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2004 Holiday Marathon

Sunday Demo Marathon - Log 8 - Mini Bread and Jean/Stargazer Demo info

Demo Stuff
debsdv joined the room
Fearless Leader: 8th Log of the Marathon
stargazer_sbpcg: zooming in...
Rossija: WOW, those are PRETTY, JEan!
Fearless Leader: flower cane?
Fearless Leader: how close can you get them, can you
hold them to the cam and focus in?
stargazer_sbpcg: red hats...
stargazer_sbpcg: simple...
stargazer_sbpcg: watch me turn one over...
debsdv: How pretty. Those are cool
Fearless Leader: it's difficult to get them close
Fearless Leader: wow
Fearless Leader: oh hey
debsdv: How do you make the red hats?
stargazer_sbpcg: easy
Fearless Leader: so the embellishments are on one side
stargazer_sbpcg: so far they are...
stargazer_sbpcg: you start with a skinner blend, light
to red...
Fearless Leader: they are going to get pin findings on
the back?
stargazer_sbpcg: roll light side inside into log...
stargazer_sbpcg: cut log in half... so you have 2
stargazer_sbpcg: then slice one of the logs down the
center so you have 1 log and 2 half logs... left the room
stargazer_sbpcg: then cut slices and put together like
Fearless Leader: Lost Gary
Rossija: I get it! Neat!
DTIntermart: Back X-(
debsdv: Wow. That does sound easy
Shannon: LOL wb Doug
debsdv: Thank you. I think I will try to make some
purple ones.
Rossija: With steaming ears, Doug? Did you run,
stargazer_sbpcg: just shape the half circles a little
to make them "brim"-like...
Rossija: Jean, what red is that?
DTIntermart: Women can be soooo unpredictable (
present company excluded)
Rossija: =))
stargazer_sbpcg: then i just put little leaves and
flowers on top of the "join" so you don't see it...
stargazer_sbpcg: ta-da!!
debsdv: so cute
DTIntermart: No did not go she"changed her mind, after
I got dressed for nothing..
DTIntermart: LOL
stargazer_sbpcg: i think it's Premo Christmas Red...
Rossija: Oh, one that I don't think I've EVER seen....

DTIntermart: Jean that flower is so nice....
debsdv: This will be in the log that is sent right?
Fearless Leader: this will be in the next log sent
stargazer_sbpcg: i think i have the cane here
somewhere... in it's larger form...
stargazer_sbpcg: oh yes, i see it!
pasadena_cal: Jean - Saw another lady making lentils
the other day. she used the large "make up" lamp bulbs
for her shaper and screwed them into sockets and put
in oven to cure.
DTIntermart: Cal tht was pcajenny right...
pasadena_cal: right. forgot who.
Rossija: Pretty flower, Jean!
Rossija: Are those brown butterflies?
stargazer_sbpcg: cool, i've used Xmas bulbs to bake
lentils on also, but i like my wooden bead cuz it's
strong enough to sand on...
stargazer_sbpcg: well, the brown butterflies "used" to
be another cane...
pasadena_cal: right.
stargazer_sbpcg: Marie Segal showed me how to make
butterflies with canes...
pasadena_cal: They look golden.
stargazer_sbpcg: lemme find one and show you...
DTIntermart: I made a bacsket on one of those bulbs,
problem is they have to be broken to remove the
basket, gets messy & dangerous...
Rossija: COOL! I LOVE butterflies!
stargazer_sbpcg: well, just for fun...
stargazer_sbpcg: let's use the turtle cane... :)
DTIntermart: Marie dose some awsome work!1
stargazer_sbpcg: first you squish one end narrow...
stargazer_sbpcg: now it's sort of teardrop shaped...
Rossija: k
stargazer_sbpcg: so i have the top of the teardrop
really pointy and long...
stargazer_sbpcg: now i'm going to curl it up...
miss_meme_30 joined the room
Rossija: wb Missy!
miss_meme_30: ty
stargazer_sbpcg: see how i'm rolling it?
