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12-24-05-14: Coleus Cane Done, a First Time Effort, Chop the ends for Natasha bead

12-24-05 Demo Log Index
norajean_sf: Top of the hour, got to save and get
something to drink.
rjchase222: no prob with me being lost I was born lost
NJ :)
norajean_sf: take a break folks, these canes got to
norajean_sf: brb
rjchase222: k
phyllisinvegas: mkae it a double NJ you deserve it
rossija9: have you eaten, NJ?
phyllisinvegas: like in food?
norajean_sf: Each break I take a couple of bites
norajean_sf: roast duck
norajean_sf: pot stickers
sybi98: woooo hoooo
phyllisinvegas: oo good
rossija9: MMM...
norajean_sf: chow mein
rossija9: Pot stickers, mmmm!
norajean_sf: so no worried, I do have to save log
norajean_sf: brb
sybi98: chicken alfredo and tomatoes here
sybi98: log log log
rjchase222: dang wish I was up at NJ's eatin with
rossija9: me too
rossija9: At least you're in the same state, Raz
rjchase222: yep & I had plenty of sunshine today not
sure if NJ did or not!! heehee
rossija9: WE had sun, and temps in the upper 40s.  No
bad for Dec. 24 in Ohio.
bluebell5071: we had cold rain
rjchase222: we were almost 80 here
merrie60us: Same in Boston we did not even need a coat
merrie60us: global warming
phyllisinvegas: weather is insane lately
phyllisinvegas: was down to 28 here now today it was
rossija9: Gonna get colder here next week; heck we had
a morning low of 5 degrees last week
phyllisinvegas: ack
merrie60us: well it is winter
rossija9: Below zero wind chills, too
phyllisinvegas: i freeze when it hits 70
rjchase222: I gave up the cold & the snow 5 yrs ago &
don't miss it!! LOL
phyllisinvegas: no way I don't either
phyllisinvegas: moved here from Wisconsin
rossija9: Yep, I just wish it would pick one & stick
with it.  Cold or warm
phyllisinvegas: no kidding
rjchase222: phyllisinvegas where in Wisconsin?
rossija9: Moved here from WI
phyllisinvegas: Milwaukee
rjchase222: I came from Lodi WI LOL
rossija9: Madison for me
phyllisinvegas: my daughter has a stamp store in
rossija9: Wow 3 former Wisconsinites.
rjchase222: And where are u now rossija?
rossija9: Which one, Phyllis?
julia_dodge: I moved to Fla from Milwaukee
phyllisinvegas: and sells Kato clay too
phyllisinvegas: Stamping Jazzy Style
rjchase222: kewl will have to chk her out when I go
back there this summer
merrie60us: I have to go but I will be back later.
Have a great holiday to those who celebrate it.
phyllisinvegas: on east side
phyllisinvegas: Thierer Rd.
rjchase222: bbbbyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee
rossija9: Not familiar with it....  My parents still
live in WI, so I check things out.
bluebell5071: bye
phyllisinvegas: bye
merrie60us: bye
merrie60us has left the conference.

rossija9: I'm Mary H in Dublin/Columbsu Ohio, Raz
phyllisinvegas: kewl stop init is a great store
rossija9: Where abouts is it in Madison?
rjchase222: thanks Mary I "gotfor" your name!! LOL
norajean_sf: back
rossija9: LOL, Raz!
phyllisinvegas: 1719 Thierer Rd.
phyllisinvegas: it is in the East Town mall I believe
norajean_sf: brb, the roast duck is quacking at me....
rjchase222: yes I think your right on the east town
rjchase222: quack quack quack
phyllisinvegas: 249-4949
sybi98: back again
phyllisinvegas: call she will help with directions
rjchase222: if I have the addy I can find it used to
live in Madison & work there for many yrs
rossija9: East Towne, or right around there is right.
phyllisinvegas: ya that sounds like it
rjchase222: shld be back there early spring or late
fall to see my Mom & 2 sisters
phyllisinvegas: I want to get back again soon
rossija9: Didn't have much shopping time last visit as
Mom was n hospital.  I've written down the info & will
check it out next time I'm back
phyllisinvegas: but only in summer
phyllisinvegas: great
rjchase222: I also do stamping so this should be fun!!

