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12-26-05-08: End of Demo, Plans for Mini Food Demo Next Week

12-26-05 Demo Log Index
norajean_sf: saving log
madleend: but someone of nj's stature makes me really
vlady6us: ok
norajean_sf: Top of the hour
norajean_sf: now now there there
norajean_sf: brb
madleend: lol
vlady6us: it shouldnt mad. she doesnt bite or anything
madleend: i know ... butja know what i mean ...
vlady6us: yeah i do
bluebell5071: she had to start just like us
madleend: yeah ... we all start from the same spot ...
it's the direction we go and how we choose to get
there that makes the difference
madleend: some reach the destination ... others are
still wandering ...
vlady6us: lol.
madleend: hate the idea that i might end up a
vlady6us: im always wandering
madleend: love so many different things ...
babasbunja: LOL sandie
madleend: want to focus!
norajean_sf: here, Madleen...
vlady6us: no fun mad..keep wandering
norajean_sf: feel better
norajean_sf: we were all beginners at one time or
norajean_sf: I show my miscalculations
babasbunja: FOCUS is my new theme song, but not that
babasbunja: LOL
madleend: was easier when i worked for ford .. had a
model called "focus" ...
norajean_sf: so the stuff on the Biz site will be my
earlier efforts and my skill set was just started
norajean_sf: so no one need be shy to show me
anything, or feel bad about being a new clayer
madleend: and that's not the ford model agency LOL
vlady6us: lol
madleend: well, nj ... i sorta jumped in ...
norajean_sf: Madleen... I just sent the log to the
list, nearly 1,600 people might be looking at your
madleend: got clay and 8 days later at a donna kato
norajean_sf: now you can get nervous
norajean_sf: LOL
vlady6us: way cool nj....
madleend: oh my ... glad you didn't tell me that
earlier ...
merrie60us: ;)
norajean_sf: LOL
norajean_sf: Oh well just heck, ya know? What can
anyone say about what we're doing that's going to stop
norajean_sf: "Oh that's just kid's stuff"
madleend: rofl
norajean_sf: to which I tell them to stop abusing
their inner child
norajean_sf: "Will it sell?"
norajean_sf: to that I'd say, "You buying?"
madleend: ok ... now i REALLY need another cuppa ...
vlady6us: lol
madleend: that's the way!
norajean_sf: "That's something I can do."
norajean_sf: to that I say, "Go for it."
madleend: too funny!   brb
merrie60us: don't you just love those people
merrie60us: what cane is that hard to see
norajean_sf: I'm adjusting the lighting
merrie60us: oh
merrie60us: sorry
norajean_sf: Let's talk about tomato cane
norajean_sf: shall we?
norajean_sf: check out the link for a picture of
finished tomato cane slices
norajean_sf: there's a lot of difference between raw
cane and cured slice
merrie60us: wow looks good enough to eat
norajean_sf: Now think of a tomato slice, what's
around the seeds?
merrie60us: pith?
merrie60us: white stuff?
madleend: juice
norajean_sf: it's not red, it's a watery something
merrie60us: oh pith is oranges and lemons sorry not
morganalilith387: sort of gelatinous
norajean_sf: so when making tomato cane, the seed is
yellow green and surrounding it is no color
madleend: can't pick it up off counter without
merrie60us: ich
madleend: that makes sense
norajean_sf: see
merrie60us: can see through the trans part
merrie60us: cool
wwpeabody: sorry I gotta go I'll miss you all,but i
will try to pop in from time to time if I can you guys
have fun be back for sure in a month
vlady6us: have fun wanda
babasbunja: be safe my dear
bluebell5071: bye
vlady6us: be safe..and tell safe.
madleend: take care ...
norajean_sf: bye bye stay safe
wwpeabody: always clay on my friends
wwpeabody has left the conference.

