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Three Part Process

March 2006


I was told that there's three parts of the creative process.




Input: that's when we put images into our head by way of surfing the
web, reading books, watching PBS, going to museums. All the things
around you if you're a miniaturist can stand a close look.

Synthesis: that's when we take what we've seen and filter it through
our own sensibilities. We have our favorite colors, designs and
topics. I know that my favorite green is not a true half blue and
half yellow green. It's that basic green with gold added. Love the
sparkle. So we synthesize what we've seen through our personal

Output: that's when there's so much stuff in your head that got to
get out, so you create something.

If you've been producing stuff right and left and seem to have met
a "clay block" or a "mini impass", that's when you need to take a
break from the work table and go feed your head. Then go sit
somewhere quiet and think about it. I find having a cup of tea and
looking out the window works for me. Taking a walk and getting some
fresh air and sun shine works too.

We can't be producing non stop without the other two parts of the
creative process. So don't feel bad about not producing. I'm at that
point myself. So I'm feeding my eyeballs with interesting stuff. I'm
walking the dog and looking at nature. All that counts as part of
the creative process.

Also feeling bad about anything gets in our way. If you're working
on something and it's not thrilling you, I suggest you put it aside
and let it rest for a while. Start something else. If you're out of
ideas go clean house. Why ruin a good day on house work? Re-org your
work space. Dig out some books you bought and thumb through them.

We are seeking to goose our muse. Sometimes not stressing about it
and going about peeling apples for a pie is just what the muse
wanted. "I wonder what color mix I need for these granny smith
apples?" and then you're on to a new project.

None of this should feel like "work". None of this should stress
you. One of the healing aspects of working with clay, making music,
dancing or any other creative activity is that we escape our every
day life and are transported somewhere else. Somewhere more
peaceful. It's that zen zone we experience when we're really
concentrating on doing a thing. It heals you. It lowers blood
pressure. It'll lengthen your life.

Dr. Wong said my blood pressure was perfect and that's not the
typical history for my family. I told him it's because I'm an artist
and I know how to chill.

So relax ClayMates, art isn't something that gets made with a lot of
grunting and making scary faces. LOL




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