
Fearless Leader: LOL
donna_stamps: lol
Fearless Leader: it compresses it, yes
MountainMaMaDuke: cute!
alix: looks like genetically altered okra
MountainMaMaDuke: lol
Fearless Leader: okra, yes, it does
meplus5kids: lol
donna_stamps: that is so cool, NJ! if it was food,
what would it be
donna_stamps: I type slow -- Okra
donna_stamps: good fried but NOT stewed
MountainMaMaDuke: or a real bad cuccumber !
jude: Green tomato?
Fearless Leader: I don't know but it is the same way
as the tomato cane
debsdv: whoa!
Shannon: how cute
MountainMaMaDuke: neat
donna_stamps: That's nice - really looks like tomato
alix: Donna ... I hate stewed okra too ... try
steaming it sometime
mommaclara2001: Oh my goodness.
donna_stamps: I love you tiny foods - even red onion
debsdv: awesome
MountainMaMaDuke: the green olives are NEAT!
jude: The red onion is terrific.
DTIntermart: I'm hungry now LOL
meplus5kids: Ya'll are making me hungry
polymerparrot left the room
Fearless Leader: you just ate Doug
DTIntermart: the tomato is perfect!
donna_stamps: Onion and butter sandwich on 12 grain
mommaclara2001: Oh yes
debsdv: mmmmm
Shannon: I knew you'd like that one Mom....LOL
mommaclara2001: Or tomato, with bread and butter.
mommaclara2001: Sure do.
donna_stamps: Where's the liverwurst?
jude: BLT...
Fearless Leader: blt
Shannon: hey, that could be a green tomato
mommaclara2001: Yes fried.
Shannon: yeah boy!!!
donna_stamps: That is awesome, NJ
donna_stamps: Chef salad!! cool
donna_stamps: love the hardcooked eggs
miss_meme_30: im hungry now
miss_meme_30: lol
Fearless Leader: but left to my own devices I'll eat
soul food
Rossija: sushi?
jude: Sushi?
MountainMaMaDuke: you are the MASTER of MINIS - NJ
donna_stamps: Salmon, rice rolls, etc?
DTIntermart: MMM Sushi!
donna_stamps: dim sum?
alix: was trying to remember my old fave toasted
cheese overpeanut butter, sprinkle with brown sugar,
add slice of fresh onion
DTIntermart: Rolls Yummy
stargazer_sbpcg joined the room
donna_stamps: sounds good Alix - beats pb and banana
donna_stamps: I always liked pb and bacon
Shannon: that sounds like a Dagwood kinda sammich Alix
donna_stamps: that looks like hot dog and fries
jude: Hot dog and French fries?
donna_stamps: with mustard
DTIntermart: I'd love to see you do some of those some
time NJ
jude: Love the orange.
Shannon: yes the oranges are so pretty!
donna_stamps: school lunch - sandwich, pb cookie, and
mommaclara2001: And the peanutbutter cookie.
jude: My all-time favorite cookies.
donna_stamps: wonder how you would make mini oatmeal
DTIntermart: NJ you are Amazing!!
pasadena_cal: Fancy dish as well
donna_stamps: Is that a taco salad
Fearless Leader: oh I got a trick for mini peanut
butter cookies. hold on
alix: NJ, If you get a minute, tell how to do handles
on blades.
Shannon: I thought she just stuck some junk clay on it
and baked it??
Fearless Leader: rats I can't find it, it's a mini
fork, to make the marks on the mini peanut butter
miss_meme_30: i seen it nj
Shannon: oh I saw that one time! it's so cute!
jude: I would use a toothpick, I think.
miss_meme_30: need to find the barbie
donna_stamps: I used some slices of Chery's cane ends
to make handles on my blades
Fearless Leader: I'll get the links for that mini food
miss_meme_30: i made heads for my blades
miss_meme_30: snowmen
jude: LOL
Fearless Leader:
donna_stamps: that sounds cute, Missy
Fearless Leader:
jude: Good idea, more to get a grip on. LOL!
miss_meme_30: have to run to the store...will b right
Fearless Leader:
miss_meme_30: donna u goin to b here for a lil?
Fearless Leader: I got to save log, we are going into
over time for Demo, since there's so many ClayMates
Fearless Leader: brb

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