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2004 Holiday Marathon

Sunday Demo - 9th Log - End - Mini bread, CinniBuns, Eskimo Pie

Demo Stuff
Fearless Leader: 9th log, Roll Call Please
Rossija: Mary, Ohio
Shannon: <<--West Virginia
miss_meme_30: Missy VA
rjchase222: Razma Fallbrook CA
pasadena_cal: Cal in Pasadena, California
Shannon: R-E-S-P-E-C-T that is what I say to me!!!
nancy: rhodavisiting Oregon from Whidbey Isl WA
stargazer_sbpcg: jean (*) , South SF, CA
meplus5kids: Jean,New Orleans
minimadness423: colder than way earlier
roll call Kentucky
Shannon: LOL
minimadness423: down to 29 feels like 20 headed to 17
actual tonight
Shannon: Brrrrr!!!!
minimadness423: yep....and my PC is in the cold part
of the 100 year old farm house
Rossija: Did you break freezing today?
DTIntermart: NJ time to eat....
Fearless Leader: no kidding Doug. I am going to get a
bite of something. brb
Fearless Leader: all the mini food makes me hungry
Shannon: Daddy Doug!
DTIntermart: LOL
minimadness423: not sure...but anything frozen outside
today broke
DTIntermart: eat real food NJ
Shannon: LOL
Rossija: Bet I get logged off again soon! My 2nd 4
hours are almost up....
miss_meme_30: lol
Shannon: would be a good time to sign off and
reconnect then!
Rossija: brb
rossija9 left the room
Rossija (rossija9) joined the room
pasadena_cal: That was fast.
minimadness423: actually, I think it was
warmer...maybe we snuck up to least it was
sunny enough to start melting the ice on the trees and
solar heat the sidewalk...did manage to shovel most of
it off about 45 min before sundown
Shannon: wb Mary
Rossija: Actually, it took a while to get Yahoo
Rossija: Just looked at the temp -- 12 degrees! BRRRR!
Fearless Leader: back, Thank God for left overs
Fearless Leader: brrrr
DTIntermart: nj you cold
DTIntermart: >:D< warm hug for nj
Fearless Leader: It's a freezing 52 degrees right now.
I don't know what I'm going to do.
Fearless Leader: LOL
Rossija: =))
rjchase222: turn the heat on NJ!!! LOL joined the room
DTIntermart: Bakesome clay NJ
Shannon: LOL
DTIntermart: that will help
minimadness423: wooo hoooo....don't expect to see me
Thursday...gonna find a pool party...just read the 10
day forcast...MIGHT hit 61...
Shannon: hi Craftilady
Fearless Leader: between it not being cold and my hot
flashes I've been sleeveless all day
Shannon: awwwwwww
minimadness423: trade you NJ...BANG...did you hear
that? we just dropped 2 degrees to 27...wish I had a
Fearless Leader: this bread dough is so soft it's not
cooperating with me tonight. I'll have to let the
bread cane rest
Fearless Leader: Hey that's why I put up with
Earthquakes, KathyL
Fearless Leader: I'm a weather whimp but I have
survived all the quakes so far. That's supposed to be
donna_stamps - Yahoo keeps switching me when I don't
expect it
Fearless Leader: That's why I call California the
Shake and Bake state
DTIntermart: lol
Fearless Leader: I've got a mini bakery littering my
work table here
Shannon: ohhhh...LOL then hi Donna!
minimadness423: we are supposed to be in range of New
Madris fault...over in western KY...they claim that if
it rattles above a 5.5...and it is overdue by about a
century...that most of Kentucky should feel
it...that's not fair...frozen milk shakes here
perceptionsnpc joined the room the breads all look so
Fearless Leader: Oh I just had a thought for the cinni
perceptionsnpc: Hi
minimadness423: If you don't have room for them...let
me know...I have a bakery with two bay windows that
needs some bread products. left the room
minimadness423: me too...don't forget the sticky stuff
on the sinni ain't good if it ain't sticky
and you have to lick your fingers clean.
