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12-24-05-9: Colors mixed and sheets prepped for the Coleus Leaf

12-24-05 Demo Log Index
norajean_sf: Since it is top of the hour I should save
log. I have to do it each half hour or we loose text
norajean_sf: brb
norajean_sf: back
mousefingers1: sneaking a peek can you wave at the
camera so I can do a check?
mousefingers1: Hi Pretty Lady
mousefingers1: thanks
mousefingers1: do you have time for a quick question
norajean_sf: bringing someone in
luxo632000 has joined the conference.

You have invited luxo632000 to view your webcam.

phyllisinvegas: Hi Luxo
norajean_sf: Let's introduce ourselves
norajean_sf: NoraJean, San Francisco
phyllisinvegas: Phyllis - Las Vegas, Nevada
mommaclara2001: Clara, WV
bluebell5071: Shirley in Mississippi
luxo632000: Pascale, Luxemburg/Europe
jannn7: Jan in Texas
krafteame: Lisa T aka krafteame  Salisbury , NC
rossija9: Mary H, Dublin, Ohio
sbjwh: Sue, Canadian, TX
mousefingers1: HI Pam UT
luxo632000: just taking a short look, its already 1 AM
phyllisinvegas: wow
minimadness423 has joined the conference.

norajean_sf: I just wanted Pascale to come in and say
Hello from Luxemburg
You have invited minimadness423 to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: I'll show the new comers the flowers we
did so far
mommaclara2001: Hi Kathy
luxo632000: what are you planning to do with them ?
phyllisinvegas: oh the darker ones turned out
minimadness423: hey there...just taking a baker's
norajean_sf: I think I'm going to do another Sleeping
Lady PenPal on a bed of flowers
luxo632000: sounds good
norajean_sf: I had to sell the other one to  pay the
phone when things got tight
krafteame: Hi can some one tell me how to adjust the
pic on the webcam?
bluebell5071: is yours fuzzy?
bluebell5071: mine is
krafteame: Yes
norajean_sf: If I set it on a better picture then
there'll be lag when I move my hands
norajean_sf: I'll set it on better picture for now
norajean_sf: and then move it back to when I start
making something
norajean_sf: did that help any?
krafteame: Is there a way Im supposed to set the speed
or something at my end?
luxo632000: don't see a difference
norajean_sf: the lag is awful though, so when I'm
making things
norajean_sf: bringing Mary in
wingsbe2 has joined the conference.

krafteame: No, it is the same. The lag is bad too
You have invited wingsbe2 to view your webcam.

mommaclara2001: Hi Mary
phyllisinvegas: Hi Mary
rossija9: Hi Mary
norajean_sf: unfortunately there's little I can do
from my end to improve the picture
norajean_sf: Hey Mary
krafteame: I mean the pic wasnt moving very much when
you were working before.
wingsbe2: Hi Thanks
norajean_sf: Who's on Dial up?
krafteame: Isnt there away we are supposed to set
something on our end?
phyllisinvegas: me
norajean_sf: as opposed to DLS or Cable
rossija9: I am
krafteame: Im on broadband
mommaclara2001: I have DSL
norajean_sf: that might show things down, Lisa if
you're on broadband and still can't get a good picture
I'm stumped
bluebell5071: cable here but its ok for me
wingsbe2: I'm cable
mommaclara2001: It is fine for me.
norajean_sf: ok, before I mix the colors, which is
really boring, are there any questions?
krafteame: Im on cable thats broadband right?
phyllisinvegas: someone had a question befire
wingsbe2: Right
norajean_sf: ask it again, now that I'm back at the
krafteame: pic is not real real clear but image is
moving better. Thank you .
phyllisinvegas: mousefingers did you have a question
mousefingers1: I'm on dial up
norajean_sf: I put it back to quicker to catch
norajean_sf: Pam did you have a question when I was
feeding my son?
norajean_sf: He left out, just came by to eat and
merrie60us: broadband is either cable or dsl I think
mousefingers1: yeah, but it isn't about this project,
it's about another one I'm trying to find something
out about
merrie60us: typical child
mousefingers1: looking for ideas for a "fantasy fish"
I'm doing it around a roundish shaped
mousefingers1: glass votive
merrie60us: I want to find out how to cloisonne from
clay. It looks so interesting I really want to try and
do it.
norajean_sf: when ever I need a shape I make it with
alumimum foil
norajean_sf: and cover with clay
mousefingers1: I wish my Dad could have helped me move
my clay stuff in here but he didn't have time
merrie60us: good idea
norajean_sf: as for Cloisonne, I'm thinking that metal
foil as the base and then mix colors with TLS to go
over it
krafteame: You can shape the foil and then cover it.
very flexible in that sense. And it saves on clay
merrie60us: oh I was thinking to take a sheet of clay
thick and press a rubber stamp in it. and bake then
add colored tls
mousefingers1: I have the shape, I was looking for
different color and fantasy image ideas
merrie60us: that I mix myself
merrie60us: not sure if that will work but will give
it a try
merrie60us: bright colors for fish
merrie60us: think salt water fish at the aquarium
norajean_sf: if you put a foil like silver leaf or
gold leaf under the TLS in the impression of the stamp
you'll get that foil shining through
mousefingers1: I've got a glass votive that I'm making
a lid for. I'll use a foil ball for the shape on that.
I thought a fin for the lid holder would be cute.
sbjwh: Try looking at some pics of koi, they have some
pretty wild fins and heads
merrie60us: when I took a class with Kathleen Dustin
she used foil as the base and covered with clay just
like NJ showed us.
sbjwh: Maybe, a few dragon flourishes
mousefingers1: this is a real bubble shape, sort of
like a goldfish. I was thinking of a sk blend of
greenish blue to blue
merrie60us: sounds nice
mousefingers1: cf dragon flourishes would be good. I
wish I had the book
mousefingers1: big googlie eyes
mousefingers1: big pink lips with skinner blend to
light pink--have the cane for that
merrie60us: what about putting bullseye cane slice
here and there to carry through the bubble theme?
minimadness423: baker's break is over for a bit...have
to handle something in the back as soon
as I can
mousefingers1: good idea
norajean_sf: Ok KathyL
mousefingers1: I actually have some canes that color
mousefingers1: I want him to look almost cartoonish
mousefingers1: oafish
mousefingers1: and silly
mousefingers1: I guess with big pink lips it would be
a girl--or a drag fish
mousefingers1: my Dad is funny, he likes sparkle and
pearl and irridescent stuff. I have some PX powders
and some byzantia and some lumieries
mousefingers1: and a couple of some other mica shift
paint but I don't remember the name of them
sbjwh: Might he/she have one eye winkin
mousefingers1: that might work
sbjwh: That lech look
mousefingers1: I wish I had a camera to show you what
I come up with. Maybe one of my siblings will have a
digital camera they will bring tomorrow and I can get
them to send me a pic
rossija9: What you're describing sounds like that
blue/iridescent fish character in kids books.
rossija9: Shoot -- can't remember author/title info.
mousefingers1: that would be the look I'm after. I
just can't quite "see" it in my mind
phyllisinvegas: yes it does Rena
merrie60us: Rainbow fish is the name of the book
rossija9: Yes, that's it!
mousefingers1: I know what I want, I just can't quite
get it into focus in my mind.
mousefingers1: I know rainbow fish, she isn't cute
merrie60us: Do a google for rainbow fish and see the
mousefingers1: brb gonna snoop the web
norajean_sf: ok, since I mix green from yellow and
blue, and then add more blue, more yellow or gold I
have a lot of green sheets in storage.
luxo632000 has left the conference.