DTIntermart: wb missy
Rossija: yes, Jean... So that'll be the lower wing?
stargazer_sbpcg: nope... this is both wings... hee-hee
stargazer_sbpcg: watch this! :)
DTIntermart: KOOL
Rossija: I mean the rolled part is the lower wing, the
large end the upper
stargazer_sbpcg: in this one the turtle, the roll is
the lower wing...
stargazer_sbpcg: in the other one, the roll is the
upper wing...
miss_meme_30: iwanna see
debsdv: How neat
DTIntermart: the one on the left looks gre\at!
Rossija: Stargazer's cam, Missy
Rossija: Tahnk you, Jean! Another way to make
butterflies! YAY!
stargazer_sbpcg: thanks go to Marie Segal... she
showed me how to do that last month... :)
DTIntermart: Awesome!
Shannon: they are really pretty Star!
stargazer_sbpcg: so when you get some weird canes,
don't make mud... make butterflies.. :)
miss_meme_30: it doesnt show her cam where i can click
on it :(
DTIntermart: Nj is doing a skinmmer blend..
miss_meme_30: im whining
Fearless Leader: Easy Breezy Blend
Shannon: Missy, can you right click on her name in the
chat list?
miss_meme_30: ty star
stargazer_sbpcg: sent an invite missmeme
stargazer_sbpcg: better??
DTIntermart: Missy click on her name in the chat list
select "view webcam"
miss_meme_30: wings!!!!
stargazer_sbpcg: :D
stargazer_sbpcg: R U back NJ?
stargazer_sbpcg: :)
Fearless Leader: yes Jean, doing a blend of white and
a brown
DTIntermart: Jean, on question when you make the
tearde\rop you pull toone side?
Fearless Leader: the brown is white with burnt umber
and translucent pumpkin
miss_meme_30: twisting it now....LOL
stargazer_sbpcg: i have carpal tunnel in both hands,
so i use my worksurface a lot to form shapes...
miss_meme_30: ouch sry to hear that star
stargazer_sbpcg: what i did was push it onto my
worksurface to make it teardrop shaped...
DTIntermart: OUCH that is painfull
Shannon: way to improvise Star!
stargazer_sbpcg: and then kept pushing it down to make
it thinner and longer so i could roll it...
stargazer_sbpcg: :) yeah, gotta improvise so i can
DTIntermart: the roll ah... that's what I missed
stargazer_sbpcg: most of the pain is only when i'm at
work cuz i'm careful and adaptive with my claying...
Shannon: I think a lot of us do that.... and that's
where new ideas are born!
stargazer_sbpcg: oh... wanna see another one??
Rossija: sure!
miss_meme_30: please
pasadena_cal: absolutely
Shannon: yep
Rossija: It's unanimous Jean
stargazer_sbpcg: lemme find another cane...
Rossija: Missy, I think my mask is done. I'm leaving
it overnight & I'll bake tomorrow if I still like it
in the morning.
stargazer_sbpcg: let's experiment, shall we???
miss_meme_30: i wanna see mary!
Shannon: great checkerboard!
stargazer_sbpcg: i wonder what the checkerboard will
look like...
miss_meme_30: cant
stargazer_sbpcg: first i'll round it out...
Rossija: I'll take a pic as soon as it's cooled from
the oven!
miss_meme_30: great!
stargazer_sbpcg: oops lemme back off the zoom...
stargazer_sbpcg: ok, squish time...
nancy (techi_mom56) joined the room
stargazer_sbpcg: now we're ready to roll...
Shannon: hiya Nancy
stargazer_sbpcg: ready??
Shannon: yep!
pasadena_cal: We got two cams going at same time
Shannon: well hi Rhoda!
Rossija: Hi Rhoda!
Shannon: do you know how to open peoples cams to watch
Fearless Leader: Rhoda, let go of All Caps, makes it
easier to read. I'm making White bread.
Shannon: cool!
stargazer_sbpcg: ready?
Rossija: Cool!
Shannon: oh neat Star!
nancy: I made some white bread once. turned out ok.
Shannon: Rhoda, do you have the cams up? need help
getting them?
miss_meme_30: so star all u did was moosh and twist???
stargazer_sbpcg: when you slice it, flip it upside
miss_meme_30: k!
stargazer_sbpcg: moosh, roll up, cut in half and
miss_meme_30: that is soooo pretty
miss_meme_30: nj that is one HUGE log
miss_meme_30: lol
stargazer_sbpcg: phew...
nancy: neat, will try that when I get home.
stargazer_sbpcg: :)
stargazer_sbpcg: now back to our regularly scheduled
programming... :D
pasadena_cal: Thank you Jean.
