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Holly Daze Index

sewdaisy2001: Hello NJ
bonsaikathy joined the room
sewdaisy2001: Hi Kathy
Fearless Leader: Yahoo is being mean
sewdaisy2001: OH OH
bonsaikathy: Finally, I didn't think I'd ever get in, Hi to both of
merrie60us joined the room
bonsaikathy: I can't believe I'm actually going to get to sit in on
chat for the first time in a long time
Fearless Leader: I'm just relieved to get in
Fearless Leader: I've been struggling with Yahoo for a while now
bonsaikathy: I"m relieved your in too, lol
bonsaikathy: wonder what's going on with it
Fearless Leader: What I wanted to show you first, if you've not seen
Fearless Leader: is how the mold looks like it's sticking out, when
it's really an indentation
Fearless Leader: it's a trick of the eye
Fearless Leader: this is one way you can check your molds, turn it to
a mirror
Fearless Leader: see how the impression would look after clay had been
in there
Fearless Leader: if it looks wonky by turning it into a mirror
Fearless Leader: it'll look wonky as an impression
liteladi (liteladi) joined the room
Fearless Leader: I'll post to the list that we're in an on for Demo,
Staci (smorgan364) joined the room
liteladi: hi staci
liteladi: i dont know i just got here myself
Fearless Leader: Just posted to the list that we're here, let's do a
roll call, first name and location
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
merrie60us: Merrie Boston
liteladi: penny michigan lansing to be exact
bonsaikathy: Kathy in E. TN
liteladi: err i mean im penny and im in lansing michigan LOL
polymerfairy joined the room
Fearless Leader: And here is Bonny, where are you located Bonny?
polymerfairy: West Palm Beach FL
Fearless Leader: Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco Staci: Staci
Misery merrie60us: Merrie Boston liteladi: penny michigan lansing to
be exact bonsaikathy: Kathy in E. TN liteladi: err i mean im penny and
im in lansing michigan LOL polymerfairy joined the room
liteladi: hi bonnie
bonsaikathy: HI Bonnie
Fearless Leader: oh that turned out weird, but now Bonny knows who is
Fearless Leader: for those who just got here this that you see in the
cam window
polymerfairy: LOL thx NJ
Fearless Leader: is a mold of a face I sculpted long ago
Fearless Leader: it looks like it's sticking out when it is really
sticking inward
Fearless Leader: see
Fearless Leader: a mold will look like the impression when turned to a
camera, or turned to a mirror and is a way to check your mold without
using any clay in it
liteladi: i gotta go ill see ya tomorrow
polymerfairy: optical illusion
liteladi left the room
Fearless Leader: let's make a mold of this face with some cane with
sewdaisy2001 left the room
sewdaisy2001 joined the room
khym joined the room
polymerfairy: think this is great...I used one of the face molds I
bought and made a sheet of my flowers and leaves then pressed it into
the mold..just painted the eyes yesterday LOL
merrie60us: where did you buy a face mold?
Fearless Leader: I sculpted the face, cured it, made a mold
polymerfairy: I think at Crafts and was a few years ago
Fearless Leader: now the nose is a problem
Fearless Leader: so I'm preforming the nose before mashing the cane
slice in the mold to see if that works better
polymerfairy: they're call What a character push molds by AMACO
Staci (smorgan364) joined the room
polymerfairy: Hi Staci
merrie60us: OH thanks I have been trying to sculpt a face to make a
mold but that is not my forte
khym: can anyone see me?
polymerfairy: mine either...yet LOL
polymerfairy: yes I see you
bonsaikathy: khym, I can see you
sewdaisy2001: Hi Khym
khym: cool, thanks. Hi. This looks interesting!
sewdaisy2001: What did you bruch on as a mold release?
sewdaisy2001: brush
Fearless Leader: by taking a chevron flip leaf cane slice and pressing
it into a face mold you get an instant mask
Fearless Leader: I use baby powder the cheaper the better
sewdaisy2001: thanks
polymerfairy: looks good NJ
Fearless Leader: now all we have to do to embellish this face is to
put things around it, leaves, flowers, you name it
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
jude: Howdy!
