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Highlights Index March 2006

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

03-21-06: Spring Chop Pendant

Step by step tutorial on making a quick chop and toss pendant.

March Rambles voted as "keepers"

Art is personal self expression no matter what your skill set happens to be.

Three Part Process of being creative. Part of it is to chill out.

Easter is associated with eggs. This is because eggs are a symbol of new life and the spring brings forth new life. There's all sorts of fertility symbolism with eggs, but be that as it may, I'm eating chocolate eggs and peeps without thinking of fertility before and after Easter.  Below are some things that are Easter treat related or just Egg-Citing.
What would Easter be without marshmallow Peeps? Easy as dirt to make as a mini Easter Treat. No link here just a nudge for our new clayers.

1998 how to hinge an egg:

You can see how plain old white Sculpey discolors as it gets repeated curing.  This is one of the earliest tutorials I made back when I was first discovering polymer clay.

It's on a GeoCities site so fair warning for the ads and if there's too many people going to go see it all at once it'll block the flow.

2000 Egg: Rebuilding the Egg Section.  Chop and toss mirror images cover blown out eggs. These just flew out of the apartment without wings even. Very easy and popular item.

Egg Archive from before July 2003, mini scenes in hinged eggs and the ever unfinished Easter Emu Effort. I got to finish that thing. Maybe this year.

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