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2003-March Highlights

Chop Index

There are other things to do with chop than make Natasha beads. There are different way of layering chop, dealing with making beads quickly with Natasha Logs, techniques with compression and theme building with cane design.

11-08-09: New Chop Index. Examples of the chop and toss technique 2005 to the present. The page was formerly named chop/2005/index.
There seemed to be a need for a couple of different sections. The Chop Index will have the following two:
The Chop Bead Index Starting from chopping up scraps to making layered chop. The whole process is shown. Three years of scraps and trim are transformed in this section.
The Chop Natasha Index: The How-To on doing layered beads; tips on Do Not twist but rather Compress; Natasha Logs from which many beads can be sliced and mini Natasha Bead tips. 

Ramble 001: What to do with canes of grave disappointment?

Ramble 002: I know that folks say that my chop and toss is just natasha bead tricks. But I beg to differ.

Slip another bead on the barbie skewer: Sanding tips for beaders.


Mexico Mix: All the colors and patterns that remind me of Mexico, chopped, tossed and mirror imaged for beads, pendants and what not. The enlarged pictures has the theory behind building a theme mix. 


The Half Round Layered Pendent Done

The African Mix of March 2002  African-Mix-Grp.htm 

Crimson and Golden Necklace: Well it has black too.  How to go nuts on Natasha beads, different bead styles, two chop and toss pendants.
mm-Index:  Sept. 2000 was filled with experiments. I've just rediscovered an unfinished section to the history of chop. In this little section is some of the early experiments with chopping scraps and using them. Also the Eyeball Dice.