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12-24-05-13: Third section of Coleus, putting the three color sections together

12-24-05 Demo Log Index
norajean_sf: I'll save log
norajean_sf: brb
merrie60us: Ihave a question underneath the webcam
picture does anyone have this garble: etc etc??
sybi98: has the webcam image progressed from the fat
jelly roll of pink and pearl? Don't know if my image
is frozen
merrie60us: it is right under where it says report
clayladyinred: it's the ad on it messing up
bluebell5071: yes I get that
clayladyinred: it does that sometimes... nothing to
worry about :-)
merrie60us: thanks
clayladyinred: no problem
bluebell5071: you never know about viruses and stuff
merrie60us: oh it just changed to yahoo shopping wierd
sybi98: hehehe, i guess I came back from break when
everyone was going on one
clayladyinred: that's true... I'm no expert, but I'm
pretty sure there's nothing to worry about with that
particular thing :-)
bluebell5071: yeah me too
clayladyinred: one less ad to look at LOL
sybi98: :)
sybi98: So, my original quesstion was on this quote:
"Now I'm going to take this jelly roll blend and
reduce it to a long snake and cut it into sections,
then the sections will be stacked and reassembled and
reduced again for a lace cane"  AND the question was -
do you do this again and again with a few sections at
a time or is this a one shot, fold and cut as many
sections as you can and stack/reduce just one or two
rjchase222: Sybi98 can you increase your font size for
me plz?? Being one eyed is a challenge thanks!!
rjchase222: u can do it as many times as you want.  I
have made lace cane really small
sybi98: sorry, new at this thing... is thaat better?
miss_meme_30: i dont see a sybi98
watercolorkare: me either
phyllisinvegas: nor me
rjchase222: can you take it up to at least a 12??
Thanks & no prob
phyllisinvegas: ghost of christmas past?
watercolorkare: must be a private conversation
clayladyinred: oh dear.... I don't either.... Sybi98
would you please add me to your friend list?  pretty
watercolorkare: sort of
watercolorkare: me too sybi98
miss_meme_30: i dont even se them on this list
clayladyinred: I think that's the only person I don't
have... didn't they say there were 19 here a little
while ago?
watercolorkare: i see razma
sybi98: trying - not letting me do things
norajean_sf: back
watercolorkare: hi NJ
clayladyinred: oh dear... she can't see us either
Missy... someone please ask Sybi98 to add Missy and I
to her list... please?
sybi98: is the font still little?
norajean_sf: There's 19 people with my cam open
clayladyinred: if she wants us, that is.... LOL
rjchase222: ok sybi we will get it figured out yet LOL
clayladyinred: ohhhhh....
norajean_sf: Sybi98, I can see you, font still small,
add to your friend's list
norajean_sf: clayladyinred
sybi98: grrrr - add who to friends list?
norajean_sf: and miss_meme_30
clayladyinred: thanks NJ :-*
miss_meme_30: ty nj!
norajean_sf: If Sybi98 can't see other people typing,
rebooting the computer clears that up
miss_meme_30: how are u shan?
clayladyinred: I'm doing good Missy... how about you?
norajean_sf: Sybi is going to reboot
miss_meme_30: been sick for 2 freakin wks but other
then that i am find....LOL
norajean_sf: I was IMing her
norajean_sf: Missy did you have that flu?
norajean_sf: it's hit SF and I didn't get my flu shot
sybi98: ok, added clay lady in red]
clayladyinred: oh I'm sorry to hear that Missy :-(
rjchase222: Missy can you make your print bold plz??
miss_meme_30: no just a cold that wont go away
miss_meme_30: lol
clayladyinred: I got Syb now.... thanks!
miss_meme_30: there ya go raz!
merrie60us: oh feel better
rjchase222: thanks Missy!!!
norajean_sf: Sybi reboot honey and then when you
change font it will take
creationsbypat: NJ I need your web cam
You have invited creationsbypat to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: ok, sent invite to cam
norajean_sf: anyone else needing invite to cam?
sybi98: rebooting
creationsbypat: thanks
sybi98 has left the conference.

julia_dodge has joined the conference.