DTIntermart: brb
Fearless Leader: now I'll dust this with eye shadow
Shannon: I just had an idea for your cinnie bun too NJ
perceptionsnpc: making cinnamon rolls?
Rossija: Looking good, NJ!
perceptionsnpc: cute
pasadena_cal: Had an earlier request.
Shannon: yep that's what she's trying right now :-)
Rossija: Cream cheese frosting?
perceptionsnpc: ty
Rossija: I see it on the knife....
Rossija: MMMM, YUM!
minimadness423: sounds great...can also use a frosting
made of confectioner's/powdered sugar and water for a
thinner...whiter frosting.
donna_stamps joined the room
Fearless Leader: now when that's cured it will be less
white, the TLS will go see through and we'll see more
of the cinni bun
Fearless Leader: I wasn't going to be able to rest
until I got that cinni bum
rjchase222: NJ I'M HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fearless Leader: bun too
Rossija: looks perfect as-is
miss_meme_30: wb donna
donna_stamps: WOW, I got back in with right id
Shannon: that's cute NJ! I had an idea that might make
it look cinnamony inside.... not sure....
Shannon: yay Donna!
Fearless Leader: what's that Shannon, there's more
than one way to peel a shrimp
Rossija: hugging my furry space heater....
Shannon: well if you took a strip of the size you
used... had it flattened out... then sliced off one
edge, it would leave white there....and when you
rolled it, wouldn't it look like white bread and brown
cinnamon? would that work?
Shannon: that might be too white though....
Shannon: LOL Mary
Fearless Leader: That might work too
Fearless Leader: the outer coating is translucent, so
we'll see what it looks like after curing
Shannon: cool!
Fearless Leader: but it's the closest I can get on a
brain fart
Shannon: LOL
rjchase222: thats one fine brain fart NJ! LMAO
Rossija: You said it Razma!
perceptionsnpc: lol
Fearless Leader: all the mini food ideas are brain
donna_stamps: It sure looks real! =P~
Shannon: put a peice of that log on a stick and you
got an ice cream bar
Fearless Leader:
Biz-Archive/food/ Diner-Grp
rjchase222: An eskimo pie!!!
Fearless Leader: For more basic tutorials on mini food
check that link
Shannon: there ya go!
perceptionsnpc: try nj
perceptionsnpc: ty
Rossija: Now THAT looks like chocolate!
minimadness423: NJ, I like your brain farts...fart
Shannon: =))
minimadness423: do y'all like cats?
minimadness423: or appreciate cat stories?
Rossija: Yep!
Shannon: I like em, but they make me sneeze and
wheeze! LOL
donna_stamps: yes, but with 3 dogs, don't have one
donna_stamps: also have ferret
minimadness423: you don't have to be around them...I
was going to tell you what I just told Gizmo
donna_stamps: ok
DTIntermart: Back
donna_stamps: hi Doug
Shannon: wb Doug!
Rossija: Gizmo's a cat?
Fearless Leader: eskimo pie cut in half
pasadena_cal: Just in time for a story.
Shannon: cool eskimo pie!!!
Rossija: MMM.
Shannon: need a little kid figure to be holding it!
rjchase222: my favorite!!!!! The dh just got me 2 more
donna_stamps: lucky you, rj
Shannon: awwwww.... that's so sweet!
minimadness423: he is a cat's cat...he is gray and
white, American long hair, who has curled up on the
love seat in an empty gift box...when I went through a
bit ago it was going into hour2...I said, "Gizmo,
youreally are going to have to start thinking out of
the box."
Fearless Leader: The MerDemon got the eskimo pie
rjchase222: Yes he's a good guy, most of the time! :)
Shannon: ok, the MerDemon gets to hold it!
Shannon: that's great RJ!
Rossija: =)) KathyL
donna_stamps: has he got teeth to bite into it yet?
Shannon: LOL not yet Donna
Fearless Leader: Ok, I got to go now. Sunday Night is
when I put Gerald to bed. It's been 8 and a half hours
for me.
