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12-26-05-04a: Half Round Chop for Pendants

12-26-05 Demo Log Index

norajean_sf: I got to save log, top of the hour, good
time for a stretch to avoid numb bums
norajean_sf: brb
curika1: especially for how much they cost! lol
melodyhill2000: any of my friends will tell you i am
the queen of "stuff" i'm a victim of OCD-and i don't
sleep well unless i know i have everything i might
curika1: k - going to kitchen
nndewbre: But I don't understand the word "color" in
there? Guess I don't understand how you are going to
"move paint". I'll get there.
curika1: i'm kind of like that too, melody - at least,
used to be... slowing down now (now that i have almost
everything, that is lol)
babasbunja: hey sandie, had a nap, lucky you, rested
now of course
curika1: to blend paint, i think
vlady6us: i feel like ive been drugged bernie
vlady6us: must have slept really hard
babasbunja: my hubby feels the same way after all the
company and work was over
vlady6us: my hubby left out this morning. wished he
had one more day at home
babasbunja: they gave us today and tomorrow off, so i
feel lucky
vlady6us: oh wow bernie. thats so cool
vlady6us: now u can play a bit
babasbunja: yeah, i'm finally getting to clay, yeah
vlady6us: yippee
vlady6us: i havent made a thing since last week
babasbunja: i'm making some pendants for friends
vlady6us: thats nice of you
vlady6us: im gonna start conditioning in just a min.
here. need 3 large s. blends
curika1: i made a dragon pendant from cf friesen's
project book - turned out pretty good, i think, tho
not as detailed as hers
melodyhill2000: we built a house last summer and i
kept the trailer we were living in for a studio. kiln
and lampworking tools in one bedroom-clay in the
kitchen, scrapbooking and rubber stamping in the
living room and sewing in the other bedroom
vlady6us: oh wow curika. thats way cool
babasbunja: gosh golly gee, blushing here
vlady6us: wow u r so lucky melody
curika1: that's only the 3rd time i've "sculpted" so
to speak
babasbunja: you know i don't usually do jewelry, so
this is a stretch
curika1: wow... i'd love to have a studio like that
vlady6us: well way cool curika
leasbeadheaven: wow melody. I'm so jealous!
vlady6us: yeah i knw that bernie
curika1: ty vlady... i'm jealous too! lol
babasbunja: did you get your cam up yet sandie?
vlady6us: lol..i at least have a pretty good size room
to clay in. and have puter too
vlady6us: yeah i did bernie
babasbunja: oh boy
nndewbre: Me too, jealous. I thought I was lucky
having one room.
babasbunja: i feel a clay along coming on
vlady6us: i still need to figure out where to put it
for demo purposes
babasbunja: i still don't have a great set up
vlady6us: i just need a bigger room nndewbre
curika1: my room is 10 x 10, with the puter in it
too... but i did build a 2 tiered, 6-1/2 foot each,
work table, with my jig saw - all by myself lol
melodyhill2000: i was also lucky enough to be able to
go to work part time this year so that I could devote
more time to art-believe me it's been a long time
coming-i'm 51
vlady6us: wow. im impressed curika
vlady6us: im retired melody so i clay when ever i want
curika1: ty - i was too! lol  didn't think it would
turn out, but that sucker is SOLID lol
curika1: i'm retired too
curika1: didn't even have to bolt it to the wall :)
vlady6us: thats so cool curika. i want to get rid of
my desk and make two large tables
melodyhill2000: me too, curika. i have to rely on my
son and husband to "build"
vlady6us: i have a tv in here too. everything cept a
curika1: but, now i have no room to clay on, it's so
full lol
vlady6us: room is totally trashed
curika1: me too, a 13" with my vcr so i can watch the
videos and pause them
curika1: mine is too vlady lol
vlady6us: lol
babasbunja: mine is finally in order, won't be for
curika1: every now and then i clean it, but in 1/2 day
it's a mess again lol
vlady6us: how well i know how that goes bernie
curika1: yep... that's how us clayers are lol
vlady6us: i really need to just clean off the top of
the desk so i can work
vlady6us: hey challenge project never made
it to leigh and stephen
nndewbre: I have two folding tables put together in
the middle of the room and storage racks and file
cabinets all around the walls....
curika1: son moved out so now im going to take things
I don't need immed and put them in that room
vlady6us: oh way neat nndewbre
melodyhill2000: i'm actually retired too-i retired
from the army 11 years ago i teach now from 8-11
everyday, come home, nap, and then do art until 10 or
11 at night
vlady6us: good for u curika
curika1: wow nndew
nndewbre: and loads and loads of unfinished painting
vlady6us: good hours melody
babasbunja: oh no sandie
curika1: what do you teach?
vlady6us: oh yes bernie
babasbunja: makes me sick
curika1: me to vlady...
vlady6us: i have to go to PO tomorrow to find out
where it went
vlady6us: i quit painting when i found p. clay
vlady6us: me too bernie. i was so disappointed
curika1: that's too bad... maybe it'll still turn up
curika1: me too!
vlady6us: even if it does its to late curika
nndewbre: I think I may have a problem now too. So
many things to do, so little time
babasbunja: i'm hurting for you
curika1: awwww
vlady6us: ty bernie....
curika1: me too :(
babasbunja: that's why i like to send the pics only
