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These items are still at my home.

Man and Beast: If one of these winks at you Write to me, help support free online teaching.
  1. MerFolk: for fans of MerPeople.

  2. Josana 

  3. Taco Lady Index

  4. Lurking Man

  5. AbaFold Lady

  6. The Leaf Lady PenPal with her Beau "Holder"

  7. Flying Fairy Index Carrying Flowers

  8. Monkey Man   

  9. The MerBlue Family

  10. Mother and Baby in a hinged Emu egg

  11. Lex  Portrait Sculpture

  12. Rainbow MerCouple

  13. The TLS'd Egyptian Family

  14. Prince of Fire as an Elvis Impersonator

  15. 10-13-04 Demo Figures The Monk and the girl and the baby

  16. 11-20-04: Goblin Index 

  17. Centaur Bald Centaur with Hair

  18. Centaurette

  19. Lil''Man

MerFolk: 06-25-04 - For those folks who are fans of MerPeople.  


In her web section there are tons of screen shots of the webcam demo when she was made. There are also YouTube videos of the webcam demo, with captions, no sound. So you can see her created from scratch.

Taco Lady Index 08-31-04



Lurking Man 07-26-04

A figure that was started in demo and ended up on a turned up jar. 

Abalone Fold Lady: 07-12-04: Folding clay in abalone colors produces the greatest ends. These fan shaped pleated iridescent ends can be gathered and ruffled and used as clothing elements.

The Leaf Lady was a result of a marathon leaf review in demo around the Fourth of July. She need a base so Leaf Man was made around Bastille Day. He is very French like that, n'est ce pas?  

Flying Fairy Index

She's in process at this time. Leaf sheet on the back, feather cane on the front, sculpted figure with aluminum foil armature, meant to hang around the crib. 

01-26-04: Monkey Man First Cure.

01-23-04: This Monkey Man was made in Chinese New Year Demo yesterday. 


04-02-04: Update: The MerDad got his skin carved off and a new skin layer is being applied. No pictures of the operation. The MerBlue Family are still as bald as cue balls. I'm thinking blue and silver TLS frosting hair. 

Demos April 7 and 10, 2003: A hinged Emu egg covered and then filled with bodies and stuff is the goal. This is at the last stage of completion.


01-23-04: Lex has duties overseeing the doll house building. His baseball cap bill broke off. Or I could build the bill going backwards. Ya that's the ticket. 


Rainbow MerCouple

The TLS'd Family: Still a work in progress and a load of experimentation with painting with TLS and clay color. 

Prince of Fire as an Elvis Impersonator. Could use a tiny bit of finishing.

11-20-04: Goblin Index 

We discuss a lot how to sculpt beauty, well what if you want the beast instead?

09-17 and 18, 2004 Demo: Snakeskin, autumn leaves, Tiger and Man with Mini Masks

This figure went on to make the kneeling monk below.

10-13-04 Demo Figures The Monk and the girl and the baby.

01-23-04: He still needs to be finished. Hair would be nice. 

12-19-04: Centaur is now Hairy

Lil''Man Chills out, "It's all ok." 


Half Human and Half Quadruped 


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