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2007 - March: Monthly Highlights

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

Brown Rose Experiment and Ant

03-01-07, Brown Rose Experiment, 03-03-Brown Rose, 03-06-07 Rose Draft, 03-10-Rose Layer Beads, 03-10-07- Rose Necklace, Pendant, 03-20-01-Ant: Real men do wear beads. , 03-20-07 - The Birthday Inro, SunSet Snake Necklace: 03/22/07,

03-01-07, Brown Rose Experiment: Kicking around an experiment on making a rose cane with gradated hues. When the first experiment didn't turn out as planned the cane was put through its paces. A second experiment was begun.

03-03-Brown Rose: This is the third experiment. I'm happy with this effort and the next step is to repeat this technique with rose colors.

03-06-07 Rose Draft: I thought that going back to the drawing board, literally, would be a good idea before tackling the rose cane again.  03-07-07: The fourth experiment with the rose cane. Getting closer to what is in my mind's eye.

03-10-Rose Layer Beads: This is a technique to make round, disk shaped beads without mashing them to get the hole. As the title suggests these beads are made out of layers of clay.

03-10-07- Rose Necklace: Using the Fourth Rose Cane with the Layered Bead technique I made the beads for this necklace.

Pendant 03-19-07 - Here is what that basket weave made when reduced, cut into sections and repeated. I added it to one of the Blended Bead Necklaces.

03-20-07-Ant: Real men do wear beads.

03-20-07 - The Birthday Inro -I was using up the scraps from experiments and this Inro was created. The links to earlier phases of this experiment are at the bottom of this page. There's links to earlier inro experiments and "how - to" construction screen shots from earlier demos.

Said picked this Mica Tin (and the next picture). I'm going by what isn't here, because I didn't see him choose it. I will give him the Inro that I just finished, (preview picture on the right - web section to come). They are both made with the same Mica Wood Grain.
Dean got the flip top tin (and the next two pictures). He was going to go out empty handed, that ain't right.

SunSet Snake Necklace: 03/22/07

The Snake bead necklace made with the Sun Set chop. It was given to Bushyaib's girlfriend, Amy. Who was "touched". Aw that was sweet.

For more on the Sun Set chop check this page.

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