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Highlights Index August  The Year of 2005

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

Kat's Demo of August 13, 2005, finished items.

October 12, 2002 - Experiments with mixing TLS with colored Mica.

This is a TLS and mica smear cured. It's flat. There's a number of things you can do with glittery flakes, don't ya think?

6/2000: Holographic Embossing Powder on Acrylic Floor Polish Pendants. This is in response to a discussion at CITY-o-Clay about different ways to finish an item. Also check Glass Attic's page on "Finishes".

Extruded Clay hand molded when hot out of the oven Something different to do with extruded clay. This is a technique to get forms you can't do in the raw.

The AVI files are back up. It turned out that I didn't have a space problem but the web host had the number of files I had as showing as twice as many as there were. So I'm not archiving the AVI files. 

I'm moved all the MSAT ClayArt content to the archive at Biz-Archive/MSAT/ClayArt/WebWhatzNew.htm. I'm still working on cleaning up broken links and missing pictures on this part of the site so they point to the archive. If you click on a MSATClayArt link and get a "no page available" notice just change the MSAT url from "com" to "com/Biz-Archive" and it'll get you there.

Are you new to polymer clay? Here's a couple of links that might help.


and if you do miniatures...


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For more stuff for new folks check out


The first three years of running the clay list, the early steps on my clay journey can be found at Biz-Archive/Tute-List.htm

For current projects you can look at


Monthly Highlights

I got a BLOG in my throat - Retired (03-29-08)

There's a new Blog section that's a FrontPage theme "pre-fab" (03-29-09)

Rather than natter about wildly off topic things on CITY-o-Clay I'm venting on my blog. Right now I'm wrestling with rebuilding the PHP-Nuke section and testing it out for possible use on

WordPress made this freeware that you can add to your site too. It's pretty smooth really and the back up documentation and support is vast. I'm still exploring it but what I see I like.

Smoking In Bed

short fiction from 1983


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