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Jan-June 2004 Demo Stuff

03-14-04: The first part of this Demo log was having the ClayMates critique my Arnold Vosloo face sculpting of the earlier demo that day.  The second part of the Demo log is sculpting a head and face of a female and new tricks that use the letters "C" "V" and "S". See the screen shots that DonnaB in Sacramento caught for the female face sculpting effort. Female face  

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NikiT (azstitcher2001) joined the room
jill_z_q joined the room
Teddy (julia_dodge) joined the room
chelyha55 joined the room
Teddy: Hi Hi
chelyha55: hello all
NikiT: hi
jill_z_q: howdy folks
Kandi (quazardrgn) joined the room
Kandi: hiya everybody
nora_gatine: Howdy everyone
nora_gatine: I have a picture of Arnold Vosloo and the started figure
nora_gatine: there's 5 of y'all and three on cam
MK (celebrate_abundance2002) joined the room
jill_z_q: afk
nora_gatine: Ok, now everyone has the cam open, Mary Hey honey
nora_gatine: okie dokie Suzy
MK: Hi All
nora_gatine: Mary getting the cam on?
MK: Got it!
nora_gatine: What I'm going to do is have you tell me where this clay
head needs fine tuning
nora_gatine: I got my own ideas, but sculpting real folks got its
nora_gatine: what do you see on the sculpted head that needs changing
to look like this actor?
chelyha55: I'm finishing up reading something so it may look like I
have you all on ignore for a few more minutes
nora_gatine: other than his ear
NikiT: slightly smaller nose, more on top of his head
NikiT: just a smidge more on the top of the head
MK: brows down a bit?
nora_gatine: I think his upper lip needs lengthing
NikiT: can you turn the sculpt to face the cam?
nora_gatine: and there's an indentation on the side of his mouth that
lengthens his chin
nora_gatine: nose needs narrowing for sure, but I think the whole
face needs lengthening
NikiT: yeah, i agree
Teddy: I think he is almost perfect
MK: ah...different...yep I can see lips now
nora_gatine: so how do we lengthen a face once you are started?
nora_gatine: I'm pinching his head, I'm pinching his head
Teddy: ouch ouch
MK: squeeze me baby
Teddy: poke him in the teeth
nora_gatine: the top of his bald head is more pointed
nora_gatine: ok, quick trick to that Teddy
nora_gatine: we take a razor
nora_gatine: and slice open his mouth
dlbahls joined the room
nora_gatine: whew
Teddy: by Geaorge I think she got it
NikiT: yes, better
nora_gatine: close, just had to change my position
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
jude: Howdy!
Teddy: hi Jude
jude: How is everyone this evening?
Teddy: sleepy
jude: Wake up!!!!
jude: That help any?
Ann (pixxies_fairies_in_polymar) joined the room
NikiT: wanting to go home and clay... 'cept my next few days will be
spent doing a massive stint at housecleaning
jude: Yuck.
NikiT: yup. but that's what I get for letting it sit for so long.
Teddy: yawwwn
Teddy: OO
Teddy: I awake now
Ann: what kind of tool is NJ using?
jude: Okie.
Teddy: clay shaper
jude: Looks like a clay shaper.
dlbahls: Hi, Donna from Sacramento here. I have some clay shapers
that have gray tips -- are they the same or is one type more
flexible? I think I bought them for another purpose -- painting
maybe? Too many craft things
jill_z_q: back
nora_gatine: what's the use of a phone call when you can't speak?
chelyha55: Finally done with my reading
Teddy: clay shapers grey and white are softer than the black
Ann: I dont know Donna,but they look like they are very good to use
for clay gonna have to get some hehe
chelyha55: they are quite useful
NikiT: I think the gray ones are even more flexible than the white
chelyha55: I have the white tipped variety
Ann: are they very expensive?
NikiT: i've seen them at Aaron's Art store, and they're softer than
the whites
NikiT: depends on where you go to buy them
jude: I got mine from Karen and they weren't too bad, costwise.
