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12-26-05-03: Layered Natasha Bead

12-26-05 Demo Log Index

norajean_sf: Ok, I'm going to take the coleus leaf and
the leaf cane that were made this week end
norajean_sf: and do a layered Natasha bead with them.
norajean_sf: But first I need to save log
norajean_sf: you all can pop to the loo, get some food
and drink and we'll meet back here in 10 minutes
leasbeadheaven: ok. brb
rschneiter1963: okey doke
blank274 has left the conference.

norajean_sf: back
rschneiter1963: ok
norajean_sf: chime in folks so I know you're back too
rschneiter1963: ding
norajean_sf: LOL
norajean_sf: perfect
babasbunja: here
Yahoo! Messenger: hlynn1975 has declined to join and
sent:  No, thank you.
kamoe23: jep
merrie60us: back
leasbeadheaven: i'm back
norajean_sf: ok, that's a majority
norajean_sf: Earlier I was asked if I use the food
processor to chop the clay for these beads
norajean_sf: sometimes, but not always.
norajean_sf: I prefer to chop them with a tissues
rschneiter1963: when you chop how fine?
norajean_sf: Check this picture please..
curika1 has joined the conference.

curika1: Hi!
merrie60us: cool
merrie60us: Hi
You have invited curika1 to view your webcam.

curika1: thanks for asking me :)
norajean_sf: I just asked folks to look at this link
norajean_sf: this is what we're going to do with the
coleus leaf and the green leaf from this week end
merrie60us: oh good
merrie60us: should turn out nice
curika1: definitely~
norajean_sf: to do this sort of layered chop bead...
norajean_sf: and I'll start  now that you've looked at
those pages.
merrie60us: I just want to let you know that in 30
minutes I have to go drive carpool and will be back
curika1: k
merrie60us: cutting colius cane into slices
merrie60us: not too thin...the slices
curika1: about 1/8 or 1/4"?
norajean_sf: You know I don't measure stuff
norajean_sf: LOL
curika1: lol
merrie60us: probably does not matter
curika1: rofl
melodyhill2000 has joined the conference.

merrie60us: now cutting leaf cane into slices
You have invited melodyhill2000 to view your webcam.

curika1: wish I could get my head out of measuring
stuff lol - (a little on the anal side :o)
seafibers has left the conference.

