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12-24-05-15: End of Christmas Eve Demo, Plans for Tomorrow

12-24-05 Demo Log Index
norajean_sf: I best save log
sybi98: great, bookmarked, thanks
norajean_sf: ok, back
norajean_sf: I think I like this cane
norajean_sf: now that I can sit back from it a bit
mommaclara2001 has left the conference.

norajean_sf: good thing that Coleus leaves come in so
many variations
norajean_sf: that if you get close to it, that's good
nndewbre: You think??? You think you like it??? Gimmie
a break. It is beautiful.
norajean_sf: While I'm doing something for the first
time I get nervous
norajean_sf: just like everybody, but I have 20 people
watching me sweat bullets
rjchase222: you nervous NJ??
norajean_sf: LOL
norajean_sf: sure, experimentation is always nerve
rjchase222: but we were sweating with ya just trying
to remember it all!!! :)
norajean_sf: Hey I'll have to examine my cane ends to
remember what I did
norajean_sf: tons of stuff happen like that
nndewbre: So to reduce that can did you just keep
stretching it out. I swear I was watching but somehow
I missed how it got smaller.
norajean_sf: like my favorite face tin
norajean_sf: can't remember how I did that
rossija9: Is that the tin with the abalone fold?
norajean_sf: I'd love to do that again, but can't
remember how I did do it the first time
phyllisinvegas: ooo I have one of those tins
norajean_sf: that's why I love screen shots done by
ClayMates, it helps me build tutorials
phyllisinvegas: it is awesome
norajean_sf: LOL
norajean_sf: you got one of the glittery ones, yes?
phyllisinvegas: yes
norajean_sf: the ruffle faced one
phyllisinvegas: yup
phyllisinvegas: love it
norajean_sf: That was an effort to do that aba fold
norajean_sf: she was sweet
norajean_sf: I'm beat, it's been 8 hours for me, I'll
take questions and chat for a bit
rossija9: Would you consider trying for the abalone
fold again?
norajean_sf: but I think I'm done claying for today
rossija9: Maybe tomorrow?
phyllisinvegas: that was great fun NJ
phyllisinvegas: thanks so much
rjchase222: yes my experiment with abalone didn't work
to well!!!
norajean_sf: Oh I will do an abalone fold again,
tomorrow if you want
rjchase222: OOOOOOOOO
phyllisinvegas: great want to see that one
norajean_sf: it's a good thing to experiment with and
I have a bit of pearl
rossija9: Cool!  When do you think you'll start?
norajean_sf: After noon for me, that's 3pm Eastern
norajean_sf: 8pm in London
rjchase222: I have to get more pearl used all mine
up!! heehee
phyllisinvegas: thaks again NJ I have to put supper on
the stove
norajean_sf: Shall we also do some face molds while
we're at it?
rossija9: OK.  I'll have plenty of time to get awake
by then!
phyllisinvegas: gotta run ladies
phyllisinvegas: night all
debbie_in_nm: yes face molds.
norajean_sf: See you Phyllis,
rossija9: Night Phyllis
debbie_in_nm: Nite
rjchase222: nite
phyllisinvegas has left the conference.

norajean_sf: ok, so tomorrow we'll do aba fold and
face molds, cover some tin
norajean_sf: how's that?
debbie_in_nm: Someone will take screenshots won't
they?  I have to be at my sisters tomorrow at that
rjchase222: Thanks NJ sure do appreciate this!!!
norajean_sf: Debbie I will always review things you
want when you do have time
norajean_sf: don't worry
debbie_in_nm: Thanks so much.  I've just discovered
sculpting and found that I love it
norajean_sf: I'm going to be doing weekly demos again
for 2006
creationsbypat: Thanks NJ hope to catch you again
night all
norajean_sf: Nighty night Pat
debbie_in_nm: That's wonderful
norajean_sf: Tahoo?
norajean_sf: Like Lake Tahoo?
norajean_sf: LOL
norajean_sf: LOL I'm still laughing
rossija9: Yahooooo
rjchase222: Well I'm tired almost my bedtime ya know!!
norajean_sf: Ok, Razma, get some rest
creationsbypat has left the conference.

