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From the newest to the oldest abalone efforts. One thing people always ask me is what should they do with their abalone folded sheets. I say dress a figure like the "Showgirl" below.
Tutorial Prep 3-6-2013: Luny requested a "short order tute" on Abalone. I've been wrestling abalone with polymer clay since 2000, at least. "Haven't you already mastered that?" my sister asked in amazement. "Nope, it's an ongoing thing." I admitted.

03-06-2013: PDF Real Abalone Shell pictures and 3 links to polymer clay abalone tutorials. This will give us some real abalone shells to look at to help us work on mixing colors for our clay.

AbaFold Lady

07-12-04 Folding clay in abalone colors produces the greatest ends. These fan shaped pleated iridescent ends can be gathered and ruffled and used as clothing elements. 

Aba-Kai Pendant

06-13-08: These screen shots got lost when Epson closed down.

Amanda caught screen shots of the making of these abalone leaves.

In the Archives: The First folded abalone and the dresses it made for the Golden MerMaid.

Fold That Clay in Abalone Colors

01-02-04: Abalone prep

37 screen shots by Denise in TX, Thanks a million Denise

01-02-04-001: After folding and pressing
2002Abalone Experiment
2001 Experiments with Abalone cane
1999 Abalone for two sided miniature

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