NikiT: a set of them online is about $20 I think?
Ann: not bad then
dlbahls: I got mine at a flea market 5 mini ones for $10
NikiT: i've had mine for about a year and can't remember how much i
dlbahls: Wow, he is just amazing. Or I should say NJ is! Do the rest
of you sculpt like this?
nora_gatine: ok
nora_gatine: got to rest my arms a bit
nora_gatine: any questions?
chelyha55: not me I'm no where near this good at faces or figures
nora_gatine: now did you see how I pointed at the picture and then
dlbahls: Yes
nora_gatine: I'm looking at the highlights and shadows on the face
from different angles
Teddy: I only ever made one sculpture, and he is in challenge. You
would not recognise him
nora_gatine: I'm showing you what I'm looking at by pointing to it
nora_gatine: and then going in and giving it an effort
nora_gatine: don't worry about redoing the lips
nora_gatine: or shutting the nostrils and doing it again
nora_gatine: we're sneaking up on the likeness
MK: I won't worry about redoing lips til I can DO lips!!! LOL
chelyha55: it's much easier for me to draw than to sculpt
nora_gatine: there's the line that goes from the chin, all the way
along the jawline, making an upswing at the ear and following up and
over the ear
nora_gatine: run your clay shaper along these lines
nora_gatine: if you see a "C" shape besides his eye
nora_gatine: and it's connecting the brow and the cheekbone
nora_gatine: go in and give it a go with your clayshaper
nora_gatine: rolling it
affectsoftheart joined the room
chelyha55: I think NJ likes bald men
chelyha55: she sculpts them alot
affectsoftheart left the room
Karen B (affectsoftheart) joined the room
chelyha55: Hi Karen
Karen B: HI!
chelyha55: I have to get offline and back to work.
nora_gatine: Okie Dokie Cheryl
chelyha55: I'll catch you all lata
nora_gatine: no problemo
chelyha55: nite nite all
jude: Night Chneryl.
jude: er...Cheryl
nora_gatine: I do like bald men
nora_gatine: LOL
chelyha55: that was cute
nora_gatine: easier to sculpt
Karen B: Nite Cheryl
chelyha55 left the room
nora_gatine: Let's do a roll call
nora_gatine: NoraJean, San Francisco
NikiT: niki, az
Karen B: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
dlbahls: Donna, Sacramento
Kandi: Kandi Conroe Tx
Teddy: Julia/ Florida
Teddy: yeeeehaaaa
jill_z_q left the room
jill_z_q joined the room
jude: jude, CA
nora_gatine: ok, for those who are new to sculpting faces, I'd like
to do a face from scratch real quick
nora_gatine: to show you a grid pattern I use to keep the features
from floating about the face
Karen B: Yippee!!!
MK: Thank you!!!
nora_gatine: ok, this time let's do a female face
Ann: oops sorry had to grab dinner hehe Ann West Jordan,UT
nora_gatine: Pass a plate for me Ann
nora_gatine: LOL
nora_gatine: what ya eating?
Ann: hehe hubby wanted homemade corn tortilla chip with the chicken
salad I made
Teddy: nice job NJ
Ann: what clay you use to make your sculps with NJ? I have been using
Super Sculpey
nora_gatine: This is a blend
nora_gatine: of a bunch of different clay brands
nora_gatine: I am using up scrap clay that I just worked to one hue
nora_gatine: LOL
Ann: lol
nora_gatine: so there's three year old sculpey
nora_gatine: and the latest pearl
nora_gatine: Premo, what ever was laying about
nora_gatine: I took all my scraps and I have almost all of it reworked
nora_gatine: rather than open up new clay, ya know?
Ann: yeah is good idea
nora_gatine: Let me show you something
nora_gatine: that's what the green scraps look like
nora_gatine: I'll sort them in a rough way, chop them up with the
food processor
nora_gatine: and press sheets
jude: Looks like a salad.
