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New To Me Clay Tricks: Techniques I've stumbled over that are new to me. Evolution of existing techniques I've been wrestling with.
Air Dried Clay 09-01-09: Air Dried Clay and other alternatives to polymer clay. Find different brands at ClayAlley
10-13-2009: Past Swap Items in 2007 CherylD sent me a box of swap items that were made by the ClayMates during the Newbie Box Swaps. I just found that box and here are some pictures of items made over the past few years.
06-23-09: Travel Kit Idea for Elayne Elayne asked for ideas for a travel kit for claying when on the road.
09-28-09: Ring Start

I say start because these are the first polymer clay rings I've made. I had to make a ring mandrel and figure out how to use it with raw polymer clay.

09-20-09: Five Acres of Fear

The use of a Super Swivel from Laker as a jewelry finding. Fishermen beware, your clayer girlfriend or wife will be raiding the tackle box.

09-03-09: Soft Glass Tube and Connector

Soft Glass Tubes do not fray and the connectors are as easy as pie to use. Check out the pictures and see for yourself.

12-27-07 Tigers Eye Beads as of 01-03-08, there's 9 sections
09/28/07 - Black, Silver, Pearl: Raw and uncured. I was experimenting with Jana's Basketweave and covered a couple of pens

03-01-07, Brown Rose Experiment: Kicking around an experiment on making a rose cane with gradated hues. When the first experiment didn't turn out as planned the cane was put through its paces. A second experiment was begun.

03-03-Brown Rose: This is the third experiment. I'm happy with this effort and the next step is to repeat this technique with rose colors.

03-06-07 Rose Draft: I thought that going back to the drawing board, literally, would be a good idea before tackling the rose cane again.  03-07-07: The fourth experiment with the rose cane. Getting closer to what is in my mind's eye.

03-20-07 - The Birthday Inro -I was using up the scraps from experiments and this Inro was created. The links to earlier phases of this experiment are at the bottom of this page. There's links to earlier inro experiments and "how - to" construction screen shots from earlier demos.

02-14-07: 2 Face Beads, made with mini face molds, while on the beading wire.

01-29-06: Fire Cane - The continuation of the experiments with using the  Tongues of Fire Cane colors. Looking for a nifty pattern to put on the Chinese New Year Fire Dog.
October 12, 2002 - Experiments with mixing TLS with colored Mica.

This is a TLS and mica smear cured. It's flat. There's a number of things you can do with glittery flakes, don't ya think?

Make up and other powders used on raw clay
Extruded Clay hand molded when hot out of the oven
Canewich Index 07-19-04: Cane Slice Sandwich Chop 
Push Cane Sample Pressing into cane for texture
Inro: Interlocking stacking compartments. Japanese for "These Kimonos Don't Have No Dang Pockets!" 

Leaf on Water pressed cane on sheet

  1. 12-06-03: DemoLog,

  2. The making of the cane

  3. cover those tins you get in the mail. 


10-24-04 EyeBall Pin After Demo there were stray eyeballs, slices of half round, some flowers and leaves, so why not put them all together for an EyeBall Pin? Something Creepy for Halloween.

07-02-04: Sanded Stone Texture sheets on layers of Premo Pearl clay then sanded.
Scratch Crayon


Old Scratch Crayon Chop and Stuff

Take random scrap chopped and layer with black, put them through their paces and then chop again. Looks like that school days black crayon over colored crayon trick.

WaveShave Layered sheets pressed with texture and then shaved.
Tumbling Block Trick: How to make the patterns with folding paper.

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