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December 2004

Holly Daze Index

This item swapped with Jen 

Leaf Index: Just Leaves

2004 Flower and Leaf Canes 

Old Tutes for Flowers and Leaves

Oldest Holly Tutorial: 31 pictures, rebuilt, 10-27-04.


One Tile Tute a photo over view of the different slices one gets during the making of a cane. Goofing around with an image map again.
WebLog 11-21-03: Making the cane that makes Holly.

 Screen Shots for Holly Daze of 2003

Making the Holly Leaf


Attach The Leaf Index: There's a trick to everything and these leaves are no exception. Here's the secret.

Half Done

Two face molds, placed back to back

Big Fat Tip on doing easy breezy eyeballs.

First Cure


Monthly Highlights Since 8/2003

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ComboTutes: New and old stuff

 First Three Years - Biz-Archive

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