phyllisinvegas: oh you will love her store then
rossija9: Me too...  though not as much stamping as
claying or knitting
phyllisinvegas: I am more of a stamper, but want to
hone up on clay
phyllisinvegas: used to knit and crochet like crazy
rjchase222: I've been using my stamps to stamp clay
phyllisinvegas: they are great for that
rossija9: Have you found a good stamping or claying
store in Vegas, Phyllis?
rjchase222: never got the hang of crocheting but do
phyllisinvegas: we lost two of our stores here
phyllisinvegas: we have one good one left
minimadness423: KathyL in Kentucky...wanna hear about
dad and the pickled beets?
julia_dodge: NJ is back
rossija9: I've got a friend who lives in Vegas, so I
could check them out next time I visit her.
rjchase222: here in CA they are dropping like flies!!
Can't find a decent stamp store or clay store to save
norajean_sf: ya, just settling in
rossija9: REally??
norajean_sf: got something to eat and fresh drinks
phyllisinvegas: a good clay place would be great
rjchase222: well then I don't have to worry about ya
for awhile then NJ :)
rossija9: My friend's into beading, so those are the
stores she knows.
phyllisinvegas: I like beads too
rossija9: I'm trying to avoid yet another hobby!
phyllisinvegas: lol i hear that one
rossija9: Though I don't think I'm going to be
successful -- a new bead store opened in my area....
I bought a book with bead & wire pins that I HAVE to
phyllisinvegas: some of those are gorgeous
phyllisinvegas: i have dabbled but nothing great yet
sybi98: <chuckles> I know the feeling
rjchase222: OOOOOOOO Mary figure it out & then teach
me!!! LOL
rossija9: LOL Raz
rossija9: I'm hoping to add to my butterfly
minimadness423: All you have to do is figure out a way
to incorporate beads into your PC then it isn't a new is just a variation of claying.
technically I only have one hobby as long as I can
justify and make a connection between miniatures,
needlework, sewing, PC, beading, etc....with that
connection no matter how thin, it is only one
rossija9: I'm also taking a painting class this Jan.
-- painting a mandala.
rossija9: LOL Kathy!
rjchase222: LMAO
phyllisinvegas: good way to look at it
rossija9: I think the connection for me will end up
being butterflies -- in clay, beads, fabric, paint....
 Think that'll work?
rossija9: LOL
phyllisinvegas: ever make some out of bow tie pasta?
phyllisinvegas: they make cute butterflies
rossija9: No, haven't tried that!
rossija9: I can see how they would....  Do you paint
phyllisinvegas: paint the pasta or emboss it add
anntenae and a body out of wire
phyllisinvegas: glitter or what have you for the wings
rjchase222: can ya post one of these pasta
rossija9: Hmmm...   :-?
phyllisinvegas: yes I can post one to my epson folder
when I find it
phyllisinvegas: check the epson account tomorrow
phyllisinvegas: phyllisinvegas is user name
rjchase222: great just post to COC u put a pic in your
epson folder!! Thanks!!
phyllisinvegas: ok will do that
rjchase222: OK
rjchase222: Thanks!!!
rossija9: Could make a "bowtie" out of a clay sheet...
phyllisinvegas: happy to oblige
phyllisinvegas: yes you could
rjchase222: OK Mary thats your challenge!!! :)
minimadness423: it all started with me in needlework
at age 8.  it went in to sewing...needle/thread still
one hobby...needlepoint, crewel, hardanger, drawn
work...all hooked on minis and for a
while I had two hobbies UNTIL I decided to miniaturize
my needlework...that's the it is back
to one hobby.  Now anything that goes into the mini
scenes is technically related to needlework via
miniatures.   creative folk can justify ANYthing
julia_dodge: bugs do not eat clay but they do eat
rossija9: OK...  I'll check the picture Phyllis posts
& see what I come up with...
phyllisinvegas: let me go see if I can find it now
rjchase222: k
sybi98: minimad: sounds like you are well into the 12
steps :)
rossija9: And I thought my challenge would be to
finishe my rainbow filigree frames tomorrow!
rossija9: LOL
rjchase222: LMAO right Mary!!! :)
minimadness423: I need 12 steps???? or I figured out
how to get around them???  LOL
julia_dodge: Santa didn't bring me any clay this
rossija9: Bad Santa!