Fearless Leader: now this is where you can use your trim from leaf
cane pressed on sheets, Howdy Jude
jude: Such a quiet group!
polymerfairy: Hi Jude
bonsaikathy: HI Jude
khym: hi Jude
Fearless Leader: So what you put around the faces you're embellishing
depends on what you have on hand
Fearless Leader: I have some rose petal cane and some leaves
Fearless Leader: so that's what I'm going to use for any color is
going to be ok with blue, because that is the color of the sky
Fearless Leader: and everything goes with silver because it's a non
color, as such
Fearless Leader: is there anyone here who would like to see a leaf
cane made or does everyone know the chevron flip for leaves
Fearless Leader: like what made this cane
khym left the room
chelyha55 joined the room
Fearless Leader: while you're deciding I'll change out of my work
shoes and put on my house slippers
Fearless Leader: Hey Cheryl
chelyha55: Hi all!
chelyha55: interesting cane she has there
polymerfairy: oh we're such a talkative bunch tonight lol
Fearless Leader: I was asking those present if they need to see this
cane made or shall we just go forward and embellish this face?
chelyha55: what are you deciding?
chelyha55: oh, well I know how you do that one, so let the others
polymerfairy: I would NJ..I did one but it came out sloppy
Fearless Leader: so did my first ones Bonny, it takes a bit of
Fearless Leader: I had to do two tonight to get one right
bonsaikathy: up to others, I've seen it done
Fearless Leader: and I've been doing these for a while
polymerfairy: I did take a green skinner bullseye cane and make
fishscale leaves
chelyha55: when are you going to do the holly?
Fearless Leader: that's what I'm waiting for, folks to decide, I'm
taking off my work shoes
Fearless Leader: we can do holly now if you want
chelyha55: I would love to see holly
Roni (meows3xx) joined the room
Roni: hi Kathy, Cheryl, NJ, Jude, merrie, fairy, daisy, Staci.
Fearless Leader: ok, I have some cane ends, and they are not all that
exciting, so I'll put them in the food processor, chop them up, let's
do a blend for our holly leaf cell, surround it with brown and make a
holly leaf, I'll get the link
chelyha55: I've been decorating ornaments and jingle bells
chelyha55: holly could be useful
sewdaisy2001: roni
chelyha55: hi!
polymerfairy: HI Roni...Bonny here
bonsaikathy: Hi Roni
Roni: thanks Bonny, couldn't remember your name
polymerfairy: np Roni
Staci (smorgan364) joined the room
bonsaikathy: wasn't ignoring you Roni, carrying on another
conversation at the same time,
Staci (smorgan364) joined the room
polymerfairy: wb Staci
meows3xx left the room
Roni (meows3xx) joined the room
Roni: hi, yahoo bounced me
polymerfairy: still using 98 here
polymerfairy: problem is soon we won't be able to get drivers if we
need them
jude: I'm still using 98, too.
chelyha55: oh man so did you lose all your stuff?
polymerfairy: ouch
sewdaisy2001 left the room
Roni: I'm using ME also
Fearless Leader: now I'm going to do a blend with gold and this green
chelyha55: the computer I just bought is running XP
polymerfairy: hubby's going to put xp on this one and a new video card
chelyha55: I've read that ME is like the worst of all the windows
sewdaisy2001 joined the room
polymerfairy: hubby agrees with you Staci lol
Staci (smorgan364) joined the room
sewdaisy2001: That's for sure- Add AOL and Here i am - Sometimes LOL
chelyha55: I liked 98 because it wasn't vulnerable to some of the
viruses that xp is
polymerfairy: very true
chelyha55: but you can run Norton on XP with no problems
polymerfairy: The only use I have for AOL is making their CD's into
clocks LOL
chelyha55: I couldn't run it on my other pc
jude: They make good coasters, too.