merrie60us: makes life a lot easier and get more
surprises when don't measure exactly
merrie60us: I used to be like that no more
curika1: i know
merrie60us: two piles of chop
curika1: that's why i wish i wasn't like that... it's
so hard to learn to undo that in me, you know?
curika1: i'm getting there - kind of lol
merrie60us: yes I understand took me many many years
merrie60us: but remember hand made is not machine made
and has imperfections
merrie60us: that is part of its beauty
rschneiter1963: what is she doing now?
kamoe23: God to hear that
merrie60us: mixing chop
curika1: yes... ok, just putting it on top...
curika1: ahhh, not just on top
norajean_sf: ok just compress to get the air out
curika1: k
norajean_sf: don't twist, pull, stretch or anything
other then compress the air out
merrie60us: green on top and  other cane on bottom
norajean_sf: we want to keep the design elements to
stay true
merrie60us: hmmm
curika1: that's what i thought... cool
merrie60us: compress air means to push right
norajean_sf: cut in half
merrie60us: width wise
curika1: cpp;
norajean_sf: and stack
curika1: cool
melodyhill2000: what is she making?
merrie60us: what iscpp?
norajean_sf: and continue to compress
merrie60us: a chop bead
rschneiter1963: how y ou kinow you got the air out?
merrie60us: is it sort of compressing pushing?
rschneiter1963: dont know
curika1: yes - evenly all over
merrie60us: thanks
curika1: yw :)
curika1: i love your pc mind, nj :)  you are so
original!  One day... one day... lol
norajean_sf: Now I'll cut this, ideally you're going
to cut a block that's going to be the size of your
merrie60us: ooh
norajean_sf: but I'm going to do it larger than usual
so you can see
merrie60us: can't wait to see
curika1: that's so pretty
merrie60us: love the colors
curika1: oh, wow!
norajean_sf: you could make a pendant if you stopped
curika1: that's beautiful!
norajean_sf: but we're going to cut both halves again
norajean_sf: and open them like a book
merrie60us: love it
curika1: kind of like a natasha bead?
norajean_sf: It is a Natasha bead but with a
curika1: look at that!  especially the one on the
norajean_sf: we use our best canes
norajean_sf: we don't twist the clay
rschneiter1963: see them tiny holes?
curika1: that's probably the diff, why mine don't look
so good
rschneiter1963: how do you fix that?
curika1: yes
norajean_sf: we layer the different cane chop
norajean_sf: Hold on Ladies, we're not done yet
merrie60us: just love it
rschneiter1963: ok
curika1: me too :)
curika1: i'm not going anywhere lol
norajean_sf: we take these two halves and put them
back to back and the sides will match up, then you'll
have four mirror images
rschneiter1963: I am jsut trying to get white not to
mix with red lol
curika1: oh wow
leasbeadheaven: wow. those colors are real intense
curika1: that doesn't occur with the natasha beads
curika1: - not 4 mirror images like that
rschneiter1963: what she doing now?
curika1: evening it out
curika1: getting rid of bumps etc
curika1: beuatiful
rschneiter1963: ok
merrie60us: I can't wait to see this finished
curika1: and seams
curika1: llok at that!
curika1: that's gorgeous!
melodyhill2000: natasha beads should work out this way
if you cut them the same way
merrie60us: I always have trouble blending the seams
merrie60us: coming out very nice
curika1: that really takes patience
merrie60us: hmmm patience something I am lacking a lot
merrie60us: trying to get more
curika1: me too... but it's another thing i'm working
on lol
merrie60us: :D
norajean_sf: ok, that's it
curika1: beautiful!
curika1: i love it
merrie60us: very nice
rschneiter1963: I am still working on air bubbles lol
but it is pretty NJ
melodyhill2000: very pretty!
kamoe23: Looks very nice
leasbeadheaven: me too!
babasbunja: spectacular
merrie60us: colors are so beautiful
norajean_sf: From here I'll take it off this turkey
skewer and put it on the bamboo skewer where it will
be cured, wet sanded, a finished applied and then
stored until I want to string it
curika1: the big thing to remember is no twisting!!!
merrie60us: I like it better than the natasha
merrie60us: more control
kamoe23: Will be my next project;;)
curika1: me too
rschneiter1963: when you take if off this skewer and
put it on the other to cure
merrie60us: me three
rschneiter1963: do you put them on a rack in the oven?
curika1: so you use your best canes with this - NOT
scraps at all, right?
norajean_sf: it stands to reason that if you use your
best cane
norajean_sf: the result will be better than if you
used scraps
norajean_sf: but this is one way to redeem bad cane
curika1: true...
melodyhill2000: is this a "bad" cane-looks good to me
nndewbre has joined the conference.

merrie60us: how much do you mix up the cut up canes
You have invited nndewbre to view your webcam.

merrie60us: a lot or not much
norajean_sf: Merrie, you eyeball it
merrie60us: or does not matter
curika1: doesn't look like she's mixing them up to me
- just pushing them together
rschneiter1963: what is she doing now? smoothing?
nndewbre: hello everyone
rschneiter1963: hi
curika1: yes, and compressing it all
curika1: hi
leasbeadheaven: hi
curika1: shaping it
norajean_sf: ok, what if you need a lot of little
norajean_sf: do you want to be doing the natasha
construction on a bunch of little beads
norajean_sf: just to make yourself crazy?
curika1: rofl
curika1: so... what DO you DO? lol
countrylady100ca has joined the conference.

