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February 2005

02-25-05: Dragon Tenders How To Index

Ramble: "Dragon Tender" How A Project Comes Into Being.

Dragon Tenders - 06-12-07 Fix It

The bodies were uncured, left on my work table, a pile of tapes, books, I forget, fell on them and the bodies got damaged. The Dragon was already cured so it sustained no damage.

01-08-05: Making the Dragon Index


02-14-05: Dragon Tenders Index

09-19-03: Review of Faces and Figures

Armature, skin blends, figure sculpting, eyeball cane.

Animal Cane Review: 06-11-04

Zebra, Tiger, Leopard screen shots and demologs, digital pix of finished beads.

Wood Review 04-23-04. All new faux wood experiments are going to be gathered on this page. Ribbon Beads with Faux Wood and mini dim sum steamers, hinged boxes and rocking cradles. 
November 2004

11-20-04: Goblin Index 


Quick How To on making the StarGazer Lily Cane


12-04-04-3- 2:13 pm Demo Log: Second and Third loose blends, press a ribbon with all three colors going down the length, stagger stack and bend into "S" shape, make a feather.

06-18-08: Unfortunately these screen shots were lost when Epson closed down and the volunteer who took these shots couldn't save them soon enough. I'll have to make a new tutorial for the feather cane.

Start at 125

Start at 146


12-04-04-4- 3:08 pm Demo Log: Start of Holly Daze

Start at 177 half way there


December 2004

257 screenshots of Friday and Saturday's demos! Replicating the PenPal feather in 3 seperate color schemes. And Holly Leaves!  Also a couple of examples of how to do Natasha beads out of Poinsettia and Tiger Chop.


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