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Highlights Index February The Year of 2005

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

My youngest son, Said, asked that I put this particular picture up on my home page. I think it was on a "dare" I'm not sure. But it took me hours to find it. I hope he enjoys the chocolate chip raisin oatmeal cookies he took home.

Bonsai Kathy is one of the Moderator Team for CITY-o-Clay and is going through a health problem.

She has helped list members during natural disasters, now's a time to help her. 

We are helping to raise funds to defray medical costs.

Check out her miniature Bonsai and if you can't afford to buy any then any donation would be appreciated.

Red to Yellow Stagger Stack

No Demo Logs

02-19-05 Demo Flower Review

With Demo Logs

Inverted Blend Insert Petals

With Demo Logs

for the first album of 24 pix:

and for the remaining 13 pix:

Thank you Donna Moyer for capturing these screen shots.

Thank you Shannon for these screen shots


Cane Demo class 2

We will make a tri color skinner blend, easy breezy checkerboard
cane, and lets try and do something with that skinner plug we made at the end of class one.

02-20-05- Log 1

02-20-05- Log  2

02-20-05- Log  3

02-20-05- Log  4

02-20-05- Log  5

02-20-05- Log  6

02-20-05- Log  7

Something for Valentine's Day 2005

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