polymerfairy: LOL
chelyha55: making clocks from aol cd's that's great!
polymerfairy: paint pallets too
chelyha55: I think Norton takes a lot of memory to run
jude: It takes a ton of memory to run.
chelyha55: which I didn't have on my old pc
jude: And, when I got rid of it and uninstalled it, it left about 60
MB of stuff behind.
chelyha55: this one has plenty
chelyha55: really?
chelyha55: that's messed up
bonsaikathy: I love the color on that NJ
bonsaikathy: very pretty
jude: That is true. However, typing Format C: is not something I would
ever want to do. LOL!
jude: LOL!
chelyha55: does that reformat the hard drive?
jude: Oh, yes.
chelyha55: or is that fdisk
jude: Right.
polymerfairy: brb
chelyha55: I used the software that came with my HP to reformat it
when I sold it
jude: fdisk is what is now called scan disk.
chelyha55: oh, ok
Fearless Leader:
Holly Daze web section
chelyha55: this computer has so much hard drive space I'll never
Fearless Leader: that's the Holly Daze album
chelyha55: hey that is a cool album
chelyha55: I bought my current pc from a computer junkie
chelyha55: it's a custom made one
chelyha55: really nice
Fearless Leader: ok, how many times did I run it through the pasta
Fearless Leader: 3 maybe 4?
Fearless Leader: with the skinner blend they say fold it in half and
press it 24 times
Fearless Leader: like we got that sort of time to spend on something
we can do quicker
chelyha55: oh sh*t we just got busted for not paying attention in
Fearless Leader: LOL
chelyha55: I still prefer the slow method, sorry
chelyha55: I just can't get a good blend with your method
Fearless Leader: this is going to be jelly rolled and reduced to a
very small size, any irregularities in the blend isn't going to be
Fearless Leader: now I'll do the jelly roll with the gold in the
techi_mom56 joined the room
chelyha55: Hi Nancy
greatauntjudy left the room
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
chelyha55: I love that gold to green blend
jude: Speaking of computers. Mine was listening. Sigh...big mistake
talking about it when it's listening.
chelyha55: LOL
chelyha55: would anyone like to see my current Just Beads auctions?
Fearless Leader: now for those who don't know how to make their seams
match when covering a cane like this
jude: I clicked on the link you gave us NJ and it started to load and
then everything froze. Figures.
chelyha55: If I can figure out how to do the link!
Fearless Leader: roll your sheet around the cane until it touches the
other side
Fearless Leader: make an indentation
Staci (smorgan364) joined the room
Fearless Leader: and then cut just inside of that indentation and your
seams will match up without over lap
chelyha55: me too
jude: NJ, when I do that, mine still don't quite meet. I need more
practice, I think.
Toni (slinky_malinki_2003) joined the room
jude: I don't like any of them that blink. That drives me nuts.
Fearless Leader: Now I'm going to surround this with brown
sewdaisy2001: Hello Toni
jude: I love those colors, NJ!
Fearless Leader: ain't green and gold nice?
Fearless Leader: even if Holly ain't that color I don't care
Fearless Leader: LOL
jude: I don't either. I did some angels the other day that are a
mish-mash of everything-color.
jude: That's great, Staci!
chelyha55: there's the link to my auctions, I think
chelyha55: I did a 3 color gradient that is green out to gold to white
chelyha55: do you like the jingle bells?
chelyha55: those are going well with my friends and neighbors
chelyha55: thanks
chelyha55: I just love this clay!
bonsaikathy: I can tell you from personal experience her stuff is
bonsaikathy: awesome canes
chelyha55: the bells are up for sale at the t-shirt shop in town
jude: Pretty things, Cheryl! Wow!
jude: hachapi T's?
chelyha55: Thanks!
chelyha55: yes, I am working there part time
bonsaikathy: welcome, you deserve it
chelyha55: helping Christie
bonsaikathy: I'm a big fan
jude: Neat place.
