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Making the Holly Leaf: Departing from my usual way of showing things I'm not linking these thumbnails to larger pictures. I think it's better seen as a whole. First trick is to reduce the Holly Cane into a tapering cone, form like a leaf and then slice. So you have a gradation of size leaves to work with. I reduced the Holly Cane into two of these cone shapes for I had two faces to embellish. This shows one half of this cane made into leaves. 

This is the tapered cone sliced. The two sizes by the penny show the size range you get when you cut the cone. 

These are the separate steps for making the leaf after you made your Holly Cane. 

Take a slice and smooth the edges down, that makes the back of the leaf have the brown surround sheet making it darker. 

With a clayshaper tool run an indentation line down the brown veins of the leaf, pulling points out at the outer edge. 

Pull the points out on both sides and then make an indentation down the center vein. I take a razor's edge and make a V shape in that center vein. 

With the razor's V shape indentation it's easier to lift one side  and fold it to the center at a 45 degree angle. Do this with a razor's edge. Lift it up off the tile with the razor. 

After lifting the leaf up with the razor's edge take one end of the Holly leaf with thumb and forefinger and bend it over your finger tips. There ya go, a Holly Leaf. 

Screen Shots for Holly Daze of 2003


Make leaves until you run out of slices, line them up like this so you can make the sides of the embellished face symmetrical.


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