You have invited countrylady100ca to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: you do a natasha contruction on a log
curika1: hi
norajean_sf: Yeah Sonya it worked!
countrylady100ca: Thanks
norajean_sf: What I'm showing here is the Natasha Log
curika1: it's beautiful
norajean_sf: Check those out to see some Natasha logs,
how big the bead depends on how much of the log you
cut off
norajean_sf: simplify your life
norajean_sf: reduce clay stress
norajean_sf: Now I'm going to take this tiger chop and
do a tiger natasha log
countrylady100ca: I image it might look like NJ Angel
curika1: making sure it's aligned correctly
merrie60us: be back in about a half hour hope you are
still here.
curika1: k bye
nndewbre: Oh man, I just looked at the ones on the
website and thought "how does she get that pattern". I
don't think of the simple solution. Shoot.
curika1: lol
norajean_sf: now let's cut some beads off of this
natasha log
norajean_sf: just pinch one end first, then cut
norajean_sf: now we cut
norajean_sf: now we skewer
melodyhill2000: i've never thought about making a long
long for multiple beads-i always make one bead at a
norajean_sf: now we form the other end
curika1: me too melody
curika1: this is so much simpler
melodyhill2000: yes-can't wait to try
curika1: so, pinch, cut, skewer, shape, pinch cut
skewer shape
curika1: cool
leasbeadheaven: i love this technique. will have to
give it a try
curika1: me too!
nndewbre: Now I have to hurry up and do some projects
so I can get some scrap so I can do a bead
norajean_sf: Easy Breezy Ladies
norajean_sf: keep your life simple
curika1: no chit! lol
norajean_sf: With keeping the beads on the bamboo
skewer we don't have piles of loose beads rolling
leasbeadheaven: has anyone used the bead rollers? or
are they not necessary?
norajean_sf: we can pick designs and colors that go
together while they are still on the skewer
curika1: i've got some... too hard to use -
norajean_sf: make natasha logs and cut off as much
bead you need in that color family
curika1: cuz of trying to figure out the EXACT amount
of clay to put on them
norajean_sf: As for bead rollers...
curika1: crap i think lol
norajean_sf: Some folks have the money to spend on
extra tools
curika1: and they sit in the ;drawers
norajean_sf: My tutes and techniques assume we're  all
as broke as the Ten Commandments
norajean_sf: we don't have extra money to spend
outside of clay
curika1: lol  we ARE!
leasbeadheaven: i love that philosophy!
norajean_sf: also that we're so busy we don't know
whether to piss or go blind
curika1: rofl
nndewbre: I like the way you think NJ
norajean_sf: so we got to have techniques that are
cheap and easy
curika1: why haven't you written a book yet?
norajean_sf: LOL
curika1: you have it all on all your web sites!
leasbeadheaven: do you put it in the toater while on
the bamboo skewers? don't they burn?
norajean_sf: it's free on the website
leasbeadheaven: i mean toaster
norajean_sf: I use the kitchen oven.
curika1: lol nj
curika1: i do too
curika1: nope - as long as it's 275 won't burn
leasbeadheaven: great!
melodyhill2000: hate to chime in here-but i have all
the bead rollers and i do like them-but only for the
special shapes-round is easier to do with my hands
nndewbre: She doesn't have time to write a book she
has to do demo's.:)
curika1: how do you get EXACT amt of clay?
norajean_sf: If one is scared to use the kitchen oven
then I do suggest using oven bags, the kind that you
can do a roast in
curika1: i use a roasting pan with a lid
norajean_sf: Melody, if you find the bead rollers
handy that's great
norajean_sf: I can't assume that those who visit my
site have the extra resources for tools.
norajean_sf: The most expensive tool I use are
curika1: i've tried the rollers - takes too long
trying to figure out the clay -
norajean_sf: or the pasta machine and food processor,
both of which were got either free or on sale
curika1: mine too
leasbeadheaven: i've inherited an old toaster from my
son's apartment thats too cruddy looking for him to
norajean_sf: I'm not saying that bead rollers aren't
useful, I'm sure they are
curika1: except - i have pre-ordered for the new
teflon pasta machine
curika1: it's going to go for $49.99
nndewbre: what are clay shapers, tools like the one
you shaped the holly leaf with?
melodyhill2000: i play around until i get a bead that
is just right-then i weigh it on a postal scale and
then duplicate that amount.  of course it might be
easier if i would write each one down and not have to
reinvent the wheel each time LOL
curika1: lol
curika1: that's an idea, melody... lol
norajean_sf: I use the clayshapers and tissue blades a
curika1: i don't know what i'd do without my
curika1: white, black and gray - each color represents
a different hardness/softness
norajean_sf: they were expensive for my budget but I
couldn't get around them
norajean_sf: it took me a year to find a pasta machine
on sale
curika1: well, i only have 3
nndewbre: That looks kinda like my "wipe out" tool for
norajean_sf: the big black one is a color shaper and
is hard tipped
rschneiter1963 has left the conference.

curika1: i've never found one at good will, or garage
sales, but lots of people have
vlady6us has joined the conference.

You have invited vlady6us to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: Hey Sandie
nndewbre: what do you  mean "color shaper"??
vlady6us: hi everyone. thanks nj.
vlady6us: i fell asleep
norajean_sf: Color shapers are for moving paint
norajean_sf: I use it to move large hunks of clay when
curika1: i never knew that... just thought they were
for clay shaping, and to make seamless
curika1: lol
norajean_sf: just like we don't use a shot gun to
shoot a fly or a tooth pick to move an elephant, we
need the right size tool for the job
curika1: lol yep
norajean_sf: I've broken off the top of small clay
shapers moving large hunks of clay for sculpting
vlady6us: thats not
curika1: lol
norajean_sf: I got to save log, top of the hour, good
time for a stretch to avoid numb bums
norajean_sf: brb

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