Fearless Leader: so I'm beat
pasadena_cal: How difficult would it be to show a bite
taken out of eskimo pie?
Shannon: yes it's been long... but great!!! thanks so
much NJ!
Fearless Leader: I guess a kemper cut out tool
minimadness423: maybe NJ's brain fart buns will turn
him from a MerDemon into a MerDreamBoat!
donna_stamps: first you'd have to make mini dentures
rjchase222: Thanks NJ!
Shannon: LOL
Rossija: THANK YOU! NJ, this has been GREAT!!
DTIntermart: Long run NJ thank you..
donna_stamps: thanks NJ, you're super
techi_mom56 left the room
pasadena_cal: Next time OK. Go to bed NJ
rjchase222: Nite all!
DTIntermart: NJ is A1
pasadena_cal: Thank you for all the fun.
Rossija: nite Razma
Shannon: Ooh Raa for NJ!!!
rjchase222 left the room
minimadness423: way to go NJ...our maven of clay
donna_stamps: 3 cheers - hip hip hooray! hip hip
hooray! hip hip hooray! for our very own NJ
perceptionsnpc: ty so much NJ
Shannon: how bout a standing ovation for the whole
weekend??? =D> =D> =D>
Fearless Leader: My pleasure. Since I can't give all
of you a Christmas Present this is it
DTIntermart: nj iRISH RED SAID hi,
Rossija: =D>=D>=D>
donna_stamps: This is the bestest present anyway!!!
Fearless Leader: Cool, thanks Doug, tell her Happy New
Year for me
Shannon: I agree Donna!
minimadness423: =D>=D><:-P
donna_stamps: love those tiny teeth marks in that
eskimo pie
DTIntermart: WILL DO
Shannon: awwww.... that's so sweet Doug!!
Shannon: LOL how cute!
Fearless Leader: what's with the cap lock Doug? You're
so funny.
Rossija: Give that one to MerDemon....
Fearless Leader: It's the star shaped smallest kemper
tool. I use it to bite into things
donna_stamps: Cool idea. Never would have thought of
Fearless Leader: although it's too cold for eskimo pie
for most of you
Shannon: and I promise not to tell your wife ;-)
Fearless Leader: hot toddies would do better
Shannon: there ya go NJ!
Rossija: Never too cold for ice cream for me!
Fearless Leader: ease the cap lock Doug, eeeep
donna_stamps: ice cream actually warms you up because
of butter fat
minimadness423: just had a cup of hot chocolate to
thaw fingers.
Fearless Leader: my fat keeps my butter warm
donna_stamps: so never too cold for ice cream
Shannon: oh you shouldn't have told us that Donna!!!
Fearless Leader: I'll take questions at this point,
since I'm powering down
donna_stamps: now we all have good excuse to go get
bowl of ice cream!!!
Shannon: dang....
donna_stamps: not enough days late for me, Doug
Fearless Leader: LOL
Shannon: LOL me either!!!
DTIntermart: lo ME TOOdONNA
pasadena_cal: Your mini bar for food. is that TLS and
other clay?
Shannon: and this cold... makes me hurrrrttttt
Fearless Leader: snow... weird invention, saw it once
when I was 22 and I thought...this stuff is dangerous
donna_stamps: perceptions, what is that gorgeous pink
cane you're making?
Shannon: LOL
minimadness423: who wants me to send them the icy mix
we got on the 23rd...would love to send it some place
stargazer_sbpcg: lol
Rossija: LOL, NJ.
DTIntermart: LOL NJ it is...
perceptionsnpc: a rose. NJ taught me. LOL
Shannon: no way hose!!!
Fearless Leader: yes Cal, I have a pallet of colors
mixed with TLS for the mini food production
pasadena_cal: thanks
DTIntermart: where are you mini?
donna_stamps: keep your icy stuff - don't want none,
no how, no way
Fearless Leader: once I find a color that works well
for salad dressing or strawberry syrup I'll put it on
my TLS pallet, cover it with saran wrap
Shannon: good idea!
Fearless Leader: pull it out when I'm doing mini food.
