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12-26-05-07: Break Chat, Madleen's art work, discussing mini food

12-26-05 Demo Log Index
norajean_sf: saving log
madleend: just the opening picture is interesting ...
will check out site more completely later
vlady6us: ok
leasbeadheaven: well, I gtg pack. hubby & I are
leavign for Puerto Rico in the AM. NJ, thanks so much.
Everyone have a great New Years!
norajean_sf: WOW
norajean_sf: Have a great time
madleend: nite lea ... have a good trip! and hurry
vlady6us: nite lea
norajean_sf: pack that sun screen
norajean_sf: wear a hat
norajean_sf: LOL
madleend: and the clay!!!
norajean_sf: I sound like a mom
creationsbypat: how long will you be doing demo this
evening NJ?
norajean_sf: For another couple of hours, Pat
leasbeadheaven: i was just about to say, thanks
vlady6us: lol
leasbeadheaven: nite everyone!
leasbeadheaven has left the conference.

creationsbypat: hubby says we have to do an errand and
I was hoping your guys would be here later when we get
norajean_sf: Check in, my intention is to do weekly
demos for 2006
creationsbypat: I would rather stay home
norajean_sf: this is the kick off to the return of
regular demos
creationsbypat: wonderful!
merrie60us: YEAH YEAH=D>
merrie60us: =D>
norajean_sf: so if you miss anything I'll repeat stuff
madleend: that's so great !!!
bluebell5071: wow it is great!!
creationsbypat: ok catch ya later, maybe tonight,
thanks much
vlady6us: night pat
merrie60us: What do you do about the size of the tube
bead hole? anything?
creationsbypat: nite all
norajean_sf: Ya I was fershimmled this year and was
inconsistent with demos, but I got things caught up
and organized so I can do demos again on a weekly
merrie60us: g nite
norajean_sf: See ya later Pat
madleend: nite pat
merrie60us: talking too much yiddish
norajean_sf: The inside of the tube bead is wider than
the holes at the end
merrie60us: :)
madleend: any reason?
norajean_sf: It's Hilda's fault
vlady6us: lol
norajean_sf: I pick up the Yiddish from her
creationsbypat has left the conference.

merrie60us: I have been teaching it to my son a lost
merrie60us: amongst many
norajean_sf: we kibitz all the time when I'm
schlepping stuff for her.
vlady6us: are u working right now nj? or is my screen
madleend: nj ... i think there's a little schmutz on
the side of the penny LOL
norajean_sf: I'm typing so the webcam won't be moving
vlady6us: good for you merrie
vlady6us: oh ty nj
merrie60us: nothing is moveing on the screen
norajean_sf: can't type and move stuff on the screen
at the same time, wish I had more arms, or an
vlady6us: more arms...
madleend: you taking resumes?
vlady6us: lol mad
norajean_sf: no pay unfortunately and I'd need someone
right here attached to my hip, so I don't think it is
going to happen any time soon
madleend: lol
madleend: the commute would be a killer anyway !
norajean_sf: we should discuss what will be done next
merrie60us: good idea
norajean_sf: I've reviewed the chop method today and
for those who came in recently
norajean_sf: there are three sections
norajean_sf: that one
babasbunja: i haven't done any demos in months, work
keeps getting in the way
wwpeabody has joined the conference.

norajean_sf: and
vlady6us: hi wanda
merrie60us: Hi Wanda
You have invited wwpeabody to view your webcam.

wwpeabody: Hi
norajean_sf: Peabody, we're just figuring out what to
do next.
norajean_sf: got any ideas?
merrie60us: How about mini food
norajean_sf: vote on it folks
madleend: sounds like someone's hungry!
wwpeabody: lol,not tooooo many but non pertaining to
morganalilith387: my primary interest is mini food, so
i vote YES!!!!!!!   :-D
vlady6us: yes
norajean_sf: Ok, two for mini food
wwpeabody: mini food is good
madleend: fine with me
norajean_sf: three, four, five
merrie60us: I have never tried the mini food but think
I would like to
bluebell5071: fine with me
norajean_sf: ok,
merrie60us: good for me
norajean_sf: Now we got to figure out what sort of
mini food. I'll get my mini food cane stash and bring
it to the table
wwpeabody: lemons plz
merrie60us: NJ how do you warm up your older canes to
merrie60us: cabbage
merrie60us: lettuce
merrie60us: lemons
vlady6us: oranges
vlady6us: tomatoes
wwpeabody: don't know
curika1: i need to stretch and get in the bathtub to
warm the old legs and feet up... ty all - have to be
going tho.  thanks loads, nj - appreciate it!!! :)
curika1: catch you all next time, ok?  HAVE FUN! :)
wwpeabody: bye Mary
bluebell5071: bye curika
madleend: bye mary
vlady6us: bye mary
babasbunja: bye
curika1: bye everyone... see you later... belated
happy holidays :)
curika1 has left the conference.