minimadness423: back for a few. was reading about the
rainbow fish...have you considered adding false
eyelashes after the final curing?
norajean_sf: Since I'm using pearl to lighten the
purple and Pearl Red in the dark purple I'll stay with
the mica and use this green that has gold mixed in it.
phyllisinvegas: that looks really nice with the gold
sbjwh: Loverly
minimadness423: I love the shimmer
norajean_sf: so I'll toss this in the food processor
and press it fresh, that way the plasticizers will
bluebell5071: yes thats pretty
phyllisinvegas: wow that is going to be stunning
clayladyinred has joined the conference.

sbjwh: YES
You have invited clayladyinred to view your webcam.

mommaclara2001: Hi Shan
clayladyinred: hi everyone!
norajean_sf: Howdy Shannon
norajean_sf: Momma was looking for you
phyllisinvegas: Hi Shannon
norajean_sf: ;-)
merrie60us: you know what I just remembered I use fl
pink a lot with blue to get an awesome purple
merrie60us: Hi
minimadness423: I missed it...exactly what will be
made from the green
minimadness423: Hi Shannon
phyllisinvegas: leaves
merrie60us: leaves
merrie60us: we are making colius
sbjwh: Coleus leaf edge
norajean_sf: that's the link
norajean_sf: and I'm totally unsure of what I'm doing
merrie60us: brb
norajean_sf: LOL
norajean_sf: but that's ok
clayladyinred: LOL
phyllisinvegas: that is the fun of clay
rossija9: sometimes our best stuff comes when we don't
know what we're dong....
rossija9: doing...
minimadness423: that allows you more freedom to do
them NJ style
krafteame has left the conference.

mousefingers1: minimad- I do have lashes I could add.
I just got back from rainbow site.
mousefingers1: not nearly high enough on the cute
mousefingers1: I'll be back...gonna search more
mommaclara2001: Pretty colors together.
norajean_sf: Yes, I think I like the colors, they
aren't as vibrant as in the picture
Yahoo! Messenger: krafteame has declined to join and
sent:  No, thank you.
norajean_sf: but close enough
sbjwh: Amen
mommaclara2001: Yes.
norajean_sf: so it's the half hour and I'm going to
save log and take a breather, preparing these sheets
made me work up a sweat
norajean_sf: so how about a wee break?
phyllisinvegas: k
clayladyinred: ok :-)
minimadness423: stove beeping...something's
done...back in a bit
mommaclara2001: Ok
norajean_sf: everyone can get coffee, check the
baking, go potty
sbjwh: brb
norajean_sf: and I'll save log
norajean_sf: brb
mommaclara2001: Shan, what have you been doing this evening?

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