Ann: hehe ya
nora_gatine: some of it's Sculpey
nora_gatine: some is probably old Fromello
nora_gatine: and some new stuff
nora_gatine: who knows
nora_gatine: if it's dry I drizzle TLS in the food processor
nora_gatine: ok, to make a head I'm going to make a small skull
nora_gatine: out of foil
nora_gatine: and then cover it with another sheet of foil
nora_gatine: the reason why I make a skull shape
nora_gatine: is to make my life easier
nora_gatine: if it were a dog or a horse, the skull shape will
correspond to the animal
MK: come I just end up with a little lump of too tightly
packed foil?
nora_gatine: the only thing I can think of to tell ya
nora_gatine: is have the skull shape be present
nora_gatine: when you are just starting to bend the foil
nora_gatine: when the foil is big, and you're crinkling it in on
nora_gatine: know where the forehead is going to be
nora_gatine: know where the chin is going to be
nora_gatine: get that general shape first
nora_gatine: and then compress down to that shape
MK: okay
nora_gatine: does that make sense?
nora_gatine: so you're not getting the skull shape after you've
compressed it to look like a kiwi
nora_gatine: LOL
nora_gatine: and when you put your thumb and forefinger tips together
nora_gatine: that shape
nora_gatine: is a shape of a face
nora_gatine: where your fingers touch
nora_gatine: is the chin
nora_gatine: compress the foil when it is loose like that
nora_gatine: to get the general face shape
nora_gatine: ok, I'm going to cover this head with clay and then
we'll work on the grid, I'd like for new sculptors to check out the
eyeball chart, I'll get the link
nora_gatine: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/Index-2003
nora_gatine: second picture down
nora_gatine: a face can be measured in eye widths
nora_gatine: Ok that rudimentary nose on the foil skull
nora_gatine: helped me keep track of where I need to add a bit of clay
nora_gatine: having the foil in the snape of the skull
nora_gatine: makes half of the work done really
nora_gatine: we have a jaw line
nora_gatine: we have a base for the chin
JennyP (pcajenny) joined the room
nora_gatine: ok now did everyone see the eyewidth chart?
nora_gatine: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/Index-2003
Ann: yes
MK: yes...very cool
Kandi: yes
Karen B: Yes
nora_gatine: what I use the most
nora_gatine: is that the eyes are one eye width apart
nora_gatine: and the bottom of the nose is one eye width wide
nora_gatine: and the outside of the nose is one eye width from the
nora_gatine: going down in a V
nora_gatine: there's V shapes all over and I'm going to show you the
ones that make cheek bones
nora_gatine: the V starts from the side of the head
nora_gatine: aims towards the bottom of the nose
nora_gatine: for we're getting the general shape of the face and head
nora_gatine: and then moving in for features
nora_gatine: does that make sense?
MK: yes
Teddy: yup
nora_gatine: ok the first V
Kandi: yep
nora_gatine: starting from the front of the ears
nora_gatine: going towards the nose
nora_gatine: for the cheek bone
nora_gatine: then I dip the temple and line up the back of the jaw
with the front of where the ear goes
nora_gatine: ET Phone Home
Karen B: LOL
nora_gatine: the next V I do is upside down
nora_gatine: starting from the middle of the brow
nora_gatine: giong out to the outside of the nose
nora_gatine: I'm going to take that under the cheek bone build up and
move it to the jaw line
nora_gatine: ok the next V is from the side of the nose to the outer
corners of the mouth
nora_gatine: now we can do a little V that build up under the lower
nora_gatine: what I'm doing at this point
nora_gatine: is making myself laugh
nora_gatine: it's a face
nora_gatine: stick some eyeballs in it
nora_gatine: and call it a day
nora_gatine: LOL
nora_gatine: what we're doing here
Kandi: lol
Ann: hehe
Teddy: nice
nora_gatine: is moving clay to where we're going to build features
nora_gatine: instead of adding clay to build features
nora_gatine: we are indenting where we need it
nora_gatine: and using the build up to make features
nora_gatine: by rolling the clay shaper
nora_gatine: to move the clay
nora_gatine: don't drag
nora_gatine: a tool over the clay
MK: (of course we are )
nora_gatine: makes work to clear up later
nora_gatine: Ok, so I'm going to just do this face now that I have
clay where I need it
nora_gatine: and indentations where I need them, more or less
nora_gatine: what's important is to start with the skull form
nora_gatine: and do your "V" s
nora_gatine: so ... here I go, if there's questions this is a logical
place to ask them
nora_gatine: the pregnant pause
nora_gatine: so I gather there's no questions
nora_gatine: what I want new sculptors to see when I do this face
nora_gatine: is how I move the clay into position
nora_gatine: before going in for detail
affectsoftheart left the room
nora_gatine: and I go all over the face from the outer edge towards
the center, more or less
nora_gatine: or would we like a break before I start?