wwpeabody: I can't stay to long myself I take off
tomorrow with hubby in the big truck will be gone a
vlady6us: mine left to day wanda
norajean_sf: Gone a month?
wwpeabody: where headed
vlady6us: have a great time wanda
vlady6us: arkansas for wednesday
wwpeabody: I will ya awhole month NJ
norajean_sf: put the list on "No Mail"?
norajean_sf: or have an over full in box?
norajean_sf: or do you have computer access?
vlady6us: does he run all 48 wanda?
merrie60us: WOW Look at all those canes
norajean_sf: these are the mini food canes
norajean_sf: most of them years old
norajean_sf: and how I reheat them ... gosh it's so
silly, I tuck them under my "floppies"
norajean_sf: shhhhh
madleend: how long can they last and be usable?
norajean_sf: don't tell anyone
wwpeabody: no dispatch yet so dont know where we are
headed,might have access I,m wireless but i'm going no
mail to be safe
merrie60us: I think they can last forever as long as
you are able to rewarm them to
merrie60us: cause the pvc to re whatever
norajean_sf: I just have to remember I have a cane
tucked under my breast and not go wash dishes or
wwpeabody: lol your floppies
madleend: rofl
vlady6us: i have to stick mine under my
vlady6us: lol nj
merrie60us: do you wrap them
merrie60us: or leave them unwrapped?
bluebell5071: oh my gosh
norajean_sf: they have falled out when I forget they
are there, could loose a wallet under there
norajean_sf: wrapped in plastic wrap
bluebell5071: I gotta try that
merrie60us: some of my old canes just cracked and were
norajean_sf: James has gotten a surprise a couple of
times copping a feel
wwpeabody: =))
norajean_sf: "Yikes, what's THAT?"
vlady6us: lol nj
norajean_sf: oops sorry honey
merrie60us: so I try not to keep them too long
madleend: that'll teach him!
bluebell5071: lol thats so funny
merrie60us: lol
norajean_sf: LOL
norajean_sf: such is the life with a clayer
merrie60us: How many years have you been claying?
bluebell5071: I have learned so much this weekend
merrie60us: great
norajean_sf: how I warm up sheets that have cane
slices pressed on them already is slap the sheet on my
norajean_sf: 6 years  now
merrie60us: you are so good
merrie60us: so practical and talented
norajean_sf: but that's 6 years every day. Some folks
only get to clay on the week end, aren't driven by the
demo requests, so I think I might have covered a
little more ground being able to focus on it a lot.
madleend: ok ... that means i have 5 1/2 yrs to become
practical and talented ...
norajean_sf: oh it'll take you less time
norajean_sf: you don't have to repeat my errors
merrie60us: no have to double NJ since she does it
everyday all day long
madleend: aw shucks ...
norajean_sf: get lost, chew on the pencil eraser
wondering what's going on
vlady6us: but you are doing so good mad
madleend: i work full time and clay about 5 days/week
madleend: thanks sandie :">
merrie60us: you are lucky I work two jobs have a child
alone and clay when I can squeeze it in
vlady6us: your work is very good mad
norajean_sf: you'll go quicker because you have my
Easy Breezy Tutes
merrie60us: that is for sure
norajean_sf: I found ways to save us time because I
needed to find faster and easier ways of doing things
norajean_sf: also there were tutorials that were just
not out there, like the mini bread
merrie60us: and you are an expert at it
norajean_sf: that took two years to figure out
madleend: nj ... wanna hear how into it i am?
babasbunja: ah madleend, you are too humble, you are
doing wonderful
norajean_sf: how's that Mad?
madleend: i printed out complete glassattic
vlady6us: too funny mad
merrie60us: you did!
merrie60us: wow
vlady6us: how many pages was it?
norajean_sf: You and me too, but since it was years
ago it's not complete
madleend: i did every exercise in nan roche's "the new
merrie60us: you must be really good Madleen
babasbunja: she is great
vlady6us: merrie. mad is very new to polymer clay
norajean_sf: do you have photo albums or a website
madleend: i did sample color cards with every color
mixed with pearl .. 1:1 / 1:2 and 1:3
vlady6us: and very good
merrie60us: Wow
madleend: at yahoo .. but not much there
madleend: now stop that sandie !!1
vlady6us: well its true mad
