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12-24-05-2: Starting a Blend of Premo Pearl Red and Pearl

12-24-05 Demo Log Index
thailanat: oops sorry, i'm thailanat from france, not
very bilingual but i try :-)
jannn7: brb
norajean_sf: You are doing great Thailanat, Tres Bien
thailanat: loool thk you nora
jfp76801: hey is is really international here
norajean_sf: Isn't it amazing and wonderful?
norajean_sf: I'll turn the webcam around and give all
of you a wave
jfp76801: yeah...Germany France USA and probably
Canada right?
norajean_sf: Well there I am with my wet hair
thailanat: cheers nora
wwpeabody: is that whats goin on looks very curly
norajean_sf: Ok, I just sent the first log and a
notice to the list that we're here.
norajean_sf: While we're waiting for others to show
up, let's check some things
norajean_sf: does everyone have my webcam open?
wwpeabody: yeppers I do
thailanat: same here
norajean_sf: I'll take the lack of "Help I can't see"
as a all around yes
norajean_sf: now what shall we start with on this
norajean_sf: I have no plan other than to show you
what you'd like to see done, if I know how to do it.
jfp76801: clay
norajean_sf: As opposed to laundry
norajean_sf: LOL
wwpeabody: lol
norajean_sf: I'm still laughing at that... what
techniques would you like to see done?
posey4u: how about doing WINDOWS   LOL
norajean_sf: Oh I could show all of you a bright sunny
California Day
norajean_sf: out my window
hlynn1975: Ok, I'm in snowy dreary WI.  I would rather
not see sunny CA :)
wwpeabody: rain here in Wa.
thailanat: lucky girl you are, here it's the night and
it's cold :-)
thailanat: oops :-(
jfp76801: sunny and windy in TX
norajean_sf: Premo Pearl Red, going into the food
processor, then I'll show you the "Taffy Pull" which
helps condition quickly, then I'll press some sheets.
norajean_sf: when it balls up in the food processor it
is warm and ready to Taffy Pull
wwpeabody: family is here gotta go I'll pop back later
have fun.
wwpeabody has left the conference.

jfp76801: I found just a few moments in a microwave
warms up clay that I donts want to reblend
jfp76801: like the leftover
norajean_sf: Ok any questions at this point?
thailanat: is your clay on wax paper
norajean_sf: about the use of the food processor,
doing the Taffy Pull, or pressing sheets
thailanat: ?
norajean_sf: Yes that's wax paper, been using the same
recycled wax paper for years
mousefingers1 has joined the conference.

mousefingers1: hello clayers
jfp76801: any partifcular brand?
gamesqueen2001: sorry have to leave
leasbeadheaven has joined the conference.

You have invited mousefingers1 to view your webcam.

gamesqueen2001 has left the conference.

You have invited leasbeadheaven to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: Everyone introduce yourselves while I
bring someone else into Conference, NoraJean, San
mousefingers1: Thank you so much MS NORA!!!
norajean_sf: Darken that font honey, I got old eyes,
phyllisinvegas has joined the conference.

You have invited phyllisinvegas to view your webcam.

jfp76801: Jim Texas
thailanat: nat france
mousefingers1: Hello I'm Pam I'm from UT.... Land O'
norajean_sf: We're just introducing ourselves Phyllis
jannn7: Jan Texas
mousefingers1: sorry about that
leasbeadheaven: hi everyone. Lea here. from NY. this
is my first conference session. thrilled to be here
mousefingers1: mine too
nefret111 has joined the conference.

