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Highlights Index May and June  2006

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

Donuts and pastries
Croissant Index: 06-28-06 - Another stab at making the mini croissant.


06-28-06: Cinnibuns: Since we're reviewing donuts and the like I thought we'd tackle cinnamon buns, for no other reason than I love them. I should paste them to my hips because that's where the real ones are going to go.
06-27-06: Jelly Filled Donut

One of my favorite real life treats. Trick on getting a powdered sugar dusting.

9 pictures

Donut with Sprinkles

06-26-06: I don't think I got it right yet, more to come on the Sprinkles challenge.

5 pictures

Glazed and Chocolate Topped

06-24-06: Another donut experiment. The earlier one had too many seams where the Toasty Top was applied to get that glazed look. This new experiment cuts down the amount of seams.

How to get the stripe on the outside of the glazed donut. Pictures 17- 22.

Double Chocolate Donut

Quick, simple and delicious to look at

3 pictures.

Nathan is my grandson and had a birthday recently. This was the invitation that his Daddy made.

Mommy and Daddy are in the picture at the top of this page. Ain't they cute?

I'm a little late in getting this picture up on my site, but granny has been "taking a powder". But better late than never.

06-18-06: Father's Day Book Shuffle
May and June: Taking a powder.

For the last two months I've been working on a series of experiments using powders used in the cosmetic industry. I received a gift of 101 samples, different brands from different manufacturers. Since all of this is new to me it's taken time to organize, inventory, and start the experiments. I'm still not done, but you can take a peek at what I've done so far.

06/11/06 Post to CITY-0-Clay
Those are the steps I used in making the experiments with the powders. The powders that are white or silver were difficult to work with when added to TLS because TLS is white, so it was white on white and I was squinting like a mad woman getting the swirls worked out. Then the lighting was a problem because I need light for the different reflections but the home made light box, a recycled white plastic milk jug, isn't the best contraption.

The manufacturers of these powders serve the cosmetic industry. Check the main index and there's links to the different brands of powders. Beside the links are the manufacturer's names. On the various brand pages will be links to the manufacturers and a bit about that brand of powder.

The most exciting innovation is "Color Travel", it's so new the cosmetic industry just got word about it two months ago.
Color Travel Pigments

Two different technologies have recently  been developed to produce the exciting new effect shown by color travel pigments carrying the brand name XironaŽ.

One form has been produced by coating synthetically produced silica flakes with metal oxides such as titanium dioxide or iron oxide. The silica flakes have their own interference color, which is determined by their thickness. For the creation of color effects, two variables can be used. First, the thickness of the silica flakes and secondly, the thickness of the metal oxide layers. Both can be precisely controlled and so by combinations of layers with varying thickness many different colors and effects can be achieved. The result is that the color of a XironaŽ pigment will change depending on the angle from which it is viewed.

The other technology is multi layer on a mica substrate. If a SiO2 layer with low refractivity and a second highly reflective layer of TiO2 are correctly applied, these layers increase the reflection intensity of each platelet by approx. 90 %. In addition, appropriate layer thickness leads to interference systems with highly angle dependent colors; hence the color of the pigment will change depending on the viewing angle.

The XironaŽ Color Travel pigments may be used in all cosmetic products, in combination with traditional pearl luster pigments as well as both organic and inorganic colors. They disperse well in both oil and water.

To achieve the best visible color travel use almost transparent, translucent and semi opaque base formulations together with transparent round , concave or vaulted packaging.
This new range
contains six pigments under the brand name XironaŽ. Formulations containing XironaŽ pigments you will find here. "

I have all the sample experiments done but only two pages of pictures uploaded. The main index of the Powders section will have "close ups done" typed on the pages that have pictures to look at. All the other sections have pages made but no pictures yet. It's been a long and slow process. I'm not happy with all the pictures because I have an old digital camera and not the right lighting for night time shots. I will be replacing some of the pictures when I get better ones.

101 samples, three pictures and three thumbnails each, it adds up. But I'm slogging through it determined to finish this before actually making things with these powders.

Since the cosmetic industry has just found out about these powders we will be the first polymer clay artists with this information. We may beat the cosmetic industry to the punch with actually putting some of these innovative powders to use.

Here is a page that has posts I sent through the list about these powders.

What most folks may not be aware of is not all glittery and shiny powders are mica. Mica is an ore. Some of these powders are made with other materials. Some of these powders use mica and then put one color on one side of the flake and another color on the other side of the flake to get that "color travel".  I've been adding information to the various brand pages when I can find it on the manufacturer's sites.


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