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October 2004

Review of past Day of the Dead Celebrations

Review of 2003 Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead has been one of my favorite subject with clay. So here is a page with links to the various Day of the Dead efforts I've made since 1998 when I started goofing around with polymer clay and miniatures. 

March 2003 was Mexico Month

Here's some Examples of real Day of the Dead items.

Day of the Dead Skull Cane, 2001


The weirdest of the Day of the Dead salvage.2002

2000 The Leopard Spot half mask given as a Day of the Dead gift. The receiver planned to give it to his mother who was born in Mexico.

1999 Skull Egg


1999 Day of the Dead hinged egg


1998 Day of the Dead Altar

Salvaged GeoCities section, so some links may be wonky.

1998 My first clay things were Day of the Dead


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