nora_gatine: do biologicals and get food and drink?
nora_gatine: I'm going to save log and be back in a bit, someone post
or I'll figure I'm about to get booted...
nora_gatine: is everyone AFK?
nora_gatine: how weird, let's do roll call to see who is at their
keyboard, ok?
nora_gatine: NoraJean, San Francisco
Teddy: Julia/ Florida
nora_gatine: whew
NikiT: niki az
nora_gatine: LOL
dlbahls: Donna Sacramento
Ann: Ann West Jordan
Kandi: Kandi Conroe Tx
nora_gatine: had me going there for a minute
nora_gatine: so there's no questions at this point new sculptors?
nora_gatine: shall I just tear into this thing?
Teddy: go for it
nora_gatine: okie dokie
MK: please do
Ann: no but you make it look so easy hehe
bonsaikathy joined the room
bonsaikathy: Hi everyone,
bonsaikathy: Hi Niki, long time no see
NikiT: hi
bonsaikathy: Looks like we have some newcomers, welcome to all of you
dlbahls: thanks. Guess I need to figure out how to get my name to
show up as Donna -- or something more descriptive anyway!
NikiT: OT question for you married peoples (whos last names
changed)... how long did it take you to get used to signing your new
MK: Hi Niki...thanks, nice to meet you too!
bonsaikathy: Congrats Niki on the nuptials, and it won't take you
long, lol
NikiT: I feel like i'm in grade school, praticing my capital W's
NikiT: LOL
bonsaikathy: Donna try clicking on login and then on edit my contact
info, that might do it
Teddy: Niki, practice it. I went from Haecker to Dodge, Wirtz, cook,
Ford, and back to Dodge
dlbahls: Thanks, I'll try it
bonsaikathy: I think that's how I did it, I can't remember
dlbahls: It may not take effect till the next time I enter a room
bonsaikathy: that might be true
dlbahls left the room
dlbahls joined the room
NikiT: 'course, it doesn't help that my W's are kind of looking like
my N's.
nora_gatine: head in a jar
Teddy: lol
bonsaikathy: Hi NJ
nora_gatine: Howdy Kathy
bonsaikathy: just stopped by for a minute to say hi before heading to
bed, just got in
bonsaikathy: nice face
nora_gatine: thanks
bonsaikathy: welcome
nora_gatine: I never know how they are going to come out
nora_gatine: it's like they emerge
bonsaikathy: any word yet on the job
nora_gatine: I just mound clay and make dents
nora_gatine: they are putting the paperwork through
bonsaikathy: well you do it well
nora_gatine: it's a new position
bonsaikathy: I hope it works out for you
nora_gatine: the paperwork has only been cycling for a week, Kaiser
moves slow
bonsaikathy: Gary's working a full time job and about 20 hours part
time right now
nora_gatine: yikes
nora_gatine: well I'm at a logical break here
bonsaikathy: we really want to move further south and back to an area
that is more technically oriented, it's just to backwards here for
technology and it's been hard on him
bonsaikathy: so we're trying to get ahead enough to be able to afford
nora_gatine: it's totally tech here and it's still hard
bonsaikathy: there are no tech jobs to speak of here in this area
bonsaikathy: it's mostly seasonal tourist stuff here
bonsaikathy: makes it very difficult to make enough money to live
nora_gatine: How's the bonsai sales?