vlady6us: lol lnn
vlady6us: lol nn
vlady6us: well i did insure it really well
curika1: darned po
melodyhill2000: i teach reading to 7th graders-this
year i am usually teaching reading and language arts
or some combo in the middle school
vlady6us: yes...
curika1: they should be able to track it then
vlady6us: neat melody
curika1: that is so cool melody
vlady6us: yeah they should...and it might still get
there before challenge ends
curika1: yes
melodyhill2000: i do seem to be in a very good place
in my life right now-God really is good
vlady6us: only thing is. the voting has already
curika1: i went to clayquest in georgia? on way back
they took my tool kit - the jeweler's pliers, etc? And
mailed it me - cost $8
curika1: that was Nov 14th
vlady6us: thats so neat to hear melody
curika1: It arrived last Thursday!
curika1: thru the PO
vlady6us: oh wow curika. no excuse for that
curika1: thought it was lost...
nndewbre: where was clayquest in Georgia?
curika1: so, maybe that's what's happening with yours
curika1: St Mary's
vlady6us: im gonna try to find out tomorrow
curika1: flew into Jacksonville Fl, rented car - about
a 30 min drive to St Mary's
nndewbre: Oh wow, barely Georgia. :)
curika1: yes... quaint little town
vlady6us: just over the state line from fl.
curika1: yes
babasbunja: yeah, and folks can only vote once, so
we'll have to find more folks, LOL
curika1: ROFL
vlady6us: right bernie
curika1: but it took what?  6 weeks?
vlady6us: unless they just cancel the votes they have
so far
curika1: ROFL
melodyhill2000: now i'm jealous, curika i really
wanted to go-but decided i might need another bead
roller! LOL
nndewbre: My mother used to work for Gilman paper
company in St. Mary's
curika1: ROFL melody
norajean_sf: back
vlady6us: wb nj
norajean_sf: got my dishes washed
vlady6us: so nice you could join us...LOL
norajean_sf: and took out the garbage
curika1: i had so much fun - it was the 'hightlite' of
my pc life
curika1: yay - you can take out mine and do my dishes
next :)
vlady6us: i need to take garbage out but its gonna
wait til tomorrow
norajean_sf: There was a question about the color
shaper and moving paint.
nndewbre: yes, me
vlady6us: way cool curika
curika1: of course, i've only been claying 1 yr lol
norajean_sf: The black tipped tool in the cam picture
is a tool that was originally meant to be used for
curika1: not much of a life yet lol
vlady6us: then u did a good thing. all those people to
learn from
norajean_sf: it's a color shaper, and they move paint
with it. I use it for clay.
curika1: color shaper to blend paint with?
nndewbre: Ah Hah! Ok, I know what it is now. Couldn't
figure out why you were calling it a color shaper.
norajean_sf: The color shaper was made for painters. I
use it for clay.
norajean_sf: Because you can't find this size tip with
Clay Shapers
norajean_sf: also it's a hard tip, clay shapers have
soft tips
nndewbre: Great, I already have one
vlady6us: in a store here they have t hem..all in clay
dept too nj...
norajean_sf: I wanted a firmer, larger tool, to do the
rough draft with sculpting
curika1: but... with paint, was it to blend paint
with, or use instead of a brush?  not quite
norajean_sf: Have you ever seen pallet knife painting?
curika1: yes
curika1: ahhhh
curika1: ok
norajean_sf: where instead of a brush the artist uses
a pallet knife
curika1: yes
norajean_sf: same thing, different tool
curika1: i see... thanks
norajean_sf: Ok, I have something I want to show you
all that is in line with what we've been doing today.
curika1: so do you prefer in sculpting, using that,
over some of the dental type tools, too?
nndewbre: I think of it as more of a color eraser. You
can wipe out oil paint with it.
norajean_sf: Clay shapers for sculpting is my
curika1: k
norajean_sf: Check that half round page please and
I'll get some cane to chop to show you how it's done.
curika1: OMG... that's all your scrap clay?
norajean_sf: I make canes just to chop them up.
curika1: wow
norajean_sf: I started out with my cane ends and scrap
and moved to using the best canes I can make
curika1: that makes sense, especially with that
technique you developed
curika1: that is so pretty
nndewbre: Are those all beads? Are they fired or soft?
norajean_sf: Let's use the coleus and leaf cane of
this week end.
vlady6us: ok
norajean_sf: which beads? The ones I showed earlier?
nndewbre: No, on the web page, those buckets of stuff
norajean_sf: the buckets are filled with raw chop
norajean_sf: everything on that page is raw
norajean_sf: and this technique is good for pendants
norajean_sf: or round beads when you want to have a
similar feel to all the beads, but different designs
in the color families.
nndewbre: OK, I see now, after second look. Then you
put those pieces together to make what you want
nndewbre: Were those little tomatoes??
leasbeadheaven: do you have a link for the coleus? I
was away when you went over that yesterday
norajean_sf: Make a half round loaf with chop, and
then two slices make a whole round
vlady6us: its magic nndewbre
Yahoo! Messenger: kissmystamp has declined to join and
sent:  No, thank you.
curika1: yes, i was going to ask for that link too
nndewbre: I believe it vlady
curika1: ty
vlady6us: if u havent seen it done before nn..your
little eye balls are gonna just pop

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