It's a pain in the behind to mix those colors for one
little mini meal
donna_stamps: saran safe with poly clay?
donna_stamps: good to know
Shannon: I have to cover all my clay that way.... I
have no idea where all the dust comes from....
Shannon: seems to be Donna
Fearless Leader: I get generic plastic wrap, it seems
to work ok
donna_stamps: this is Nevada - no such thing as dust
free unless in sterile environment
Shannon: I also use sandwich bags
Fearless Leader: just test it out with a bit of scrap
clay and see before wrapping a body in it
Shannon: LOL
donna_stamps: that sounds wicked - wrapping a body in
minimadness423: have to remember that the next time I
need to get rid of a body
Shannon: hehehehe kinda like the lady on Fried Green
Fearless Leader: I find that plastic that is brittle
is the worst for polymer clay, the more brittle the
plastic the more likely the clay will eat into it.
Video Rental plastic covers, Mary Kay pink make up
trays. Don't go there.
donna_stamps: how about softer tupperware, glad
containers, etc
Shannon: how bout recycled styrofoam meat trays?
Fearless Leader: I know from experience that clay eats
into those
pasadena_cal: Very interesting.
Fearless Leader: I'd shy away from styrofoam, you can
test it but I'd dismiss it without testing
Shannon: LOL ok!
DTIntermart: Styrofoam is not clay friendly
Shannon: you use waxed paper a lot too, don't you?
minimadness423: I wonder if there is any connection in
how quickly a plastic would liquify under heat and how
well it would work in contact with polymer for storage
Fearless Leader: I'm using the same waxed paper I
started with 5 years ago
Shannon: LOLOL
pasadena_cal: So much to learn So many mistakes to
learn from.!!!
Fearless Leader: after a while the waxed paper can't
absorb anymore plasticizer
perceptionsnpc: really NJ
Shannon: cool!
perceptionsnpc: its ok on your canes?
DTIntermart: LOL Cal
Fearless Leader: I toss canes in disposable roasting
pans, put them in a drawer, plastic tower of drawers
and ignore them, grave cane abuse
donna_stamps: it must work for you so should work for
DTIntermart: Cane neglect LOL
Fearless Leader: I don't bother to wrap them up, just
stack them on end and shut the drawer
Shannon: that's a good idea for storage
Fearless Leader: most folks would take better care of
their canes, but with demos I produce so much it's
like the Old Lady in the Shoe, I got so many canes I
just don't know what to do
Shannon: giggle
Rossija: lol
stargazer_sbpcg: make butterflies! :D
donna_stamps: send 'em my way - I can find a use for
Fearless Leader: so I toss them in the drawer and
forget they are there until someone asks for a
particular thing in Demo
perceptionsnpc: lol
Fearless Leader: Oh Jean, you know I'm the Chop and
Toss Queen. That's where they go mostly
Shannon: could do a challenge to pull some out with
your eyes closed, and make something out of them! LOL
stargazer_sbpcg: very true! :)
donna_stamps: that would be cool, Shannon - great idea
Shannon: thanks!
Fearless Leader: Just stick my hand in a drawer and
figure it out later.
Shannon: yep!
DTIntermart: That sounds like a fgreat idea..
donna_stamps: maybe next Fri demo
Fearless Leader: They are sorted by color family. A
roasting pan of reds, a roasting pans of black and
Fearless Leader: so if I reach in, it will be one
color family only
Shannon: oh then you'd have to open several drawers
Fearless Leader: Well I got to get ready to go put
Gerald to bed. Need to wash dishes before I go. So I'm
going to say my Toota Loos
Shannon: ok NJ.... thanks again!
pasadena_cal: bye for now
donna_stamps: bye NJ - have great evening
DTIntermart: h\night NJ TY
Fearless Leader: and I'll save log and send it through
the list. It was fun this week end, made my Christmas
go by without the usual bag of winces.
pasadena_cal left the room
Rossija: THanks again, NJ.
Fearless Leader: my pleasure Razma
Fearless Leader: xoxox

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