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Highlights Index April 2011

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

Went to the hospital for no good reason and racked up $50K in bills, which I can't pay. Volunteered for the San Francisco Astrological Society as their new Director of Publicity and Outreach, did my first call in to a Blog Talk Radio show with Matthew Currie (with promises that we'd do it again and we did in May 2011), used the Mercury Retrograde to Re-Do a handful of slide shows into regular webpages because new browsers don't like my FrontPage 2003.

Astrology 04-28-11: New Publicity Director for the San Francisco Astrological Society New blog post. I volunteered for the position and was accepted. We waited until Mercury went direct before moving forward.

Tonight the announcement will be made at the monthly meeting: Fort Mason, building C, room 260, 7:30pm. Be there or be square.

Listen to internet radio with MatthewAstrologer on Blog Talk Radio


Astrology April 21 2011: I called in to chat with Matthew Currie on Blog Talk Radio. My first time on the air. My part starts at 27:15 through to 45:42.

Massive shout outs to my peeps in the executive sky box.


Healthy San Francisco - The Quest, Part One

04/19/2011: Blog post about my effort to apply to my old medical group through Healthy San Francisco and how being aware of astrological transits kept me from getting frustrated.


Back From the Hospital or Doing Stand-up Lying Down

I got a lot of explaining to do to friends and family so I figured it was worth a blog post. Long story short - I'm ok.

04-06-11: Since the new browsers do not like FrontPage 2003 slideshows, and who can blame them, I'm in the process of replacing the slideshows on my website with plain old web pages. It is the best way to use Mercury Retrograde: review, revise, re-do... all the "re" words. The links below have been revised.
03-01-11:17 hats




02-17-11: Scrat For Bonnie in Alaska




01-15-11:12 Hats




01-11-11: 12 hats from 2010 Christmas Eve.




2010-12-06: 18 hats




2010-11-27:12 hats



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