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Fiber and String: A web section that will feature creations made with cloth and string.

04-06-11: removing slideshows and replacing with plain old webpages.

01-30-2012:Cheetah Cover- First DIY Kindle Cover. Stiff "Easy Felt" 12in x18in. Foam Core. Black Velvet scrap fabric, dog collar, spray adhesive, scrap knitting, corded braid, and some sewing thread.

12-01-11: Neck Pouch Index

I've been making small pouches that hang from the neck.

I held my small cell phone, ID and credit card, some folding cash in  the neck pouch I used while traveling.

When I came home I am using favorite scraps of fabric and trim to make more neck pouches.

This web section will chronicle my journey in hand sewing these pouches going from rough beginnings to things that hopefully will be more refined.

03-01-11-17 hats   03-06-11: I got the captions rewritten! Eyelash yarn, 4 ply acrylic, were used the most.

04-06-11: removed slideshow.

02-17-11: Scrat Index: My cousin Bonnie wanted me to make her a scarf/hat combo in black and white yarn. She sent me the yarns and this web section shows some process shots and Bonnie wearing her Scrat in the snow in Alaska. This is a thumbnail of Amy, my son's girlfriend, who I pressed into being the model before I sent the finished item to Bonnie. 04-06-11: removed slideshow.
01-15-11-12 Hats Experimenting with Eyelash yarn mixed with other yarns for structure. Novelty yarn as well as variegated cottons. One thin white cotton crochet string effort.

04-06-11: removed slideshow.

01-11-11: 12 hats from 2010 Christmas Eve. Took these pictures on Christmas Eve and you know the holidays just hijack one's time and energy. So here are the pictures and a bunch of these hats are at my mother's in preparation for her 80th birthday.

04-06-11: removed slideshow.

2010-12-06: 18 hats

Experimenting with eyelash, fuzzy, and other yarns mixed together.

04-06-11: removed slideshow.

Blog got hacked. 11-27-10 New Blog Post: A Dozen New Hats After Thanksgiving.

A dozen hats after Thanksgiving. Needlework nattering, a bit of family stuff and plans to cook a turkey for Christmas.

2010-11-27-12 hats Experimenting with brims that are adjustable, mixing different yarn types together, and other design.

04-07-11 Removed slide show and finally added captions.

11-24-10: 8 hats from Late October to mid November. All these have gone out the door. I've been experimenting with different types of yarn: cotton, wool, acrylic. As well as experimenting with different style designs. I'm always stunned when someone loves a design I feel unsure of. Big Whew Time. LOL

Blog got hacked. 11-23-10: Did I crochet 60 hats? Making effort to blog more regularly. After taking a count of the hats on my table and thinking of the hats that went out the door, I reckon I've crocheted 60 hats since September. "Are your wrists bothering you, yet?" My sister asks me. "Not that much." I replied.
Blog got hacked. 11-21-10: Coming up for air, new blog post.

I've been so consumed with crocheting hats that I've neglected my blogs. This is a "checking my pulse" blog post, letting y'all know I'm healthy, happy and very productive making hats.

11-01-2010- 10 Hats: Edie sent me a huge box of yarn and these are some of the hats I made for her to choose from.

I plan to create a separate web section showing the yarns used in close up and the hat off of my head.

10-25-2010: No link for this hat or the other hats I've been making this last month. Been on a knitting and crochet roll and haven't taken the time to take photos or add them to the site.

This is just a little note to let you all know I'm alive, well, and head first in a basket of yarn. I'll come up for air when my hands give out.

11-24-10: 8 hats

Jolly from Uganda is the only person who knew how to wear this hat.

There is an old saying - do not wear a hat that has more character than you do and she has enough character to pull this off.

11-24-10: 8 hats

09-30-2010 - 9 hats, most of the hats are cream, brown, black and white, except for the last two where some bright color snuck in. Slide show seen best in IE.
09-20-2010 - 16 hats. I have been crocheting like I'm possessed. I still need to get close up pix of these hats with yarn/string samples and hook size. But for now here's one pix each. Slide show seen best in IE.

The caption will say if the hat is gone.

08-23-2010: Crochet Yellow Hat

This hat made itself almost. I started it in the afternoon and finished it as the Sun was coming up at dawn. It is scav'd yarn so I don't know what it is made of and it's not soft.

08-22-2010 Brown Hat: Crochet

I've had this yarn for years and I don't know what it is made of. It feels soft and a visitor's dog tried to bite the hat, which makes me think it might be wool.

This hat is gone.

08-20-2010: Crochet - Collar, Cuffs, Fingerless Gloves

If you've been wondering where I've been and what I've been doing this web section will tell you. When putting together my sewing area I unearthed my knitting and crochet material and the rest was a blur.


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