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12-24-05-7: Mixing colors for a Coleus leaf

12-24-05 Demo Log Index
norajean_sf: Ok, we're near the top of the hour, and I
promised my husband that I'd get him some food at the
top of the hour.
norajean_sf: So why don't we do this, I'm going to
feed him before he faints
norajean_sf: and I'll be back in 10 minutes
norajean_sf: anyone who needs a break this is a good
norajean_sf: those who are happy to hang out and chat,
do that
mommaclara2001: Good time to get in my night clothes,
and get cmfortable.
norajean_sf: but if I don't feed him, he will fade
mommaclara2001: Poor Baby.
norajean_sf: so I'll be back at the top of the hour,
what ever hour you got going on there. ok?
bluebell5071: sounds good
merrie60us: okay I will be back
norajean_sf: Those who just showed up, check the list
and review the logs if you like.
norajean_sf: brb
thailanat: it's almost midnight so i wish you all a
merry christmas :-)
bluebell5071: Merry Christmas
rossija9: Merry Christmas, Nat.
thailanat: thxxxxxxxxxx youpieeeeeeee
thailanat: i wish you to have a good dinner in a few
hours and a lot of gifts. I must go to open mine. Thxs
Nora for this demo. Wish you all a good demo bye bye
sbjwh has joined the conference.

thailanat has left the conference.

You have invited sbjwh to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: Sue from Canada
norajean_sf: did you get the webcam open?
norajean_sf: ah, cool I see you have.  What we've done
so far will be in the demo logs sent to CITY-o-Clay.
For links to tutorials and such like that.
norajean_sf: We were reviewing the Sleeping Lady Pen
Pan on the bed of flowers just before you came.
sbjwh: Thanks, this is my 1st time, just want to lurk.
norajean_sf: no problem, as long as you can see the
norajean_sf: But before I let you lurk
norajean_sf: what do you want to see made?
sbjwh: TU yes
bluebell5071: I dont think my webcam is working. It is
still life
bluebell5071: ok I see
norajean_sf: When I'm typing the webcam might not be
bluebell5071: ok
norajean_sf: anything in particular you want to see,
norajean_sf: I'm open to suggestions if I know how to
do it.
mousefingers1: I'm gonna out of view of the webcam for
a bit. My Dad is coming over to pick up a few things.
sbjwh: I have been sick for over a year, and any thing
some one is doing, I havn't been able to do much.
norajean_sf: what would cheer you up Sue?
norajean_sf: Ok Pam, give Dad a kiss
mousefingers1: hello Sue, nice to see you here!
mousefingers1: I will sweet lady!
mommaclara2001: I would like to see some leaves, made
in a color , other then green.
sbjwh: Flowers, I love flowers
mousefingers1: Sue, this is a good place to be!
mousefingers1: this will cheer you up! it has done
wonders for me!
norajean_sf: Ok, leaves, well what sort of leaves are
not green? Shall we find some on google?
mommaclara2001: Ok
sbjwh: Sure does seem like it. I have missed the clay.
mousefingers1: Kalanchoe?  spelling
rossija9: coleus are often green & other bright colors
norajean_sf: a blend of hot orange and yellow for
mousefingers1: coleus...good choice
mousefingers1: antherium aren't really leaves are they
mommaclara2001: yes, that is good.
norajean_sf: which one Momma?
norajean_sf: autumn leaves?
mousefingers1: I thnk coleus is what I was thinking
norajean_sf: Coleus
norajean_sf: let me find a picture
sbjwh: The leaves r beautiful, I like coleus too.
mommaclara2001: I like the orange and yellow, but
coleus are pretty too. Since they have pink.
mousefingers1: big hugs for everyone for a bit....I'll
be back when I can>:D<
mommaclara2001: Hugs to you too.
norajean_sf: check that page
mousefingers1: I'm giving my brother and preg. SIL my
old oak bent wood rocker for a gift
norajean_sf: wow that's a great link
mommaclara2001: Those are nice colors.
mousefingers1: spent all day yesterday oiling and
mommaclara2001: Light green and pink.
mommaclara2001: Pretty.
norajean_sf: hmm, let me get some colors out and
prepared. I'll prepare a purple, deep dark purple and
a green
norajean_sf: I think doing a loose blend and then
using that to build the leaf might work
mommaclara2001: ok.
norajean_sf: I'm winging this so we don't know how
it'll turn out
mousefingers1: we will be the wind beneath your wings
sbjwh: mousefingers!! wow I book marked the site for
later. TU so much. I have done some furniture striping
and refinishing, it's work for sure. What a nice gift.
mousefingers1: thanks a ton.....rut roh...doorbell
rossija9: Here's a variation without much green, for
mousefingers1: Sue will you zap it again? i don't
think it came through I check
merrie60us: I want to know how to get the ragged edges
of the leaves and how to make them stay when you make
a cane.
mousefingers1: It was a gift in 83
mousefingers1: about $200 back then
mousefingers1: it is a nice one
norajean_sf: bringing someone in
sbjwh: Do u mean your message or the web site?
merrie60us: what's 20$
mousefingers1: website
mommaclara2001: Thanks Mary. I bookmaked that page.
merrie60us: 200
mousefingers1: the chair was $200 ish in 1980
rossija9: You're welcome, Clara
krafteame has joined the conference.