chelyha55: yes and very nice people too
chelyha55: christie is a pretty darn good pc artist as well
Fearless Leader: now I'm going to cut this into sections and form the
basic holly leaf
Staci (smorgan364) joined the room
Staci (smorgan364) joined the room
chelyha55: look how well NJ reduced that cane!
jude: Looks like a snake, doesn't it?
jude: Yikes!
chelyha55: I like snakes
chelyha55: I used to have two as pets
polymerfairy: that looks like the snake that slithered through my back
yard the other day
jude: They are useful, but better stay out of my yard.
chelyha55: as long as they aren't poisonous they can come around any
jude: NJ is making holly? I missed that when I crashed.
chelyha55: yes, she is
chelyha55: I really want to make a holly cane
chelyha55: would go nice on my christmasy beads
jude: Okie, she seems to be forming the leaves?
jude: They sure would, Cheryl.
smorgan364 left the room
Staci (smorgan364) joined the room
Fearless Leader:
chelyha55: she did a blend with gold and green, wrapped it in brown ,
reduced and cut it up
Fearless Leader: there's the tute for a couple of variations on this
Holly Theme
chelyha55: ah, that's better
sewdaisy2001 left the room
sewdaisy2001 joined the room
polymerfairy: wv
polymerfairy: wb even lol dang fingers
chelyha55: wow lots of us are getting booted tonight
sewdaisy2001: TY
sewdaisy2001: ? wht is in the center? Brown sheet?
chelyha55: yes, I think so
Staci: gold center
Staci: green middle
Staci: and brown veins
Fearless Leader: Now I'll do one sort of big so you can see the trick
of it
Fearless Leader: when you get the technique in a big scale
Fearless Leader: you just move to smaller and smaller scales until you
get to the size you want
julia_dodge joined the room
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: check this picture and you'll see what I'm going to
julia_dodge: hi kids
polymerfairy: Hi Julia
jude: That is a clay tool, a soft tipped thingy.
Fearless Leader: a clayshaper
Fearless Leader: soft rubber tip
jude: Thank you. LOL!
Fearless Leader: cone shaped
jude: Of course, I used the technical name for it.
polymerfairy: rofl
Fearless Leader: the brown separation sheet is the line between the
Fearless Leader: that's what you drag out to the edge to get the
pointy edges of the holly leaf
Fearless Leader:
polymerfairy: the ones I got at the art store are called colour shaper
Fearless Leader: that picture is when you're using small slices
Fearless Leader: same thing Bonny
polymerfairy: good LOL thx
Fearless Leader: the color shapers and clay shapers have different
tips, some are grey, some are white and some are black
Fearless Leader: the black seems to me to be the hardest
Fearless Leader: I can't see the difference between the white and
grey, frankly
polymerfairy: I have grey and white
polymerfairy: my white seem a little harder then the grey
Fearless Leader: so Cheryl do you think you can do holly now? it's
really easy, just the construction is a little different
Fearless Leader: let me get another link that uses this construction
chelyha55: yes I can!
chelyha55: thanks!
Staci: Oh I have tired butt
Staci: I need to go to bed
chelyha55: I want to find my gardening books and look at some pics of
Staci: I will see y'all tomorrow
Fearless Leader: Sweet dreams Staci
Roni: nite Staci
chelyha55: bye!
Staci: Nj, you are having demo tomorrow right?
polymerfairy: nite Staci tc
sewdaisy2001: bye Stacy
Fearless Leader:
polymerfairy: says the white are softer then the grey...go figure
Fearless Leader: Check out this page, it uses the same construction as
the holly
Fearless Leader: but instead of pulling the veins out to a point, I
ruffled the edges,
smorgan364 left the room
chelyha55: I've made this cane many times, just never pulled out the
Fearless Leader: when you use gold and green it looks festive enough
for the holidays
chelyha55: I'd like to indent the edges and fill them in with
translucent, then reduce, so I can cut and apply
chelyha55: and have the trans disappear
chelyha55: if that makes any sense!
