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Old Lady with ComputerCITY-List Portal This is the portal to CITY-Lists Yahoo Groups.

Current CITY-Lists Yahoo Groups: I've moved the information about CITY-Lists to a new directory. This is the link for the current Yahoo Groups under the CITY-List family.

There are hundreds of links going to that will have to be edited. Since this is an old fashioned website with static pages it'll take time to get them all. I'll be leaving this notification up on the home page for the duration.
Update 3/11/2014

I am selling my artwork to fund my dental costs. I don't sell my art unless it's necessary, as most of you know, but now it's time to let go of my artwork rather than let go of more teeth. I'll be adding art to this new website each day so come by and visit to see what's going out the door. Also you can keep track on FaceBook, Twitter, and Tumblr.
Faux Egypt Lady 2014 9/8/2014: Review of the Faux Egypt Lady with a new video discussing the techniques used.

9/5/14: I'm asking for help to raise $4K to help me with my dental costs.

That's why I've started a GoFundMe page.

After 15 years of providing free polymer clay tutorials to the public and not turning this website into a subscription "pay per view" site I'm asking my web visitors for help.

I thank you in advance for any donation you can afford. If you would rather donate through PayPal click on the PayPal verified badge below.


Nora Jean Stone
CD Cover for NCGR Talk 1-2014Social Network Marketing for the Astrologer  Audio Sample with Parental Warning.

This is the talk I gave at the San Francisco Chapter of the National Council of Geocosmic Research (NCGRSF) on January 7, 2014. It is now available as a CD.

Social Network sharing of information is as old as St. Paul Epistles, Cicero and his Roman pals running slaves back and forth with news from the Senate, Martin Luther and the spread of Reformation, and the American Revolution pamphleteers. Control of information by a monolithic corporation (think Rupert Murdoch) is a modern invention to control the minds of the people.

Astrologers need Social Network Marketing to build their brand & connect with the people.

Jen Doll is preparing for Christmas in her Room Box... all year long. 


This is an exercise in showing a variety of scales in one room box: 1 inch scale for the doll and furniture, 1/4 scale, 1/8th and even smaller for other items in the room. It's a way of making your room box look real by littering it with smaller scale items. 


With the winter holidays upon us in the northern hemisphere it's time to review the Holly Daze tutorials. 

Making a leaf shaped cane with veins does not a holly leaf make. It takes a bit of manipulation to get that prickly holly leaf look. 

I like this 3rd effort 
Changing the clay to translucent with gold foil broken inside of it we can get an "ice holly" effect. Surrounding molded faces makes for interesting pins. 

What to do with your Thanksgiving Left Overs?
Make mini food
Here's my favorite: Left over turkey sandwich earrings.

These went to a middle school gal and she was just delighted to make her friends laugh at school after the Thanksgiving break.

Sandwich Earrings: A quick How To. Make it like you make real sandwiches, just no mayo.
Day of the Dead celebrations from past years.

I shall remember my neighbor Hilda Jonas this year for Day of the Dead.
Hilda Jonas and Rebecca

Hilda Jonas Died at 101 Years of age


9-12-2014: New blog post regarding the passing of Hilda Jonas. A world reknown harpsichordist, Jewish surivivor from Germany, my neighbor and friend.


Many Claymates will remember that during webcam demos if Hilda came to my door I stopped everything to aid her.


“Baruch dayan emet,” “Blessed is the True Judge."

Metaphysical Detective Gif

Kirsten Weiss is the author of the Riga Hayworth series of paranormal mystery novels and the steampunk/suspense novel, Steam and Sensibility. Her books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. Follow her on Twitter @RigaHayworth

8-3-2014: It's been about 4 months since I updated my home page. I have been focusing on doing astrology and social network marketing for the San Francisco Astrological Society. I think the last thing I did was to convert the SFAS website from html to WordPress. That was a new thing to do and I'm rather proud of it. It's been tweaked some by the new web master since April.

Now that Jupiter has gone into Leo and the worse of the Grand Cardinal Cross is about over (Spring of 2015 is the last gasp of it) I feel motivated to work with polymer clay, sew a bit, and blog a bit.

