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Powders Index  
Storage Box Start.

Box Filled.

05-29-06: I had to borrow a face mask from Hilda. These powders fly all over the place and I was sneezing while working with them. Given that sneezing in an environment where there's glittery powder just didn't seem prudent I thought I'd best get a face mask. Buddy, my dog, didn't know what to make of it at first. Now he ignores me when I wear it.

06-11-06: This is the "home made" light box. A half gallon plastic milk jug and some white paper.
Types: Posts to CITY-o-Clay about these powders.
Steps: Using the powders from  Blended Color and strays to show the steps I'm going to take to test on raw polymer clay and Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS). Some pages will have two pictures because these powders show a different color at a different angle of the light.
The samples are grouped by manufacturer name, if I had it, or by a quality if I don't know the manufacturer's name yet. I have to ask my girlfriend who gave these samples to me for more information. There's numbers in parenthesis by each name and that's for my inventory control.

05-28-06: The individual pages still need pictures, this web section is a work in progress.

Blended Color and strays 15 Samples.
Change-Vary-Transforming 3 Samples.
Fire and Ice EMD 2 Samples.
Gemtone Engelhard 10 Samples - Close Ups Done
Glittering and Twilight Engelhard 7 Samples.
Helicone HW Sands 3 Samples.
Luminous Engelhard 5 Samples.
Reflections Engelhard 4 Samples.
Refleks Engelhard 18 Samples.
Ronastar EMD 9 Samples - Close Ups Done
Shimmering Engelhard 5 Samples.
Sicopearl Fantastico BASF 3 Samples.
Sparkling Engelhard 5 Samples.
Ultradescence Engelhard 5 Samples.
Xirona EMD 7 Samples.

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