norajean_sf: Ok, now I ask you... if there's a dot on
a cane, what is it really?
norajean_sf: a dot is a .... ?
vlady6us: snake
norajean_sf: good Sandie
vlady6us: ty
norajean_sf: give that girl a gold star
vlady6us: LOL
norajean_sf: ;-)
norajean_sf: so the seeds of the tomato cane are just
vlady6us: toooooooo easy to make
norajean_sf: that are surrounded with a no color
norajean_sf: that are then surrounded by the tomato
meat red color
norajean_sf: right?
madleend: right3
vlady6us: sounds good to me
norajean_sf: we cut that snake up and reduce it for
lace cane
madleend: -3
norajean_sf: I make a half round mound of lace cane
and cut it in half
Yahoo! Messenger: heartlandimages has declined to join
and sent:  Thanks, but no thanks.
norajean_sf: put a separation sheet between two half
rounds for a whole tomato cane
norajean_sf: reduce the cane but not to mini size,
just reduce one end to the mini size
norajean_sf: you can keep the rest larger, for
reducing it to mini size will soften the clay in the
cane, helps a lot with mini food canes that extra
norajean_sf: check this page please
norajean_sf: you can see the no color translucent
around the tomato seeds
norajean_sf: makes the tomato slice look more real
madleend: those carrots are very nice !
bluebell5071: olives too
norajean_sf: carrots have a yellowish core
norajean_sf: it's a blend that's then jelly rolled
norajean_sf: reduce to mini size
norajean_sf: and the when you slice them into carrot
sticks you have that center of yellowish carrot
madleend: it's a case of breaking them down to the
simplest "elements" to get the idea of how to put it
norajean_sf: it makes the carrot sticks stand out
norajean_sf: got to reverse engineer stuff Madleen
madleend: finding that out as i go ... so very true!
norajean_sf: you look at anything and think... that's
just dots and lines or blends
norajean_sf: snakes, sheets or blends, that's all it
is. So after we capture the color, mini food is
unforgiving with color mix
madleend: and the hardest part of ... knowing when to
stop! LOL
norajean_sf: then we are asking ourselves, how do I
make that dot a snake
norajean_sf: how do I repeat that line or set of lines
as sheets of clay
norajean_sf: Let me show you bacon for an example
Biz-Archive/food/Bacon Group
madleend: what a slab!
norajean_sf: these need a finish of acrylic floor
norajean_sf: Biz-Archive/food/bacon-02
norajean_sf: I took some not so happy roast beef and
mashed it to make the bacon meat
norajean_sf: we got to remember if we're going to be
doing cooked bacon or raw bacon for the color of the
fat. The fat is just no color translucent with some
"meat" color added
norajean_sf: just add the same meat as you're putting
in the bacon, the fat has to match in hue if not
intensity of color.
norajean_sf: people make the mistake of making their
mini meat the color of raw meat
norajean_sf: their brains are thinking... it'll look
different when it cooked
norajean_sf: no it won't
norajean_sf: it'll look like a hunk of raw meat on a
plate in your mini scene
morganalilith387: do you apply the floor polish with a
brush?  cotton swab?  sponge?  rag?
vlady6us: i use a brush morgan
norajean_sf: This is raw meat, it's meant to be part
of a food prep scene in the kitchen and not on the
plate at the table.
norajean_sf: I use a small water color brush
morganalilith387: thanks :D
vlady6us: soft brush tho
norajean_sf: dunk the whole platter of food all at
once after they've been cured together
norajean_sf: see how the color of raw meat is redder?
Cooked meat is brown.
norajean_sf: check out the burger here on this page,
norajean_sf: the grill marks are indentations on
cooked meat mix, then liquid clay with brown is
brushed on the grill indentations
madleend: the top of the bun is so realistic ...
norajean_sf: That's the bread trick that took me two
years to figure out
norajean_sf: hold on
madleend: that works ... LOL
norajean_sf: No color translucent can be colored like
melted cheddar cheese and used as Toasty Top
norajean_sf: on bread, roast turkey, a bunch of stuff
norajean_sf: as well as being used as melted cheddar
cheese on burgers
madleend: that braided bread is awesome!
Biz-Archive/food/Cheeseburger Group
madleend: the melted cheese is the right shape (in how
it has melted over burger) and looks the exactly
correct texture ...
bluebell5071: well, I gotta be going. Enjoyed being
with you all. Thanks NJ for sharing your talent
norajean_sf: Nighty Nighty honey
merrie60us: bye bye
madleend: night ... see ya here soon
bluebell5071 has left the conference.

babasbunja: take care
norajean_sf: I'll have to make some more cheese
norajean_sf: they end up walking out as gifts when
folks visit
vlady6us: im gonna get going too. night all and thanks
norajean_sf: People who say they aren't into
miniatures love mini food
norajean_sf: Ok, Sandie
norajean_sf: see ya
vlady6us has left the conference.

madleend: nite sandie
merrie60us: g nite
madleend: oh ... she poofed already ... never takes
her long once she says bye
norajean_sf: Now what we can do is dedicate a couple
of days of demos on making mini food cane
babasbunja: have to bug her later, didn't wait to
leave, LOL
norajean_sf: after those who are interested have
checked out the food sections on my site, that'll give
everyone a leg up
Biz-Archive/food/ Diner-Grp
countrylady100ca: I have to go now   Will be back  
norajean_sf: Ok, Sonya
madleend: nj - what time will the demos start each
countrylady100ca has left the conference.