norajean_sf: I'll see you on Christmas day
rossija9: See you all tomorrow!  Merry Christmas!
sybi98: so much to experiment with!
norajean_sf: I feel so Merry doing these demos on this
week end
debbie_in_nm: Happy holidays
rjchase222: Merry Christmas to ya all!!! And remember
Santa comes tonite cause I do believe in Santa!!
rjchase222: byyyyyye
norajean_sf: Merry Christmas everyone
sybi98: bye
norajean_sf: God Bless us One and All
rjchase222 has left the conference.

debbie_in_nm: Amen
rossija9 has left the conference.

norajean_sf: You know what's nice, none of my family
complained about my doing the marathon this week end
sybi98: that's cool
debbie_in_nm: That's so nice of them
norajean_sf: they know it's important for me to be
assured that all of you have some place to come to if
you don't have visitors or aren't traveling.
norajean_sf: it is nice of them, they put up with a
norajean_sf: but they also know that all of you are
part of my family in my heart
norajean_sf: so for me, it's visiting with my clay
debbie_in_nm: <sniff>  That's so sweet
norajean_sf: being Merry
norajean_sf: the only thing I can give to all of you
is what I know
wingsbe2: Thanks NJ and your family too!
sybi98: i like a "family" (whether blood or not) that
lets you be who you are
norajean_sf: it's a gift you can give to others
norajean_sf: Hey Sybelle, I hear you, that's why I'm
here and not arguing with my real family
norajean_sf: who are all stressed to the tits around
this time of year
norajean_sf: hair standing on end
sybi98: yeah, aren't they?
norajean_sf: it makes me tired
debbie_in_nm: In the past year since I've been a
member of this family, I have taken NJ's philosophy to
the other areas of my life & it feels good.
norajean_sf: thanks Debbie, my goal is to share what
works for me to be peaceful and stay creative
norajean_sf: which makes us less stressed
norajean_sf: so we will all live longer and have more
time to hang out together
norajean_sf: yeah, that's the ticket
debbie_in_nm: I have paid everything forward every
chance I get.  I share what I have every chance I get.
 And surprisingly enough I feel better & less stressed
during the whole year
wingsbe2: I need to go now, thanks again....hope to
sign on Sunday too.  Nite All   Mary in INdy
debbie_in_nm: And I have you to thank NJ.
norajean_sf: It works, but I'll have to admit that I
learned it from others so I'm paying foward.
debbie_in_nm: Like a big beautiful circle
sybi98: nite mary in indy
debbie_in_nm: Nite Mary
nndewbre: Well you certainly have a wonderful gift NJ.
Thank you for sharing it. I'm off to bed. Will try to
catch some of the action tomorrow.
wingsbe2: Thanks everyone see ya
merrie60us has joined the conference.

norajean_sf: Nighty Night Mary, Merry Christmas
sybi98: nite nnedebre
merrie60us: Are you doing this tomorrow?
nndewbre has left the conference.

norajean_sf: Merrie, we're winding down, and just
chatting. Aba fold, face molds and covering tins for
merrie60us: Is the webcam on can I see the finished
wingsbe2 has left the conference.

norajean_sf: closed cam and went invisible
merrie60us: goodnight thank you
norajean_sf: so I won't get asked for invites because
I'm beat and just chilling
merrie60us has left the conference.

sybi98: hehehe, my eyesight is going! i keep seeing
the word "just" as "fust" - keep trying to figure out
what fust is
norajean_sf: What the fust is going  on?
norajean_sf: we'll have to make that a COC word.
norajean_sf: Oh get the fust out of here!  Hold the
sybi98: <grrrrrrrrrrrins>
norajean_sf: LOL
norajean_sf: Well Ladies, I'm going to clear off my
work table
sybi98: like foobar for the army huh?
norajean_sf: I got web work to do to capture what
we've done and pages to build before I go to bed
norajean_sf: exactly
sybi98: ok, well good night then, and thanks for yur
norajean_sf: So God Willing I'll see you tomorrow if
you have free time
norajean_sf: Hey, it's my pleasure
norajean_sf: good company for me
sybi98: good night
norajean_sf: so nighty night, everyone. Rest up and
I'll see you tomorrow if you can make it.
norajean_sf: xoxo

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