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Fiber and String: 09-30-2010 - 9 hats, most of the hats are cream, brown, black and white, except for the last two where some bright color snuck in.

Gone - Acrylic 4 ply, beige and black, cyclist cap.

Gone - Black acrylic 4 ply with white chinelle border cloche.

Acrylic 4 ply oversized Tam.

Leopard Spot Pill Box: Acrylic 4 ply, black, brown, beige basket weave: two yarns hidden by one yarn single crochet. Very stiff.

Beanie with shell border. Acrylic beige and black 4 ply.

Gone - Cotton string kufi, very soft to the touch.

Gone - brown and beige cycling cap.

3 color tam, white, red and pink, acrylic 4 ply.

Red acrylic 4 ply shell bonnet.


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