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Family Index - and Work Table Index 2007 and 2008 03-29-08: FrontPage is up and running better than ever on the new computer. It wasn't an OS problem, it needed a patch (Office 2003 service pack) I got a ton of edits done to the Monthly Highlights

03-28-08: Computer wrestling. Got the new computer up and running and I blogged off site about it. The new computer doesn't have FrontPage.

This is my old wheezy computer. I had it built from scratch nearly a decade ago. It's been a good computer all these years but it's been on its last legs for a while now.









This is the new computer I got for Valentine's day. It first came in with a busted power switch. It went to Texas for repair. It came back and the monitor didn't work. So it went back to Texas and came back with a note that I had to use a DVI monitor. I don't have one. So I found an adapter that would work between my old monitor and the new computer. So after a nearly a month and a half I have the new computer up and running.





That's my old monitor. It's more than 10 years old because it was used when I got hold of it back in the old AOL days when I was working the New Tech department as an administrative assistant. If you look closely at the bottom back of the new computer you'll see a white adaptor sticking out. That $7.00 adapter saved me hundreds since I didn't have to get a DVI monitor to just see what's going on. Check out my blog comment off site for more geek nattering. But if you were wondering what I have been doing as of late, this is it. Everything has been blocked while I've been wrestling with this new computer and saving the Epson album demo screen shots.


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