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Here's looking at you, Kid.

BonsaiKathy caught these 20 screen shots of doing the eyes on a full face. It's in an Epson Album. 

06-16-03: WebCam Demo Log-1. Doing a full sized face.

She also sent through to the MSATClayPictures list the EYEBALL Chart, where the face is mapped out with measurements of One Eye Width, very weird looking but very handy. Thank you BonsaiKathy for both efforts on our behalf.

06-16-03: WebCam Demo Log-2. The Pentagon Trick. 

* Using a half face form left over from the Eyeball cane Demo I filled in the lower half.

Eyeball Index: some of the sections that deal with eyeballs.
Before Filing Faces: Remember the first curing is just rough draft. There's filing and sanding yet to do.  After
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Nursing Mom

Creole Queen - Demo 06-19-03: Johanna in Hamburg, Germany requested sculpting in Demo so we made a figure from aluminum foil to dressed in 5 hours.

Lovely Rita the MerMaid, better known as RitaMaid.
07-29-03: This face got cane slices pressed to it after the first curing. This is still a work in process but I wanted to share these pictures. The close up of the eye catches the mica shift of the gold. The cane slices are sheets of gold and a translucent mix of burnt umber and bleached translucent Premo. It was bathed with baby oil to cut down the dusty look.

07-25-03: The second face from the new skull form. Without eyelashes or eyebrows he looks a bit bare, but he's still uncured so we still have time to fiddle with him.

I'm pretty happy with the filled in skull form, shown below, for making new faces. Now all we have to do is make smaller skull forms to help us with faces in a mini scales. It will also help us with Day of the Dead efforts. 

07-25-03: The ceramic skull is actually an ashtray, the top of the skull comes off.  The skull was covered with foil and then white clay was laid over it.  I made a slightly "fleshed" out skull mold. I wanted to keep some of the indentation under the cheek bone to see if I could sculpt a smiling face. The face on the left is the first effort using this new modified skull form. I put a sheet of aluminum foil on the skull form and laid on skin clay. Dropped some eyeballs in the sockets and there we are.