sybi98: heheh, hubby and daughter are counting the
minutes til midnight and then they are going for the
julia_dodge: oh oh, stampeed !!
sybi98: this is the first year in many that we have
presents under the tree
sybi98: and it is torturing them >:)
sybi98: usually we gift when we feel like it during
the year - telling the person - happy bday or merry
xmas when we gift
julia_dodge: :x
phyllisinvegas: can't find it right now, but I will
scan one or two tomorrow and post it to my album
julia_dodge: that is what I do for myself too, gift me
all year
sybi98: minmad: practicing them
rossija9: thanks Phyllis!
phyllisinvegas: sure
rjchase222: I will chk often the next few day
phyllisinvegas: lol ok
phyllisinvegas: I will hurry
rjchase222: :)
minimadness423: as I recall...I'd have to admit there
is a problem...have problem...:D
sybi98: huh? thread? oh, oh, k got it - into sewing
sybi98: <i think>
minimadness423: yep...sewing and embroidery...working
on a 48 count piece of silk gauze
rossija9: wow, look at the coleus cane, it's looking
rjchase222: sort of looks like a fish NJ!!! heehee
rossija9: OMG -- I'd be blind!
sybi98: huh? is she working on it again? my cam froze
again then
minimadness423: NJ...put a head on that thing and it
could be a funkadelic dinosaur
minimadness423: reminds me of the ridges on the backs
of some of them
minimadness423: off to do more baking
sybi98: can i get a new invite to the cam? been
missing all the demo
rjchase222: we will send out an sos to NJ for ya
sybi98: <nods vigorously>
norajean_sf: Ok, there's a way to open my cam when I'm
spacing out
norajean_sf: go to my name on this list here in
norajean_sf: and click it so it highlights, then right
click on it and choose "view webcam"
norajean_sf: try that and see if it works for you
Sybelle My Belle
norajean_sf: Sybelle are you on PC or Mac?
sybi98: <chuckles> on a pc comcast - says server is
norajean_sf: right click here on this conference list
if you're on a PC
norajean_sf: well just rats
norajean_sf: keep on right clicking to view my webcam
from the list here and you'll get it
sybi98: NO RATS!!!!
You have invited sybi98 to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: ah oh Dead Rats
norajean_sf: LOL
rjchase222: OOOOOOOOOOO no not dead rats!!!!!!!!!!!
norajean_sf: Ok, I'm going to give an effort to
reducing this cane here.
phyllisinvegas: you want live ones?
bluebell5071: stanky!!
sybi98: ah, there it is again
norajean_sf: It's so experimental and I have no idea
if it's going to work out
norajean_sf: but nothing ventured, nothing gained
rjchase222: the fist of doom?
sybi98: uuuuhhh... big mama cane
phyllisinvegas: but it might be awesome anyway
phyllisinvegas: da fist of doom
phyllisinvegas: squash that baby down
sybi98: phylli: NO LIVE ONES - I GOT A CONDO FULL OF
sybi98: oppps sorry
phyllisinvegas: oh icky and double icky
sybi98: had the caps locked
phyllisinvegas: that was something to shout about
rjchase222: LMAO
sybi98: nora: you go girl
phyllisinvegas: lemme me see? lemme me see?
bluebell5071: that thing is looking good!
phyllisinvegas: well look at that will ya?
julia_dodge: by gumm, I think shes got it
rossija9: WOW
phyllisinvegas: amazing
phyllisinvegas: my mouth is hanging open
nndewbre: Oh my God, oh I am gonna love this stuff.
Heaven help me. I gotta go buy more clay.
rossija9: Another tute for the website!
phyllisinvegas: lol ain't it just bad?
sybi98: ok, i think she flattened the sliver of cane
and shaped it - is that right? my wecam image is very
sybi98: fuzzy even
phyllisinvegas: yes she shaped it
rossija9: yes, that's what she did
sybi98: gorgeous!
phyllisinvegas: trying to get the glare out
sybi98: ok, everbody clap!
phyllisinvegas: hip hip
bluebell5071: clap clap clap
julia_dodge: =D>
rossija9: =D>
debbie_in_nm: hhoorraayy
sybi98: =D>
rjchase222: yahoooooooooooooooo
nndewbre: hooraayy
norajean_sf: but I was sweating bullets
phyllisinvegas: =D>
norajean_sf: truth be known
rossija9: Take a bow, NJ!
