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Highlights Index October 2009

MerMom kissing the baby, 10-03-09: WorkTable, 10-04-09 5AoF Clip On Earrings, 10-05-09: Ocean Jasper and The Challenge10-13-2009: Past Swap Items, Animal Review: From 2001 until the present, 10-17-2009 - Giraffe, 10-19-09: The rest of the pictures are up, 10-21-2009 BettyP's Q,TLS Translucent Liquid Sculpey, regretsy,

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

10-03-09: WorkTable: 006 10-30-09, this is how much I hate wet sanding beads individually. It's taken me all month to get to them. The only way I was able to do these TOF tear beads was by watching "The Big Sleep" on my computer through Netflix.

Update: The problem is fixed and I can post to my blogs again. WOOT!

10-23-09: I can't post to my blogs. I've been having difficulty with my webhost and my IP was blocked by their firewall. Now that's been fixed and my blogs are wonky. So I got to share goofy stuff here on my home page.

regretsy "Handmade? It Looks like it was made with your feet!" Hey, I resemble that remark! I do make things with my feet. But I digress...

regretsy is the "razzies" of craft being sold online. It's the type of craft you see and go "WTF?!" and then send the link to your friends and family. You got to go see it.

10-21-2009 BettyP asked: My question to you is where do I start?

10-18-09 - TLS Translucent Liquid Sculpey

Stacy asked what "TLS" was when it was mentioned in a post on CITY-o-Clay. I thought it was a great question because there are a number of new members and they might not yet know.

10-17-2009 - Giraffe: The ongoing exploration of making giraffe cane. This new project will take the color of the Masai Giraffe, on the left and the pattern of the Reticulated Giraffe, on the right. A new Giraffe mix.

Animal Review: From 2001 until the present For more on animal print canes.

10-13-2009: Past Swap Items In 2007 CherylD sent me a box of swap items that were made by the ClayMates during the Newbie Box Swaps. I just found that box and here are some pictures of items made over the past few years.

10-05-09: Ocean Jasper and The Challenge: Here are more examples of real Ocean Jasper. Use any of these for the "Reverse Engineering" Challenge.  No real prizes are handed out for this effort. Just virtual internet admiration. To join the Challenge join CITY-0-Clay.

10-04-09 5AoF Clip On Earrings: The how-to on sandwiching a clip on earring finding between two layers of clay, in spite of a miscalculation in the beginning of the experiment.

10-03-09: WorkTable I wet sanded the rings and some TOF (tongues of fire) mirror image pendants. I had three pendants that had skewers stuck in them so I reheated them to remove the skewers so I can wet sand those. I have some 5AoF scrap/natasha beads cured on skewers. The last bit of the TOF beads to sand, the tear shaped hanging ones are going to be a bit of a pill since I have to sand them one at a time.

MerMom kissing the baby: This mini scene was completed on April 9, 1999. After being chased from PhotoPoint to Epson, to here, the enlarged pictures with captions were rebuilt 10-03-2009.


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