norajean_sf: I'll go back to my old schedule, Friday
Nights, after work time on the west coast to around
merrie60us: yippee
norajean_sf: then following Saturday from noon to 6,
madleend: oh ... good on the fridays ... but saturdays
from 1 est is when stargazer does her demo
norajean_sf: but mini food is a topic that takes cane
making, color mixing, and theories about using TLS for
merrie60us: no 12 pacific time is 3 eastern time and
Jean is usually done by then
morganalilith387: looks like i found this group at
exactly the right time ;)
madleend: no ... we usually go till about 4 or 5 pm
norajean_sf: Friday night and Saturday afternoon is
the schedule I've had for years.
merrie60us: works for me
madleend: that's fine ... no problems here
norajean_sf: This last year was inconsistent, had a
nerve pinch on my neck and a ton of web work to do
merrie60us: you can have both open at once Mad
norajean_sf: but I'm healed up now and the web work is
almost finished
madleend: you wanna think i can do that ...
norajean_sf: you can have both up but not be in chat
for both
madleend: i get so confus-ed
merrie60us: you can
norajean_sf: Jean doesn't do mini food from what I
norajean_sf: when we schedule mini food it will go on
for days
norajean_sf: when we schedule sculpting it will go on
for days
madleend: as long as i don't have to be in both chats
... i'll give it a go
merrie60us: I will be here I have been for years and
will be again
norajean_sf: that's the only way we can cover the
merrie60us: =D>
norajean_sf: LOL Merrie I love you too
norajean_sf: it's a matter of what is being scheduled
for Jean's demos
madleend: i really appreciate that, nj ... sorry -
wasn't aware of your previous demos ...
norajean_sf: I'm just not doing demos in the early AM
on Saturday after doing a late night on Friday, got to
get some sleep
norajean_sf: so check to see what Jean is scheduling
see what we're scheduling to show
madleend: jean's demo's are the only ones i've known
about ... and kat gedrich was doing some after but has
stopped till after holidays sine she started working
merrie60us: nice to have to decide which demo to go to
better than no demos
norajean_sf: pick the technique you're interested in
norajean_sf: exactly
madleend: that's for sure ...
norajean_sf: the more choices we have the better
madleend: BUT NJ ... I WANT THEM ALL !!!
merrie60us: for sure
norajean_sf: LOL
nndewbre: gg ..had shot for some of one of those
pinched nerves in neck and shoulder myself today, need
sleep. Thanks a bunch NJ and everyone for a wonderful
three day workshop. I learned bunches. You are a light
merrie60us: and each persons demo is different and
chat is different
merrie60us: bye bye
norajean_sf: Nighty Night honey, thanks for coming
madleend: night ...
nndewbre has left the conference.

madleend: it's terrible ... the only weekend i had
stuff to do and there was a marathon!
norajean_sf: Ok, let's do this, post to the list what
you'd like to have done in demo for mini food
norajean_sf: and we'll schedule it in ahead of time
norajean_sf: there's so much that can be done for mini
norajean_sf: check my two food sections and see if you
can find what you need there already
norajean_sf: if there's things you still can't find
tutorials for let me know and we'll give it an effort
norajean_sf: It may turn out right or it may be wonky,
but we will at least try to figure it out
norajean_sf: but do check the mini food sections on my
madleend: nj ... i'm going to join city of clay so i
can take full advantage of all the links, etc.
norajean_sf: there's tons of stuff there
norajean_sf: let me get you the link
norajean_sf: Then you can post to the list what you'd
like to see, let me know when you're available so I'll
hold off on your "Short Order" until you're there
madleend: thanks ... will go there as soon as we tie
it up here
madleend: rofl ...
norajean_sf: I think I'm going to wind down, hubs is
making "dinner" noises
madleend: ok ... thanks so much, nj ... look forward
to fri nite
merrie60us: egg and peanut butter earrings
madleend: have a good weeks!
merrie60us: not together tho
merrie60us: thanks
norajean_sf: egg and Peanut butter!
merrie60us: have a great week
norajean_sf: yikes
norajean_sf: LOL
merrie60us: not together
madleend has left the conference.

babasbunja: thanks nj
merrie60us: you know those earrings you made a long
time ago
babasbunja: bye
norajean_sf: ok, will do, post to the list what you
want to schedule
norajean_sf: yes, I know, we'll do the PG&J foldie
norajean_sf: See ya Bernie
babasbunja has left the conference.

merrie60us has left the conference.

norajean_sf: Ok, well I'll save log and head out.
norajean_sf: xoxo
morganalilith387: this has been very cool.  nj, the
tutes on the site are awesome, but the chat/demo
option gives me a bit more confidence.
morganalilith387: thank you :D
norajean_sf: it's easier to see it done
norajean_sf: and to be able to ask for a particular
norajean_sf: thanks for coming by
norajean_sf: I gotta feed the hubs so I'm outta here
norajean_sf: xoxo
morganalilith387: bye everybody!!

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