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Summer Solstice eve 2009 - New Space for a new life.

There's still a lot of re-org that needs to be done to the supplies and tools by my chair, but this is where I'm sitting most days.

No matter how big the work table I only seem to be able to clear the green mat to work on.

I have another small table next to my 4x8 work table. I learned the hard way not to have food near polymer clay.

That's my only room box with Jen-Doll always preparing for Christmas. Traveling Kai's Leopard Spot trunk is on the top.

Everyone says that this sofa has "magic glue". Once you sit down you don't want to get up again.

Phone station and front door to the apartment.

I'm waiting for a couple of new book cases to come in the next few weeks. Until then my book nook is the dumping ground of things to be sorted. The space by the front door is where recycling goes before being purged.

The video tape stash is invaded by my knitting supplies. Oh we have a dining room table and chairs for a change, eating like normal people.

That corner is where the sewing machine is going to be set up. I need those new book cases to hold my fabric. The desk is where drawing and design action takes place.

Finally I have my art supplies in one place: paint, drawing pens and pencils, tablets, books on doing such stuff and a place to do them. It's like heaven.

Behind that chair are my astrology books and a place where clay art is taking refuge. The boxes behind the mirror are raw clay in process and fabric.

There I am on Summer Solstice Eve of 2009, taking stock of my new room, feeling comfortable with my new life.


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