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June 2004


On June 20, 2004, this figure was begun in demo. She started out with a pinch pot in her arms and then I changed it for the baby. Her dress is clay fabric and she was a fully sculpted nude before being dressed. She was dressed before she was posed. 

The date for the avi files is when I saved them in a folder. Although it says 11-22-04, the avi files were made in June.

Man and Beast

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Ulrike caught these screen shots and avi files. Thank you honey! 14 YouTube videos using avi files from Ulrike in Germany for Josana. From the aluminum foil armature, muscles made of leaf shapes, clay fabric, TLS hair. 

nj 190604 doll  (87 photos) 05-14-08 On photo gallery page
nj 190604 doll female
Created on 6/20/2004

nj 200604 doll  (35 photos) 05-14-08 On photo gallery page.
get the doll dressed and do her hair
Created on 6/22/2004

Orchid Cane made her dress fabric pattern.

06-22-04: Josana

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