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Epson Albums - 1/14/2003 Orchids  (90 photos) Jan 2003 Highlights

January 14, 2003 WebCam Demo. Doing Orchids with scrap clay. Some imitation orchids and some inspired by the real flower. 

January 14, 2003: Denise saved this log of making the imitation orchid with Papaya Cane. To match the screen shots. 


001 (1 - 30 of 90 photos) Showing the food cane storage where I'm going to use papaya to make an orchid. Slice the papaya cane stretch it out and ruffle the edges. Three slices of lace cane stretched out. Getting the 7 bits to make an orchid. Making small red bowls for the center.
002 (31 - 60 of 90 photos) Putting the small red bowls on the stretched out iris cane and adding the stalk.  Making the lip of the orchid. Adding the bits together to form the orchid. Showing the picture of an orchid taken apart. Starting another orchid with a fan fold cane made of logs and sheets.
003 (61 - 90 of 90 photos) Reproducing a real orchid with orange and purple clay. The fan fold cane is a mound that is reduced to a wedge and doubled to make an oval for a petal. The purple is a blend and reduced to a plug, sliced and stretched for a large petal. 5 orange skinny petals and a large purple lip. Comparing the clay orchid to the orchid in the book.

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