You have invited nefret111 to view your webcam.

jfp76801: Jan I am in Brownwood
phyllisinvegas: Phyllis in Las Vegas
jannn7: I'm in Midland - not too far
nefret111: kay in santa fe
jfp76801: Santa Fe which state?
norajean_sf: all we've done so far, for those who are
just joining us, is to chop up clay in the food
processor, do a Taffy Pull to condition and press two
sheets. This is Premo Pearl Red, and I'll do it again
with pearl.
nefret111: am so happy to see nora jean doing stuff
mousefingers1: It looks like I checked the computer
just in time
norajean_sf: All y'all can just chat amongst
yourselves and have a good time
mousefingers1: Hey Woman
phyllisinvegas: Hi again NJ
nefret111: hey there, cute face
mousefingers1: smile and say cheese=))
hlynn1975 has left the conference.

phyllisinvegas: Love the pearl caly, my clay has been
crying in the corner, it has been neglected lately
mousefingers1: what a crack up! What is NJ making
nefret111: nora jean, tory hughes is moving to the bay
area, so i told her about you!
norajean_sf: cool
nefret111: i said that you are a combo of mother
theresa and Wild Woman!
nefret111: she thought that was quite a combination
phyllisinvegas: lol more like wonder woman
thailanat: oops i must go back to the christmas dinner
but i'll be back soon :-)
norajean_sf: ok
leasbeadheaven: I'm new to all this. Is the food
processor essential?
phyllisinvegas: not essential but makes life a lot
mousefingers1: naw, you can chop with a blade
mousefingers1: but phyllis is right
minwin: Nora - I am not seeing any other's names or
written  comments but yours.
jfp76801: or just kneed a lot with your hands
mousefingers1: brb, my cute dog needs out
leasbeadheaven: I guess I'll add that to my wish list
jfp76801: rason is the liquid parts can seperate
leasbeadheaven: oh. thanks
nefret111: liquid parts?
norajean_sf: minwin, you might have to log out, reboot
and come back in
norajean_sf: if you're not seeing other people's
comments or names
jannn7: nj? how much of that brick did you slice off?
that looked like a lot of clay.
minwin has left the conference.

jfp76801: yeah somewhat like the old kind of peanut
butter used to but not near as pronounced
norajean_sf: I don't measure, just getting some Pearl
and Premo Pearl Red prepared for a blend
nefret111: didn't know that
phyllisinvegas: what kind of clay are you using jfp?
jfp76801: all brands
nefret111: what is nj making, pls?
phyllisinvegas: and it has liquid in it?
jfp76801: kato fimo  premo and sculpy
jfp76801: cernuit
jannn7: I know you don't, but that looked like it
might the same as 2 or 3 small packages of clay. I
just wanted to know if I was seeing right?
phyllisinvegas: I think she is just making a blend
right now
nefret111: thanks, p in v
jfp76801: you won't see the problem in a fresh from
the factory pack but don't take a chance on freshness
msbeaniac has joined the conference.

You have invited msbeaniac to view your webcam.

nefret111: am wondering why i don't see any of you all
over in the polymer clay central chats?
jfp76801: NJ I know the red is pearl. what is the
mousefingers1: I've never seen clay separate like
that. I do know that you have to condition it to get
the polymers to blend.  quote from glass attic "It has
been thought that the liquid plasticizer in polymer
clays would "settle" toward the bottom of the bar over
time, and that a lot of remixing was necessary to mix
it back throughout the clay to give the baked result
strength, flexibility, longevity and a smooth
appearance. .... questions have arisen though as to
whether all these factors are true, and whether
they're true for all the brands and types of clay
.....some informal tests have been done by clayers
(see some results in Tests), and some clayers have
asked polymer manufacturers to help clear this
up.<font face="Tim
tedi382001 has joined the conference.

melodyhill2000 has joined the conference.

You have invited melodyhill2000 to view your webcam.

mousefingers1: oops sorry, copied too much info
tedi382001: hi everyone
nefret111: interesting, mouse
nefret111: hi, tedi
norajean_sf: Howdy new comers, Let's introduce
ourselves, a lot of folks are new
jannn7: brb
norajean_sf: NoraJean, San Francisco
nefret111: kay, santa fe
phyllisinvegas: Phyllis, Las Vegas, Nevada
mousefingers1: I think fresh clay is too sticky
tedi382001: Amy Canada
msbeaniac: Rosemarie, Dallas
leasbeadheaven: Lea, NY
jfp76801: Jim Brownwood TX

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