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December 2005 Highlights 12-25-05- Second day of Holiday Demo

12-24-05 Demo Log Index


Flower and Leaf Review

12-24-05-1: Marathon has Started Noon Pacific, 8pm GMT

12-24-05-2: Starting a Blend of Premo Pearl Red and Pearl

12-24-05-3: Easy Breezy Blend - Top of the hour break

12-24-05-4: Inserting stripes into Fan Fold Cane

12-24-05-5: The flower is made and early break

12-24-05-6: One Flower Cane Makes Many Flowers

12-24-05-7: Mixing colors for a Coleus leaf

12-24-05-8: Picking a leaf, mixing colors, feeding my son

12-24-05-9: Colors mixed and sheets prepped for the Coleus Leaf

12-24-05-10: How to translate a picture into a Cane plan

12-24-05-11: Easy Breezy Blend to a Jellyroll, prep for a Lace Cane

12-24-05-12: Easy Breezy Blend and Exact Measure is Over Rated

12-24-05-13: Third section of Coleus, putting the three color sections together

12-24-05-14: Coleus Cane Done, a First Time Effort, Chop the ends for Natasha bead

12-24-05-15: End of Christmas Eve Demo, Plans for Tomorrow



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