You have invited julia_dodge to view your webcam.

clayladyinred: hi Teddy
miss_meme_30: hiya julia
creationsbypat: hi Teddy
julia_dodge: hi
norajean_sf: Sent you invite to cam Teddy
watercolorkare: hi teddy
norajean_sf: Shall we introduce ourselves, there are a
lot of new ClayMates
julia_dodge: Sorry I am so late, been sleeping
norajean_sf: and our Yahoo Id isn't always our name
norajean_sf: NoraJean, San Francisco
phyllisinvegas: Phyllis - Las Vegas, Nevada
merrie60us: Hi,  Merrie from Boston Massachusetts
rossija9: Mary H, Dublin, OH
bluebell5071: Shirley - MS
miss_meme_30: <~~~~~Missy~~VA
rjchase222: Razma Fallbrook CA
watercolorkare: Kare, Pennsylvania
creationsbypat: Pat Stevenson Pensacola, FL
Yahoo! Messenger: heartlandimages has declined to join
and sent:  Thanks, but no thanks.
julia_dodge: Teddy, Florida
clayladyinred: Shannon from WV
norajean_sf: MiniMaddness is KathyL and she's baking
norajean_sf: and AFK most likely
phyllisinvegas: is it hot there?
norajean_sf: where?
wingsbe2: Mary in Indy
phyllisinvegas: Kathy L
phyllisinvegas: can someone give her a fan or
julia_dodge: I got the hives for Christmas and have to
take Benidryl every six hours.
merrie60us: ?
minimadness423: AFK?????
sybi98 has joined the conference.

phyllisinvegas: she is baking
phyllisinvegas: poor woman
sbjwh: Lost the web cam, whaT TO DO?
norajean_sf: Kathy I thought you were baking
phyllisinvegas: lol
sybi98: ok, did it work?
You have invited sbjwh to view your webcam.

phyllisinvegas: away from keyboard mimi
You have invited sybi98 to view your webcam.

minimadness423: I just popped in to see what was going
on while my beet juice comes up to a boil
rjchase222: yes Sybi!!! Congrats!!! :)
norajean_sf: sbjwh and sibi sent invites to cam
phyllisinvegas: Hi sybi
norajean_sf: Sybi can you tell us your first name
norajean_sf: and location?
clayladyinred: hi Sybi :-)
merrie60us: HI what are you making with beet juice?
sybi98: i have lady in red and mis meme in friends
minimadness423: and lo and behold I see my name taken
in in vain...;)
minimadness423: Pennsylvania Amish red pickled eggs
merrie60us: hmm sounds interesting
miss_meme_30: im missy
norajean_sf: hmm, I think I'll stick to my broiled
phyllisinvegas: gag
norajean_sf: LOL
norajean_sf: gagging on pickled eggs or broiled eels?
phyllisinvegas: both
norajean_sf: put the both of them between bread and
have a gag sandwich
rossija9: I'm with ya, Phyllis!
sybi98: my first name - Sybelle and I am  in Savannah,
phyllisinvegas: do you get an electrifying personality
if you eat eel?
clayladyinred: LOL
norajean_sf: Sybelle can you see everyone typing now?
merrie60us: eel sushi is delicious
phyllisinvegas: I love Georgia
norajean_sf: and do you have my cam open
phyllisinvegas: omg now she is talking suchi
norajean_sf: Unagi sushi rocks
phyllisinvegas: sushi too
merrie60us: I know I love it
phyllisinvegas: that cures my supper
You have invited sybi98 to view your webcam.

You have invited sbjwh to view your webcam.

sbjwh: Getting the busy server notice
norajean_sf: sending out invites to cam again
merrie60us: I just had homemade chicken soup cures
norajean_sf: right click on my name to choose "view
bluebell5071: oh yumm
phyllisinvegas: just was i was having
norajean_sf: keep trying
sybi98: yes, i think so
merrie60us: cannot eat had my tooth pulled
minimadness423: don't know about the electrifying
personality thing but you don't get pickled on my
juice for the eggs...great for opening sinuses though.
You have invited sbjwh to view your webcam.

phyllisinvegas: lol I will take two then
merrie60us: is it spicy
norajean_sf: I'm going to finish this blend and do the
jelly roll to lace cane
merrie60us: good idea
minimadness423: sounds like it is ready to boil so I
am off for a few.  when I get back I will tell you
about what happened to dad a bit ago
minimadness423: back in about 5-10
rossija9 has left the conference.

