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Remember to check out the Old Faux Tute Archive for Tiger, Leopard, Bird and Fish, Abalone, and Faux Goodness Sake, a bunch of stuff. 
12-31-07 - Tigers Eye Cane How To:  Sometimes the simplest techniques take a lot of pictures to explain. 47 pages, the last done in 2007.

07-02-04: Sanded Stone: Texture sheets on layers of Premo Pearl clay then sanded. The sanding is more on the top than the bottom and more layers are revealed the more you sand. 

2001 Tigers Eye Efforts  Layers of Gold and a translucent tinted lightly with Burnt Umber gives you slices that will show what's underneath it. These half dozen pictures comes from clearing out the Epson albums and were not featured in the Tigers Eye Archive: Sheets, boxes, tables, bone necklace. .

02-14-04: Egypt Lady

Using the different faux techniques of wood, malachite and metal colored mokume gane 


Abalone Index: 3-6-2013, Jan 2-3, 2004

Blend pearl red, pearl blue and pearl green, as three triangles on a sheet of pearl. Press the blend into a ribbon, fan fold it, reduce, cover with black, lace cane, chop and press on pearl and fold. There ya go. Or check the screen shots.

Wood Review 04-23-04. All new faux wood experiments are going to be gathered on this page. Ribbon Beads with Faux Wood and mini dim sum steamers, hinged boxes and rocking cradles. 

Sea Shells August 2003, Fiji Month


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