merrie60us: I never had the time nor the patience to
do the color cards I am impressed
norajean_sf: ok, now the next step, Madleen.... is to
throw all of the books away, ignore all of the
norajean_sf: and just make things that mean something
to you
norajean_sf: in the colors you like the most
madleend: it was a way to get used to the clay ...
norajean_sf: I give you permission to step off of the
vlady6us: nj..she made an adorable little dragon
madleend: how it reacts ...
norajean_sf: here's Dumbo's feather
norajean_sf: you can fly, ya know
madleend: i've actually gotten off the ground a few
times, nj LOL
norajean_sf: toss them training wheels away
norajean_sf: you've paid your dues
bluebell5071: I can see right now Ive got a lot of
ground to cover
madleend: heck ... i buy out michael's every sale !!!
norajean_sf: so got pictures?
madleend: are you forcing me?
madleend: LOLOL
vlady6us: yes mad
madleend: hold on ...
vlady6us: do
vlady6us: NOW
vlady6us: right now
norajean_sf: LOL
norajean_sf: while she's getting a link, I'm getting a
drink, brb
vlady6us: ok
madleend: that's a rose cane from riverpoet's seminar
vlady6us: mad u need to post your dragon
madleend: that's "sir lacey" inspired by CF's dragon
vlady6us: hes so cute
merrie60us: Oh my you are so talented the rose and the
dragon are great
madleend: and that's the pendant i did in riverpoet's
madleend: thanks, merrie ... shucks!
vlady6us: i love your dragon a lot
merrie60us: OOH I love that pendant did you take a
class with Lynn
madleend: but you're biased, sandie ... you don't
count LOLOL
madleend: yes ...
vlady6us: no im not mad
madleend: we met at klay karma 2005 and she's a
wonderful person
merrie60us: lucky you I tried to get her for guild but
I was out voted
merrie60us: Klay Karma that's one of my guilds
madleend: then lynne came to nypcg for a seminar
merrie60us: where are you?
madleend: were you there?
madleend: nyc
merrie60us: Boston
babasbunja: ah madleend, the dragon is awesome, hadn't
seen him yet
merrie60us: I belong to Lexington and Burlington Mass
madleend: yeah ... took me 6 1/2 hrs to go 182 miles
that weekend LOL
merrie60us: Guilds sorry
madleend: and 5 hrs back
merrie60us: Are you Mary lou's friend?
madleend: thanks bernie
madleend: yes ... i know mary lou also
madleend: met her there as well
norajean_sf: Yes, you're totaly ready to toss all the
books out the window. From here on out it's what's in
your mind's eye that is the guide.
madleend: you saw them all norajean?
merrie60us: She and I use to get together and clay she
is also very taltented
madleend: she sure is
norajean_sf: yes I did
madleend: i didn't really know anyone before klay
karma ... met some wonderful people there
norajean_sf: brb, getting hubs a hot cup o fcoffee
madleend: that dragon is my first sculpt
merrie60us: Well Iheard Klay Karma was great I do not
go to things in summer that are hot
merrie60us: clay just melts in my hands
madleend: and it was hot ... but not unbearable
merrie60us: I heard Helen told me
madleend: but i slept in my van cause there was no ac
merrie60us: Are you going to
merrie60us: CT
wwpeabody: just saw your stuff great job love that
dragon so cute
merrie60us: this summer
madleend: sure am ... couldn't keep me away
vlady6us: brat mad
vlady6us: makes me wanna go back home
madleend: you are more than welcome to come, sandie
merrie60us: I hope to go also usually happens when it
is visiting day at camp
vlady6us: wish i could
merrie60us: Look forward to meeting you
madleend: same here, merrie
norajean_sf: back
madleend: thanks for looking at them, nj
norajean_sf: Thanks for sharing them.
madleend: and the rest of you as well ... not used to
showing stuff off LOL
vlady6us: get used to it mad
merrie60us: very nice you should beproud
madleend: friends usually twist my arm
vlady6us: lol
babasbunja: i was instantly a fan madleend, LOL
madleend: thanks ... my heart is beating faster than
normal ... this makes me nervous!
madleend: or shy or something!
vlady6us: lol mad
babasbunja: you...... shy?
vlady6us: you shy>>>
vlady6us: ???
madleend: and i wuv you too bernie LOL
vlady6us: lol bernie
babasbunja: LOL

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