miss_meme_30: hb
sybi98: testing
phyllisinvegas: did I pass?
merrie60us: NJ is working on blend for jelly roll with
green and purple
sybi98: nope, flunked
norajean_sf: Font is great Sybelle
phyllisinvegas: figures
rossija9 has joined the conference.

sbjwh: I am going to try reboot and then get back on
if that dosen't work will catch the tut
You have invited rossija9 to view your webcam.

miss_meme_30: wb mary
rossija9: THanks NJ!
sbjwh has left the conference.

norajean_sf: I might have to reboot soon, it's been
over 6 hours and I am just waiting to get booted
rossija9: My ISP makes me reconnect every 4 hours.
Inconvenient, but cheap!
merrie60us: She has folded and is about to put through
pasta machine to lengthen
phyllisinvegas: earthlink disconnects me every night
like clockwork
merrie60us: I have been on all day why would you get
bluebell5071: me too
merrie60us: putting through pasta machine on thinner
and thinner settings
merrie60us: rolling into jelly roll
sybi98: hmmm webcam image froze again
norajean_sf: my hands are moving
merrie60us: put stip of purple on log
merrie60us: not sure why
rjchase222: cam frozen here
norajean_sf: close out my cam and I'll send you
another invite
rjchase222: k
phyllisinvegas: mineis working
merrie60us: now rolling to lengthen
rossija9: I'm getting "server busy" message when I try
to view.
sybi98: k
You have invited rossija9 to view your webcam.

You have invited sybi98 to view your webcam.

You have invited rjchase222 to view your webcam.

rossija9: cam is back - thanks, NJ
merrie60us: lengthening cane
rjchase222: got it
merrie60us: by rolling back and forth from end to end
sybi98: on the roll again!
merrie60us: lenghthen quite long
phyllisinvegas: rolling rolling rolling
merrie60us: probably as much as lengthened pink cane
phyllisinvegas: looks like a real snake
bluebell5071: sure does
merrie60us: not sure what she is doing now
phyllisinvegas: checking for fangs
julia_dodge: lol
merrie60us: straightening out and folding so can cut
merrie60us: so far four strands
merrie60us: making first cut
merrie60us: put through pasta machine
merrie60us: lay sheet on table
merrie60us: lay logs on sheet
merrie60us: looks like she is stacking one ontop of
merrie60us: finish wrapping
merrie60us: roll
merrie60us: cut in half
merrie60us: take another sheet and wrap
phyllisinvegas: and squeeeeeeze and pull
merrie60us: now cut in half
julia_dodge: OH, she is making a lace cane?
merrie60us: now cut again
sybi98: ok. that wrapping and squishing and pulling
looked downright pornographic!
phyllisinvegas: yes
phyllisinvegas: lol sybi
minimadness423: will wait until break to tell about
Dad and Xmas cooking...what are we making
merrie60us: so have 4  logs
merrie60us: ??
rjchase222: lace cane
merrie60us: another part of the leaf cane
merrie60us: the lace in second color
merrie60us: put together and squeeze
phyllisinvegas: fist of doom
sybi98: ahhh, adding the pink/pearl log
merrie60us: now comparing two logs
merrie60us: pink and purple green
phyllisinvegas: loking good
merrie60us: showing picture  against cane so far
merrie60us: making green into a sheet
phyllisinvegas: mkaing that section
merrie60us: rolled green out to a long narrow sheet on
the pasta machine
clayladyinred: sorry I've been so quiet everyone...
been watching while I work :-)  but I need to head out
for tonight... everyone have a great day tomorrow!
((((Big Christmas Hugggs))))
merrie60us: bye happy day
phyllisinvegas: thanks you too have a good one
julia_dodge: bye
rossija9: bye, Shannon!
sybi98: hugs and best wishes!
bluebell5071: bye
minimadness423: bye Shannon
merrie60us: trying to figure out how to place cane
pieces with green
rjchase222: bye Shannon
phyllisinvegas: so she is rolling the green around the
merrie60us: not sure
clayladyinred has left the conference.