First things first, update my home page and what better way than to share the interview with Christopher Renstrom, the photo of the wonderful dinner that Esther Lau hosted for Christopher Renstrom and some of the astrologer volunteers from SFAS and NCGR-SF, and the new animated gif for the "Metaphysical Detective Agency" by Kristen Weiss. You have just got to read her books. She's a local writer and we should support our local artists.


My interview with Christopher Renstrom on July 31, 2014

His website - 


Blesilda Carmona provided this photo
8-2-2014: Esther Lau's dinner in honor of Christopher Renstrom who writes the daily horoscopes for the San Francisco Chronicle and here's the panoramic view of 10 out of the 12 "astrological disciples" while Steve Pincus and Mary Gow handle the cam.

From L-R: Ian Waisler (President of the San Francisco Astrological Society/SFAS), Joe Kaminsky (VP of the National Council for Geocosmic Research/NCGR San Francisco Bay Area Chapter), Barry Perlman (Astrobarry), guest of honor Christopher Renstrom visiting from Salt Lake City, Utah to deliver lectures here in the Bay Area, which he just did this Saturday for NCGR San Francisco Bay Area Chapter  and earlier in the week for SFAS), our generous hostess Ms. Esther Lau of Empress Investments International LLC, Linea Van Vorn (Linea Astrologer) and her husband Allan, Blesilda (Recording Secretary, NCGR-SF), Aude Guerin (Executive Secretary, NCGR-SF), and Ms. Nora Jean Stone (Publicity Director, SFAS). Manning the camera were Steve Pincus and Mary Gow (President and Publicity Director, respectively, of NCGR-SF).
 March, April, May, June,  2014:
04-02-2014: April 2014 Grand Cardinal Cross YouTube Playlist. I have 15 videos from various astrologers in this playlist and will be adding them as I find them. Through out all of April 2014 people are going to be pretty stressed out, if they are just reacting to impulse and desire. If they are mindful to give positive expression to the planets involved in the Cardinal Grand Cross then all they have to do is stay out of harm's way. Easy Peasie.

Updated 04-02-2014:  Gold Leaves on Green: I found a section that lacked captions so I added them in and am featuring the edited section here.
  Tigers Eye Cane How To How to make those super thin layers.
04-02-2014: Found some wonky links in the Biz Archive Tigers Eye group. Fixed them so I'm featuring them.

Star Trek Face Palmhttp:/

I spent most of February unmerging my Yahoo/ATT emails.

A long, boring, and often frustrating effort.

If you're curious about some of the details you can read the blog post. But the Star Trek Face Palm picture gives you an idea of how I felt while it was going on.

Yahoo Hack BOOO

At the end of January thousands of Yahoo Email addresses were hacked. In the process of trying to make a new password I found that since my ATT email and Yahoo email were "Merged" I could not find anyone who could figure out how to "UnMerge" them so I could access my Yahoo Groups.

This blog post is my frustrated ranting. 
January 30, 2014
Mongolian Horses
2014 HNY
NCGR SF I gave a talk on "Social Network Marketing for the Astrologer", Tuesday, January 7, 2014, 7:30pm, Room C210, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA.  I'll put up a direct link to the recording of the talk and the pdf files when I get them from NCGR.
The information from the NCGR website:

Our featured speaker is Nora Jean Stone, who is the Director of Publicity and Outreach, as well as the Web Mistress, for the San Francisco Astrological Society. Focusing on Social Network Marketing Nora has been able to increase the visibility of SFAS since 2011.

The world of public relations and marketing has changed with the advent of Social Networks. So much that all the old marketing strategies have to be thrown out the window. If people want their businesses to be seen, websites to be visited, and clients to be engaged it can only happen by embracing Social Network Marketing and establishing a dialogue with potential clients.

What will be covered: What sort of astrologer are you? What is the aim of Social Network Marketing for the astrologer. Where to learn how to set up a website quickly and inexpensively. A short review of the impact of Social Networks on the adult population: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Tumblr. Review of some web based tools to make Social Network Marketing easier to do. Social Network Marketing has spawned a basket of books, hours of webinars, and a niche industry of people who will do it for you. Learn some things you can use right away.

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