polymerfairy: yep ...I do that with some of my flower canes
chelyha55: ok, cool
chelyha55: sometimes it's hard to put it into words
chelyha55: I want to make mine with dark green
chelyha55: I just bought a ton of clay so I can now make some new
chelyha55: just what I need, more canes!
polymerfairy: I know what you mean...was trying to explain how I get
my pen clay off the gets very stuck from putting the flowers
and leaves on it...getting it off is like skinning fish lol
chelyha55: I use a piece of laminate when I work with something flat
like that
chelyha55: easier to peel off
polymerfairy: I tried parchement paper but what a mess
Fearless Leader: this is Ice Holly
Fearless Leader: use translucent and glittery stuff
Fearless Leader: cut a leaf shape
Fearless Leader: do the pulling of the veins
Fearless Leader: and bend
chelyha55: If you have an office supply place that does laminating,
see if they will sell you some scraps
polymerfairy: they look so nice...checked the pics out earler ...looks
like real ice
Fearless Leader:
polymerfairy: I have some...never thought to use it...
julia_dodge: hi
Fearless Leader: This holly leaf was made of pearl, then gold leaf and
Toni (slinky_malinki_2003) joined the room
chelyha55: try it, it's great
chelyha55: you can bend it and peel the clay off
chelyha55: and you can use it over and over
polymerfairy: cool...I will
Toni (slinky_malinki_2003) joined the room
Fearless Leader: I'm going to take my break now because I'm still in
my work clothes and I got to change into something more comfortable
Fearless Leader: I'll also save log at this point

polymerfairy: ok NJ
Fearless Leader: How about 10 minutes or so?
Fearless Leader: brb
chelyha55: I'm going to head out, I want to make some beads tonight
meows3xx left the room
jude: Okie.
polymerfairy: I made a pattern of the pen clay size out of clear
plastic...that way I can see what to cut
chelyha55: so I'll check in with you all tomorrow
chelyha55: nitey nite all
chelyha55 left the room
polymerfairy: brb
bonsaikathy left the room
bonsaikathy joined the room
Toni: brb
slinky_malinki_2003 left the room
bonsaikathy: ok this time it was me, lol, yahoo bouncing people right
and left
bonsaikathy: nite
bonsaikathy: I need to hit the sack anyway, I'm beat. I have a long
day ahead of me, my daughter is coming for a visit Sunday, Yippeeee
and I need to get lot's done tomorrow before leaving for work, hugs
bonsaikathy left the room
techi_mom56: ah...much better...sweats and one of hubbys t-shirts
Fearless Leader: ah me too, man if I didn't take that bra off I'd have
lost the last of my dang mind
Fearless Leader: now I will scratch for a half an hour
sewdaisy2001 left the room
sewdaisy2001 joined the room
jude: Dang, the wind is really kicking up here now.
techi_mom56: laugh...
techi_mom56: nj that is so funny but i have been up since 3:30 this
Fearless Leader: I tell ya, it's the soy sauce and water retention
Fearless Leader: Playboy bunnies have to be naked for at least 4 hours
before having pictures taken of them nude, bra and panty marks take
time to ease up
Fearless Leader: and Jude, the wind is howling here too
jude: They issued a wind "advisory" earlier. We just have to ride it
out, I suppose.
polymerfairy: think I'll call it a night ...past my bedtime LOL TC
everyone...see ya tomorrow TTFN
sewdaisy2001: Nite
Fearless Leader: Ok Bonny, nighty night
techi_mom56: good night bonny
polymerfairy left the room
jude: Night!
techi_mom56: i bought a face mold today
Fearless Leader: what sort of face mold, want to show us?
techi_mom56: sure hang on
sewdaisy2001: NJ, The mold you are using- You made with clay?
