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New To Me Clay Tricks   

Leaf on Water: 12-06-03 Demo How To Make The Cane. The Panoramic picture above is one, there's 7 more below making 8 pictures. That's why the enlarged pictures start at number 9.

05-29-03 WebCam Demo: Hand Blending, Jelly Roll, Chevron Flip and Salvaging End O Cane. For more detail on how to do these techniques.

JellyRoll Blend of Silver and Cobalt Blue. Take stacked sheets and cut the side and wrap around the jellyroll blend, surround with blue again. 

Fish Scale  technique: Cut the cane into fourths lengthwise, restack with the points going in the same direction, reduce, slice into fourths again, stack again. Once done slice and press and you get Waves of Water design. 


When you have waves on water pressed sheet, add to that leaves and press. For more on making sheets like this, check out the 

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