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Highlights Index

The Year of 2004

August and September 2004

09-14-04: MSATClayArt got a mention in PCpolyzine in the September issues. pcPolyzine Logo

MSAT Mini Food ImageMSAT Clay Art
The Path to Polymer Clay Tutorial Heaven

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09-28-04: Faces in different scales. From half inch mini scene scale to full sized face mask the techniques are the same.
1999 BullsEye Experiment in Gold and Black Fimo. Taming old dried clay and the basic bullseye, lace cane and feather cane.
Rebuilt: 1999 Apple and Candied Apple one page Tute    

Taco Lady 09-23-04: Putting things in the hands and then attaching them to the arms. Her hands and lower face are raw clay the rest is cured.

September 11, 2004 Ramble and Brain Massage

09-17 and 18, 2004 Demo: Snakeskin, autumn leaves, Tiger and Man with Masks

8 demo logs for Friday and Saturday.

09-12-04: In the Pink, putting two colors through their paces.

09-13-04: Pink and White Mask

911-Pink Index Avi Index

Ulrike in Germany shot these avi files. Kat's Masks Sampling. In the Pink: Mixing pink and white. Preparing sheets. Blending, fan folding, petal cane and a variation.

Hurry Cane Index

Gathering with ClayMates waiting out Hurricane Frances

Taco Lady She's a work in progress. There's a dozen different techniques that went into her making so far. From Sculpting, sheet making, food. Result of Demo of 08-27-28, 2004
NEW 08-31-04: I was doing "redirects" for pages migrated to the "biz" site archive. Since I'm still teaching myself how to do this I accidentally did some "cyclical redirects" so some pages couldn't be opened.  They are fixed. These redirects are mainly for other polymer clay websites who have not updated their links to my tutorials. The migration of three years of tutorials from this site to happened over a year ago. So to help out I'm redirecting them to the right place.

08-25-04: Figured out how to make the edges of the frames disappear. Still need to find the one click reset trick.

08-20-04: I'm experimenting with frames, as you can see. To click out of the frames open links in THIS FRAME as a NEW WINDOW, and you'll be free of them. All the pages still have the regular links at the top, because this is an experiment.


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