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Mini Things-12-25-03: Kwanzaa Jar - The celebration of Kwanzaa is an alternative holiday activity for Americans of African ancestry. It begins the day after Christmas and goes for 7 days. This table will be set with various objects symbolize the 7 principles of Kwanzaa. We're going to put that setting in a jar.

Kwanzaa TuteList: Links to sites that will explain Kwanzaa. 
The Table: 19 pictures of covering the pizza protector and making it into a table. The mini scene will be in an up-turned glass jar with the jar lid as the floor. 

Indian Corn: See the 1998 link for the original Indian Corn experiment.  Your Kwanzaa mini display wouldn't be complete without some . It's easier than you think.

Natasha Bananas

Miniaturists can take a page out of the beader's book and use the Natasha trick to make mini food. This example uses the under ripe banana colors. Change the color and you can do French fries, with the brown crispy edges. 

03-10-03-ChiliePix Group

Nice thing about Chilies on a Kwanzaa display is the colors are the colors of the Kwanzaa candles.


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