merrie60us: I think a few of the logs
phyllisinvegas: ok
sybi98: yeah, it looks like a small roll or purple
with a flat section, then a green roll with a flat
section on top,
phyllisinvegas: wow that looks hard to do
sybi98: now more green mall rolls, all flattened
phyllisinvegas: I would have a mud pie by now
julia_dodge: lol
sybi98: just roll part way then place the green rolled
part way on top and add logs to the side, then flatten
the whole thing
rjchase222: easier said than done me thinks LOL
phyllisinvegas: me knows
watercolorkare: bye, gang,  gotta go now. 
julia_dodge: bye
bluebell5071: bye
phyllisinvegas: bye have a happy holiday
watercolorkare: thanks NJ  !  kare
rossija9: bye Kare
rjchase222: bbbbbbyyyyyyyyyeeeeeee
watercolorkare: merry christmas to all and to all a
good night.
watercolorkare has left the conference.

phyllisinvegas: lol
sybi98: then wrap thepurple all around the green,
place beside original purple
merrie60us: bye
sybi98: by kare, happy holidays
phyllisinvegas: ok I got lost after the pink and pearl
lace, want to repeat all that NJ?
phyllisinvegas: lol
nndewbre has joined the conference.

norajean_sf: what I'm making effort to do and it's
just experimental
sybi98: :))
norajean_sf: is to take a combination of the dark
purple and green lace cane
norajean_sf: some big, some small to build up the
purple and green end
norajean_sf: it's not an even break between the colors
merrie60us: staggered
sybi98: now i get it!
phyllisinvegas: hey I finally learned how to put clay
through my pasta machine without it getting caught in
the rollers,
rjchase222: sybi glad one of us got it!! LOL
julia_dodge: =))
jannn7 has left the conference.

phyllisinvegas: I know she is trying to make the edge
of her stack look like the picture, but that is as far
as my brain will take me
sybi98: wow, mama! that's some hunk of clay there!
julia_dodge: I got the hives for Christmas, I am not
very happy:-&
rossija9: NJ is going to have a lot of coleus cane, I
phyllisinvegas: did you get the bees too?
merrie60us: usually end up with lots of any cane
julia_dodge: I wish
phyllisinvegas: lol
merrie60us: did you take benadryl?
nndewbre: I have a belly ache Julia, is that any
confort to you?
sybi98: hives from what? ourchie
merrie60us: taking cane and folding it in half
julia_dodge: I don't know, maybe too many sweets
merrie60us: trying to place two halves
phyllisinvegas: aaaaah could be
norajean_sf: Now I will use a ruler
merrie60us: you?
merrie60us: !
phyllisinvegas: oh no not the dreaded ruler?
phyllisinvegas: gasp~~~~
bluebell5071: anxiety can cause hives
merrie60us: making a cut clay is  pink next to green
julia_dodge: I am on benadryl, makes me sleep
merrie60us: now have about four or six sets
merrie60us: stacking
merrie60us: with pink in middle
norajean_sf: Ok, now I am going to let these rest for
a bit
norajean_sf: prep some veins
sybi98: ok, so put halves together and I think flipped
so colors on opposite side, then <gasp> measured, cut
, and stacked with pink in middle
phyllisinvegas: i have some you can prep
norajean_sf: and then prepare build a cane, hopefully
phyllisinvegas: slap em around a bit
norajean_sf: this is  not going to be a chevron flip
norajean_sf: we're building around the pink middle
rjchase222: OOOOOOOO NJ u aren't goin to do the DCF???
norajean_sf: I might stack these and reduce them and
cut them again
rossija9: Maybe tomorrow, Razma...
norajean_sf: I don't know, neither will you when
you're experimenting
sybi98: ok, so far have gotten lost only once - easier
to follow than i thought
norajean_sf: how can you get lost when I don't know
where I'm going
norajean_sf: LOL
phyllisinvegas: I am so lost I am on another planet
norajean_sf: Top of the hour, got to save and get
something to drink.
rjchase222: no prob with me being lost I was born lost
NJ :)
norajean_sf: take a break folks, these canes got to
norajean_sf: brb
rjchase222: k
phyllisinvegas: mkae it a double NJ you deserve it
rossija9: have you eaten, NJ?
phyllisinvegas: like in food?
norajean_sf: Each break I take a couple of bites
norajean_sf: roast duck
norajean_sf: pot stickers
sybi98: woooo hoooo
phyllisinvegas: oo good
rossija9: MMM...
norajean_sf: chow mein
rossija9: Pot stickers, mmmm!
norajean_sf: so no worried, I do have to save log
norajean_sf: brb

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