bonsaikathy: I haven't made any new ones since October, I think
tomorrow I'll go on a marathon run, I have people wanting to take and
sell them at a show and a mini shop wanting me to sell to them
bonsaikathy: I'm off to bed folks, enjoy the demo
nora_gatine: good luck with the bonsai honey
nora_gatine: nighty night
NikiT: 'night kathy
bonsaikathy: Thanks honey, I'm about out of stock so new ones need to
be made, nite everyoen
bonsaikathy: sorry, everyone, good reason for going to bed, lol
bonsaikathy left the room
Teddy: I'm not feeling spry, think I better go to bed, love yas
Teddy: good night
Ann: nites
nora_gatine: nighty night
Teddy: night, have a good one
julia_dodge left the room
MK: Thanks's awake...gotta go
celebrate_abundance2002 left the room
nora_gatine: so anyway, there's a head and face
nora_gatine: I'm pooping out
jude: Looks good.
dlbahls: This was great -- thanks
NikiT: agreed. better than i could probably do in such a short amt of
dlbahls: gives me a much better idea how to proceed
Ann: yes NJ great
nora_gatine: That's what I hoped Donna
nora_gatine: the trick with the V's and eyewidth
nora_gatine: help map out the face
dlbahls: I took lots of screen shots for reference
nora_gatine: rolling the clay shaper to move clay mass gives you more
organic shapes and makes sculpting easier
nora_gatine: if you would like to send me the screen shots
nora_gatine: I'll put them in an album
nora_gatine: and share them with the list
dlbahls: sure -- what format would you like them in? jpg?
nora_gatine: jpg is fine, I can also tell you how to upload them into
Epson and we can cut out two steps
nora_gatine: let me open a private message screen
Ann: what size clay shapers you use NJ? I saw two sets one said size
0 and the other size 2 ?
nora_gatine: the big one is like a 6
Ann: so just get a variety of sizes?
nora_gatine: sorry
nora_gatine: was showing Donna how to get screen shots into the epson
nora_gatine: yes, when moving big masses
nora_gatine: use the big one
nora_gatine: as you refine the thing move to smaller and smaller sizes
nora_gatine: I see people doing basic shaping with a tiny tool
nora_gatine: and that's like digging a ditch with a spoon
nora_gatine: the right tool for the right job
nora_gatine: for all things
Ann: ah okies
nora_gatine: but the trick is to start with a general shape
nora_gatine: and then move masses of clay to where you need them,
taking the clay from where you're indenting
nora_gatine: so you don't have to add clay to make a feature
nora_gatine: you coax the feature out of the clay mass
nora_gatine: I think it's easier and there's less chance of seeing a
seam, any mica in the mix an added bit will leave a mica seam
nora_gatine: and I do gold and pearl color figures, I use pearl in my
skin mixes
nora_gatine: and I just made myself crazy adding clay to make features
nora_gatine: well if there's no other questions I think I'm going to
wind this demo down
nora_gatine: I'm starving
nora_gatine: frankly
nora_gatine: LOL
Ann: thanks NJ very much was very helpful
nora_gatine: and my husband is making hungry noises, so thank you all
for showing up
NikiT: my shift is nearly over, so i'm gonna start getting stuff shut
down.. thanks for the demo, NJ
jude: Thanks NJ! Night all!
dlbahls: thank you!
Ann: you have a good nite
nora_gatine: thanks for showing up stranger, Niki
nora_gatine: Nighty Night Jude
greatauntjudy left the room
dlbahls left the room
quazardrgn left the room
nora_gatine: xoxox all
Ann: nite everyone

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