Rossija: Tanks, Jean!!
miss_meme_30: i need an invite to get into room
instead of comin in thru group site
Shannon: yes thanks!
Rossija: THANKS, that is!
miss_meme_30: that way i can do more there....LOL
Fearless Leader: Thank you Jean. I really appreciate
you doing Demo when I'm called away.
Shannon: Missy I sent you one, did you get it?
stargazer_sbpcg: you're most welcome!
miss_meme_30: for some reason im not gettin the
invites today
Shannon: NJ didn't get mine earlier either.... dang
Shannon: do you know how to get here on your own?
miss_meme_30: just thru goin to the group
miss_meme_30: thats it
Shannon: if you want to open messenger up, and send me
a message, I'll talk you through it
Rossija: Just sent you one Missy.... Maybe it will get
DTIntermart: brb
miss_meme_30: nope
miss_meme_30: havent gotten one all day
miss_meme_30: lol
Rossija: darn
pasadena_cal: A very long loaf.
Shannon: Missy do you have messenger on?
miss_meme_30: but of course
miss_meme_30: lol
pasadena_cal: Can you see "Fearless Leader" in name
miss_meme_30: on my list she is msat
julia_dodge joined the room
pasadena_cal: OK try to right click that name and
choose "view web cam"
Fearless Leader: Howdy Teddy
You have invited miss_meme_30 to view your webcam.

julia_dodge: hi
Fearless Leader: I just sent Missy an invite to cam,
see if that helps
julia_dodge: I forgot how to get the cam
Fearless Leader: right click on my name, choose "view
julia_dodge: k
Fearless Leader: if you're in through Yahoo messenger
Fearless Leader: if you're in through the webpage
chat, click on my link on your Yahoo Messenger
Friend's list. Got to log on to do that.
julia_dodge: came in from the list
Fearless Leader: Then log into your Yahoo Messenger
and get the link to my cam through your Friend's list
Fearless Leader: That's the MAC method.
Fearless Leader: I'll wait for the next step on this
mini bread while you're doing that
pasadena_cal: Missy did you get the cam OK?
julia_dodge: haa haa I did it
clayladyinred left the room
Fearless Leader: Julia/Teddy you did it
miss_meme_30 left the room
Fearless Leader: Lost Missy
julia_dodge: yup, old brain here, slow as frozed honey
Fearless Leader: ok, this brown stuff on the top of
the loaf of bread here
julia_dodge: mini bread loaf
Fearless Leader: will make the Toasty Top on the
bread. What I do is smear it down the sides of the
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: The loaf of bread is a blend of
white, and the "crust" is white with burnt umber and
some translucent pumpkin color
rjchase222 joined the room
Fearless Leader:
Rossija: Cool, you made it Razma!
Fearless Leader: FOr Razma
rjchase222: Thanks to Rossija reelin me in!! :)
Fearless Leader: ok, now let's see if I can smear this
"melted cheddar cheese" mix on the sides of the loaf
of bread
Shannon (clayladyinred) joined the room
Rossija: Good, now I know how it's done!
Shannon: trying to get Missy in the old fashioned way!
rjchase222: Just hope ya don't "gotfor" how to do it
Rossija!!!! :)
Rossija: I probably will, if I don't do it often
rjchase222: well we can practice it then the next few
times! LOL
Rossija: Looks good enough to eat, NJ!
Rossija: OK, Razma!
Rossija: Love the braided loaf!!
Rossija: How do you get the "flour dusted" look?
Fearless Leader: this is what that "melted cheddar
cheese" mix does after curing
julia_dodge: yummy - buns
Fearless Leader: the "flour dust" is white pastel
pencil scraped on it with a razor
miss_meme_30 joined the room
Rossija: wb Missy!
pasadena_cal: Looks like milk choclate with a nougat
center on my monitor. WB Missy
miss_meme_30: yahoooooooo
miss_meme_30: shannon helped me!!!!!
rjchase222: It all looks so real!!!!!