Fearless Leader: yes I did, and I suggest that folks use the best clay
they have for molds for they are your work horses
Fearless Leader: too bright
Fearless Leader: everything is washed out
Fearless Leader: turn the light away a little and give us some shadow,
Fearless Leader: ok, I see now
Fearless Leader: after you make the impression are you going to
individualize it?
sewdaisy2001: I have that one It's still in the package too. LOL
techi_mom56: yes....i am going to get my feet wet...
julia_dodge: thanks
techi_mom56: a standard adult face...
julia_dodge: wow, this is neet, watching two cams at once
julia_dodge: going to pay property taxes and buy me lots of clay
techi_mom56: i played with baskets again this morning
julia_dodge: no fooling, I won781.00
jude: Wow! That's great!
julia_dodge: ya, everyone there hates me now. LOL
techi_mom56: AWESOME!
julia_dodge: I like the baskets
techi_mom56: lots and lots of clay...
Fearless Leader: putting in the eyes makes all the difference in the
world to me
Fearless Leader: it really gives them a sense of personality
julia_dodge: I buy by the pound, and three pounds of trans w/bleach I
used already this week
techi_mom56: i watched a carol duval i had recorded and someone used
pasta cutter to make i had to try it..
sewdaisy2001: sure does make a difference NJ
techi_mom56: first i had to take it apart and fix it..but it worked
julia_dodge: did you use the noodle cutter for the strips?
techi_mom56: yes i did..
Fearless Leader: wow, I never used the attachment to make strips
julia_dodge: I never used mine yet, think I will tho
julia_dodge: now for Christmas, maybe make some bows
techi_mom56: i used premo and let it cool before i cut it..and i
rolled it on the thin side of medium first
techi_mom56: dont go too will get messy if you do
julia_dodge: thanks for the info
julia_dodge: did you powder the clay?
techi_mom56: sure...anytime...
techi_mom56: i have way to much curiousity...
julia_dodge: lol
julia_dodge: NJ just keeps poking him in the eye, making me Kringe
sewdaisy2001: LOL
techi_mom56: no really i keep doing "experiments"...something will pop
into my head and i will try it
techi_mom56: LAUGH...
julia_dodge: thats good, how we learn and share
techi_mom56: good one!
techi_mom56: i have a unique way of cleaning my clay gun
techi_mom56: with a gun brush
julia_dodge: yes? do tell
Roni (meows3xx) joined the room
sewdaisy2001: ?
sewdaisy2001: wb
julia_dodge: you shoot it?
Roni: thank you
techi_mom56: no i got a gun barrel cleaning works great
sewdaisy2001 left the room
sewdaisy2001 joined the room
techi_mom56: but of course i cant find it ...i was cleaning up my
desk....never fails..i will find it tomorrow
julia_dodge: I have one of those brushes too, use it to clean my
Fearless Leader: He's a little cock eyed
Fearless Leader: but so am I
Fearless Leader: I've been up since 5am and am fading
julia_dodge: NJ LOL, he is cute
Fearless Leader: LOL, he'll probably get new eyes before he's done
techi_mom56: very nice NJ
Fearless Leader: I just wanted to see if I could use the basic cane
for pupils and eyelids
Roni: eyes are getting heavy, good nite all
julia_dodge: nite
meows3xx left the room
Fearless Leader: me too, see you all tomorrow?
jude: I think I'm going too. Night all!
greatauntjudy left the room
julia_dodge: me too, got to go shopping in the morning
julia_dodge: nite all
Fearless Leader: I'll be on around noon Pacific tomorrow and I'm going
to do embellished faces so we can go over sculpting
techi_mom56: i am getting a new lamp....
Fearless Leader: mold making and leaves and flowers
sewdaisy2001: Try NJ= have to fight famiy for computer
techi_mom56: okay...i will be here...
Fearless Leader: ok, give your best effort
julia_dodge: love yas
Fearless Leader: I'm heading out and Nancy that's amazing what you're
julia_dodge: good nite
Fearless Leader: xoxox
techi_mom56: i have some stuff to show and tell tomorrow...
Fearless Leader: looking forward to it
Fearless Leader: I'm off to be horizontal
Fearless Leader: xoxo
julia_dodge: mr too for current projects


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