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2007 Jan - Feb, 2007 Monthly Highlights

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

 Ramble What is an Artist? 01-09-07,

Josana, Pink and White Flowers,

Blend Beads Cut Beads, 02-13-07: Basket Weave, Pennant Beads, 2 Face Beads, 02-24-07 Faux Wood Tins, 02-28-MicaTins,

7 new You-Tube videos, making a flower, from start to finish. If you're new to polymer clay it would be handy to watch the videos in order, for this playlist
and for the Josana playlist. It'll make more sense that way.

Josana for demo logs and screen shots

The avi files from the Josana demo were converted into 13  videos and uploaded to You-Tube.

Blend Beads: : Blend two colors of clay, slice into ribbons, cut those into small rectangles, roll small beads, string on beading wire.

02-12-07: Cut Beads: A core of light brown surrounded by a thin sheet of dark brown, then carved. This is an experiment to simulate carved wood beads.

02-13-07: Basket Weave - This is another example of how to create a basket weave cane. There's other examples, but this has captions.

For another example: BasketWeave (13 screen shots from a demo) Created on 7/1/2004 How to do the basket weave technique with cane.

02-14-07- Pennant Beads: Remember making paper beads this way? Here it's done with a blend.
02-14-07: 2 Face Beads, made with mini face molds, while on the beading wire.
02-24-07 Faux Wood Tins

This section takes faux wood grain and experiments with making leaves with the chevron flip and parquet, then putting the experiments on Altoid tins.

02-28-MicaTins: A continuation of the 02-24-07 faux wood experiment. Two finished tins made with the faux wood grain mix with a lot of mica in the mix. So these are Mica Tins. Turn them in your hand and the light reflects off of the mica in different places on the tin. Very trippy, but then again, I'm easily amused.


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