Rossija: YAY, Shannon!
Fearless Leader: Ok, now if you press the "melted
cheddar cheese" mix on bread dough you get a sheet
like this
Rossija: I'm seeing a bakery box.....
rjchase222: Hey Missy guess we're all gettin reeled in
Shannon: :-D
debsdv left the room
miss_meme_30: ty ty ty shannon!!!!
Shannon: yw!!!
miss_meme_30: hiya raz didnt know u were here....LOL
rjchase222: Rossija reeled me in tonite!!
miss_meme_30: shame on ya mary...LOL
Fearless Leader: Everyone here who got reeled in, save
this room as a Favorite room while we're thinking
about it
Rossija: Back from the shop? Productive afternoon?
Rossija: Who me?
Rossija: lol
rjchase222: I had an awesome afternoon in the shop!!!
Got a msge to my puter guru to come fix my puter so I
can send pics of the things I've been making!
Rossija: 90000 people still without power from the
snowstorm Wed/Thrus in Ohio. BRRR!
rjchase222: OOOOOOOOO those poor folks!!!!
Rossija: Cool Razma, looking forward to seeing
rjchase222: As soon as I get this glitch fixed in the
puter you guys will see it all!! LOL
Rossija: Makes me realize how lucky I am that my power
didn't go off!
rjchase222: U got the snow too?
rjchase222: brb got to get something to eat for my
Rossija: Have you ever made mini cinnamon rolls, NJ?
minimadness423: dang!...making bread! now I will drop
off to sleep again. Got full, got still, got sleepy
and was COMPLETELY unable to fight the combination...
DTIntermart: LOL mmini
Fearless Leader: mini cinnamon rolls, no I don't think
I have
Rossija: I can almost smell the bread, it looks so
good.... And, it's making me hungry!
miss_meme_30: there goes doug stuttering
Fearless Leader: I'd have to get some and look at them
rjchase222: U can do it NJ!!!!!!! :)
Fearless Leader: since this topping is translucent it
lightens up a lot after curing
Fearless Leader: But I just remembered how I did it
rjchase222: how many times did u cure??
Rossija: Here are som eimages of cinnamon rolls:
DTIntermart: LOL Missy
Rossija: :D
miss_meme_30: lol
Fearless Leader: cut the circle, then make the tick
tack toe cuts, then put over the bread
minimadness423: That sheet you have up with brown tan
& cream out is a good start. just switch and leave off
the lighter tan color and keep it thinner than the
dough color. roll into log...slice and shape one side
to have the cinnamon roll a bit taller in the
center...brush somewhere with actual cinnamon if you
really want to drive them wild
Fearless Leader: hmmm
jill_z_q joined the room
Fearless Leader: we need to have that toasty look show
Fearless Leader: hmmm
jill_z_q: howdy
miss_meme_30: hiya suzy
Fearless Leader: Howdy Suzy, noodling cinnamon rolls
jill_z_q: cool was wondering what you were making :)
Fearless Leader: now this is not working for me
Fearless Leader: let me noodle something else
minimadness423: unless you are willing to crave
sinnamon rolls...DON'T go look at that image link for
them...boy do I have a new craving gooey
from the oven sinnamon rolls...microwave store bought
works too...GRIN
Shannon: might wanna make them cone shaped... sort of?
jill_z_q: I just had a mrs fields cookie from the mall
20 mins ago
jill_z_q: so I"m good
nancy: rhoda; dust with a little brown chalk
rjchase222: also maybe the dark brown shld have areas
not so dark as if the cinnamon weren't reall
Rossija: too late KathyL! Already looked & might have
to find a Cinnabon tomorrow!
jill_z_q: but that bread is looking good
bonsaikathy left the room
miss_meme_30: that looks good nj
miss_meme_30: u had cookies suzy and didnt bring us
Shannon: gotta stretch, my deriere is going numb!!!!
miss_meme_30: hb
miss_meme_30: ill brb too
jill_z_q: hehehe I eat them too fast to share:P
Fearless Leader: The "bread dough" is too warm and the
topping is too cold so smearing it is being difficult
right now
stargazer_sbpcg: ahhh
rjchase222: throw the bread in the freezer NJ! LOL
stargazer_sbpcg: looks like Hot Cross Buns! :)
pasadena_cal: Except for Hot Cross buns the light part
is higher than the dark and the buns I get are square.
