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Highlights Index July 2012: Beginner's Project Ramble, Using Mini Printables with polymer clay, Astrology: April Elliot Kent Interview.


0726-2012: April Elliot Kent spoke at the San Francisco Astrological Society on "Marketing yourself with astrology" I have to apologize because the interview clip is very dark. I tried all the tricks I could think of with the software I have to lighten it and was not successful. That's ok, April Elliot Kent does not like to be on camera anyway and Mercury was retrograde.


Using Mini Printables with polymer clay

Utilize miniature printables with polymer clay. It's not just for dolls houses, ya know.

07-05-12: Beginner's Project: A new CITY-o-Clay member asked "What would be a good beginner's project" and this was my reply.

No it's not a covered egg. This covered egg was one of my earlier efforts. Thought it would be appropriate for a ramble about beginner's projects.


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