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Fiber and String: 11-24-10: 8 hats from Late October to mid November. All these have gone out the door. I've been experimenting with different types of yarn: cotton, wool, acrylic. As well as experimenting with different style designs. I'm always stunned when someone loves a design I feel unsure of. Big Whew Time. LOL

Acrylic novelty yarn in white. Feels real soft.

Only someone from Uganda can wear this hat and get away with it. Go Jolly!

Sister Rasheedah needed something to keep her ears warm in the mornings on the way to work.

Hand dyed wool, very warm. What should I call this hat design? The extended beret?

The acrylic novelty yarn done as a helmet hat with a matching scarf.

My sister took this before I was able to finish it. Mom said "How cute!"

I love it when my sister smiles like this. She likes how she can wear her glasses with this hat.

Jolly fell in love with this hat as you can see from her smile. The next picture shows the back.

The band around the hat was crocheted separately and then tacked down. Came out nice. Acrylic yarn.



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