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Highlights Index February 2010

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

OOAK Doll Clothing, 02-04-10: My intention to hang out my virtual shingle as an astrologer. AstroBlog, "Say What", Valentine's Day in Aquarius?, Testimonials for my astrology readings
02-21-2010: AstroBlog New Testimonials for my astrology readings. Check out some of the new astrology rambles in "Say What?".

The b2evolutions mutli-blog is working fine for the new browsers.

I will be retiring the FrontPage subsite of Astrology very soon. Then the work of rebuilding CITY-Lists group subsites will begin. Don't ya just love how advancements in technology create a lot of busy work for us?

02-14-2010: Chinese New Year 2010, this year is the year of the Tiger.

To the left is the Chinese character for the Tiger.

It would be easy to make a cane with this ideogram.

02-14-2010: AstroBlog Valentine's Day in Aquarius? How weird is that already.

Part of my new astrology adventure, "Say What" in the AstroBlog section is for random comments.

02-10-2010: The Astrology Section Uploaded.

Best seen in IE. FireFox and Chrome browsers don't like FrontPage Themes. If you use these browsers go to my new AstroBlog. 

The best time to do something is when you're thinking of it. The section is a subsite. Watch out the paint is still wet and there's some finishing touches to do, but it is launched.

02-04-10: My intention to hang out my virtual shingle as an astrologer.

Iíve been working all day on building an astrology section to my website. Iíve made the decision to hang out my shingle as an astrologer. It was a difficult decision and took a long time to make it because Iíve spent the last 10 years of my life working with polymer clay and teaching it online for free.... read more.

02-01-2010:  OOAK Doll Clothing

Review: regarding making clothing for an OOAK (one of a kind) doll. Making your own patterns, "clay fabric", and some tips on utilizing your local Thrift Shop for leather.


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