phyllisinvegas: take two
bluebell5071: that is awesome
creationsbypat: very good
nndewbre: That is just awsome!!!
rjchase222: once again our fearless leader takes us to
new heights!!! :)
phyllisinvegas: there she goes
phyllisinvegas: horray
phyllisinvegas: the clay queen
sybi98: wooo hoooo!!!!!
rossija9: Give yourself a pat on the abck, even!
phyllisinvegas: but heaven forbid don't break that
clay arm
rjchase222: abck?? LMAO
rossija9: back...  you know typonese, Raz!
sybi98: conga line! abc kick!
rjchase222: I know just had to throw that in ya know!!
phyllisinvegas: wonderful wonderful
phyllisinvegas: wow that was a lot of work
rossija9: but worth it!
phyllisinvegas: and speedy gonzalez does it again
debbie_in_nm: so when NJ works with a cane, when she's
ready to reduce it, she cuts in half and works with
just one half?
norajean_sf: I'll take questions
phyllisinvegas: there's one
sybi98: i like that idea - that way you can see what
it was and what it became - zen like
phyllisinvegas: NJ magic
sybi98: nj: how long have you been doing this?
phyllisinvegas: and she is self taught ladies
norajean_sf: I reduce the cane and get a middle bit to
work with to make things
rossija9: I'm seeing a mini jungle with these leaves
hiding a shelter of some sort....
norajean_sf: why reduce the ends when storing a long
cane is a hassle
norajean_sf: storing squat big ends is easier, that's
the only reason why I do it this way
phyllisinvegas: oh that is a good point NJ
sybi98: ahhhh ... soooo ...
norajean_sf: Then how long I've been doing this, as
long as the clay list been around, 6 years
debbie_in_nm: That one would make an awesome natasha
norajean_sf: Oh Debbie, Let's Chop some of this
debbie_in_nm: woo hoo
norajean_sf: good thinking, some fat cane ends
norajean_sf: hold on
rossija9: Looks like a slice of brain....
phyllisinvegas: not mine that is for sure mine is all
gray matter
phyllisinvegas: like in dead
sybi98: are the cane slices too smal to go thru the
rossija9: WEll, color-enhanced, like those images from
brain scans...
phyllisinvegas: no you can put them through
sybi98: from a coleous to an elephant ears - different
colors of course
julia_dodge: good night everyone, my meds are kicking
my butt
phyllisinvegas: night Julia
phyllisinvegas: or Teddy
rjchase222: nite julia
rossija9: yes, or keep the coleus color & have fantasy
elephant ears
bluebell5071: bye
sybi98: ok julia, merry holiday!
julia_dodge has left the conference.

sybi98: watching the chop chop
sybi98: hmmm
debbie_in_nm: WOW
phyllisinvegas: that is going to be awesome
rjchase222: I just love to chop & then play around
twith the finished product!!
phyllisinvegas: thatis great fun
sybi98: argh!!!!! froze again in the sliver chop!
rjchase222: I'm getting really good at chop & toss but
canes well................
phyllisinvegas: ya canes are hard for me too
phyllisinvegas: oooooooooooooo
rjchase222: natasha bead!!!!!!!!!!!
sybi98: hmmm server busy
rjchase222: keep tryin sybi!!!
phyllisinvegas: that is a beautiful bead
bluebell5071: that is sooo pretty
sybi98: :(
phyllisinvegas: make me 400 of those NJ
phyllisinvegas: lol
rjchase222: lmao
rjchase222: only 399 to go!!!
phyllisinvegas: lol
phyllisinvegas: poor sybi
You have invited sybi98 to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: I'll hold it up for you Sybelle
sybi98: ahhhh cool
sybi98: incredible!
sybi98: thanks
norajean_sf: but my favorite chop is tiger cane
norajean_sf: let me get you that link
debbie_in_nm: That is so pretty
rjchase222: me thinks me is going to have to try my
hand at tiger canes!!! LOL
bluebell5071: well everybody I need to go so I will
say goodnight. Thanks, NJ, for such a fun time!
bluebell5071: bye all
norajean_sf: Nighty Night'
rjchase222: nite
norajean_sf: Merry Christmas
bluebell5071 has left the conference.

norajean_sf: I best save log
sybi98: great, bookmarked, thanks

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