frogger70301 left the room
stargazer_sbpcg: :D
pasadena_cal: I want some NOW
nancy: rhoda; used to bake bread, pie and coffee cake
on Sat and neighbor boys stood in line to get the heel
off the bread as it came out of the oven
rjchase222: pasadena u don't live to far from NJ
correct? :)
pasadena_cal: About 400 mi or so
Rossija: gotta get something to eat -- all this food
stargazer_sbpcg: yeah, me too!
rjchase222: well guess u won't b able to run over &
get some then now will ya?? LOL
nancy: rhoda, just finished supper, toasted cheese
sandwich by Nancy
pasadena_cal: No but she is in danger if I go to N Cal
rjchase222: I have my bowl of vanilla bean ice cream
w/hershey's special dark sauce on it!! heehee
stargazer_sbpcg: argh!!
pasadena_cal: That's terrible !!
rjchase222: Me thinks stargazer is starving!! heehee
stargazer_sbpcg: lol how could you tell...
miss_meme_30: man that doughnut was good!
stargazer_sbpcg: now what to have for dinner... ??
hmmm ???
rjchase222: I can see ya all cause I am invisible!!!!
julia_dodge: I had baked ham w/ pineapple sandwich
Shannon: back!
Rossija: cool -- nifty flour effect
pasadena_cal: No wonder that bread looked so good!
julia_dodge left the room
rjchase222: what colors of clay does she use to make
bread plz??
jill_z_q: Cal is close to me...but I don't have
anymore cookies to share
jill_z_q: pats her tummy
Fearless Leader: Ok, for the bread, here's a link
Fearless Leader:
meplus5kids joined the room
pasadena_cal: Gee I do - some big 3" turtle cookies
with milk chocolate.
stargazer_sbpcg: hi jean! (*)
Fearless Leader: I'm going to make effort to do a
bread wreath
jill_z_q: then maybe I should go over there those
sound good
jill_z_q: is it raining over there?
meplus5kids left the room
meplus5kids joined the room
pasadena_cal: They are chewy and non-fattening HAH
meplus5kids: Hi All
pasadena_cal: No rain yet.
rjchase222: Does anyone know how NJ made the brown
clay?? what color besides white?? burnt umber?? Tnk
stargazer_sbpcg: we had some rain awhile ago...
Shannon: I think so RJ.... not sure
rjchase222: Thanks Shannon!!
Shannon: yw... it might say in the link she just sent
Fearless Leader: I mixed white with burnt umber and
then added a translucent pumpkin mix
meplus5kids: what are we making?
Fearless Leader: this is a plug of that translucent
pumpkin mix, that was discovered by accident
jill_z_q: bread
meplus5kids: k thanks
rjchase222: I scanned the first part & it looks like
she used an old cane of brown & mixed with white
rjchase222: I think I will stick with the bread for
the moment! :)
Fearless Leader: yellow, red, translucent and a touch
of brown, I find these mixes by accident
jill_z_q: brb
jill_z_q left the room
rjchase222: I find mixes by accident to NJ & then
can't remember what the heck I put in to get it! :D
miss_meme_30: thats me too raz!
Rossija: yep, me too!
rjchase222: Missy I'm glad I'm not the only one who
does it D
Shannon: we really gotta start making color cards for
ourselves!!! LOL
Fearless Leader: cuts too big
miss_meme_30: iagrre
rjchase222: I would spend all my time making color
cards & not making anything!!!!! LMAO
miss_meme_30: i agree
miss_meme_30: hard to type when ur ccccccold
miss_meme_30: lol
Shannon: LOL ok quarter in the jar RJ!!!
Shannon: LOL Missy
rjchase222: Me thinks my quarter jar might b full
Shannon! :)
Fearless Leader: when you smear the outer coating and
cure, it comes out like this
Shannon: tsk tsk!!! but hey... you're closer to that
laptop! LOL
rjchase222: That is true Shannon!!
Fearless Leader: Top of the hour save, brb
Shannon: ;-)

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