mousefingers1: the mouse it out for now
norajean_sf: I'm going to mix Kato clay with Premo.
This Kato blue and some left over beads will go in
with the Premo Pearl Red, see what sort of purple
we'll get.
merrie60us: bye
You have invited krafteame to view your webcam.

mousefingers1: <:-P
sbjwh: I have the site on my bookmark
sbjwh: bye mousefingers
norajean_sf: bringing someone in
alanjamesv has joined the conference.

You have invited alanjamesv to view your webcam.

alanjamesv: hello all - can't stop long
mommaclara2001: Hi Alan
norajean_sf: Merry Christmas Alan, thanks for stopping
alanjamesv: just wanted to say happy Christmas to all
sbjwh: Oh, this is so cool. I need a new pasta
machine. Has anyone out there tried the one Clay
Makins /teflon rollers yet?
mommaclara2001: Merry Christmas to you too.
alanjamesv: Hi Clara
krafteame: Hi NJ , Hi everyone. Longtime no see. I
hope everyone is doing good.
alanjamesv: Hi Lisa
mommaclara2001: Hi  lisa.
rossija9: Hi Alan
rossija9: Hi Lisa
alanjamesv: sorry - was distracted by a cat-puppy
scrap at my feet!
alanjamesv: Hi Rossija
merrie60us: HI
rossija9: LOL
rozebude: sorry everyone,  am too ill to stay.  have a
merry merry Christmas
alanjamesv: same to you - get weller soon
norajean_sf: Merry Christmas Rozebude, hope to see you
rozebude: thanks bye
rozebude has left the conference.

mommaclara2001: Merry Christmas Rozebude
alanjamesv: I'd better go too - have a wonderful demo
- and a Happy Christmas
mommaclara2001: Bye Alan
rossija9: Bye Alna
alanjamesv: TTFN - Ho Ho Ho etc
rossija9: Alan
norajean_sf: Ho Ho Ho Alan
alanjamesv has left the conference.

norajean_sf: I'll either have to darken the dark
purple or lighten the light one
norajean_sf: they don't have enough difference
sbjwh: The color is startinh to look very good,
something that is hard for me to get rite.
norajean_sf: I think I'll darken the dark one
norajean_sf: that's crimson, old block left over
mommaclara2001: That looks good together.
norajean_sf: I think it'll still need something else
to darken it, I'll add a touch of black and see what
we get. I'll do a small sample first though
mommaclara2001: Ok
merrie60us: that is getting closer
merrie60us: what about a tad of grey
krafteame: What is she making, I just joined in a few
minutes ago. Ive been trying to resize my IM window,
cannot watch cam and messages at same time.
norajean_sf: I'm aiming for a deep dark purple
merrie60us: she is making a leaf
norajean_sf: like in this picture
merrie60us: um
sbjwh: A coleus leaf.
merrie60us: colius
norajean_sf: I got to save log, brb in a couple of
merrie60us: more dk blue like navy?
mommaclara2001: Krafteame, do you have the cam, set to
always to be on top? That will keep it so you can see.

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