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2007 April 2007 Monthly Highlights

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

 04/05/07 Work Table, 04-15-07 Bikkie Morning, 04-20-07: Three piles of beads, Worktable Index, 04-23-07 Drip Dry Skewers Index, Bead Round Up: Between August and September 2006, AZKathy's Docs Index, Lady With Pot, 04-24-07 Pendant Penance

04/05/07 Work Table: What I've been doing since my favorite Uncle died. He believed in me as an artist.  Now that he is crossed over it's up to me to maintain that belief. If he had faith in my work then I must absorb that and have faith in myself. So as I thought about these things I kept my hands busy.

04-15-07 Bikkie Morning: The Newbie Box Swap topic is "All Things Miniature" . Since art imitates life with miniatures I thought, "I'm going to take pictures of this Sunday Bikkie Breakfast. What ever is there I'll replicate in miniature in polymer clay." This way I can review tutorials with the ClayMates. There'll be review of mini food, dishes, all the way to sculpting figures. The Newbie Box Swaps are stress free and we got time to review all this stuff.

04-20-07: Three piles of beads: Three piles of beads: Links to the canes that went into the chop, as well as links to different techniques using chop.

Worktable Index: Gathering up the wet sanding sections, showing the beads that are being worked on, links to the canes that went into their chop, gratuitous pictures of me living the glamorous life of the artist.

04-23-07 Drip Dry Skewers Index: After skewers of beads get a finish they get sorted, reheated, the beads removed when warm and then bagged. Picture of all bags of beads done during this recent frenzy.

Bead Round Up: Between August and September 2006: Draft page, 10 large pictures on one page, no captions. These pix were up on Flickr because they were not ready for prime time. Now nearly a year later these beads are being bagged.

AZKathy's Docs Index

These are word documents put together by a former volunteer, AZKathy. I thought we had lost all of them when they disappeared off of the server. Evidently I saved a handful. They are slow loading, but filled with pictures and text. The links to "" are all not working. Those can be found at " then the rest of the url" . I'll get around to editing the documents anon. For now the pix and captions will help some folks get a grip on their clay.






Lady With Pot made 10-12-05 was given to my mother as a peace offering gift, 04/15/07. We had been estranged for a while and this figure is my best loved.  Mom was impressed. Cool.

04-24-07 Pendant Penance: 04-24-07 Pendant Penance: This is what I get for making stuff and just throwing them in a drawer. Just like the beads that I've been making out of old cane ends and scraps, these pendants were made during those early experiments. So it stands to reason that I'll find some matching beads for them.


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